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Taylor Alison Swift (born December 13, 1989) is an American singer-songwriter. One of the most popular contemporary female recording artists, she is known for narrative songs about her personal life, which has received much media attention. Raised in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, Swift moved to Nashville, Tennessee, at age 14 to pursue a career in country music. She signed with the independent label Big Machine Records and became the youngest artist ever signed by the Sony/ATV Music publishing house. The release of her eponymous debut album in 2006 marked the start of her career as a country music singer. The album's third single, "Our Song", made her the youngest person to single-handedly write and perform a number-one song on the Hot Country Songs chart. Swift's second album, Fearless, was released in 2008. Buoyed by the pop crossover success of the singles "Love Story" and "You Belong with Me", Fearless became the best-selling album of 2009 in the United States. The album won four...
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22 crd620.00
22 live crd620.00
22 ver2 crd580.00
22 ver3 crd520.00
22 ver4 crd520.00
22 ver5 crd620.00


a perfectly good heart crd470.00
a perfectly good heart solo tab560.00
a perfectly good heart ver2 crd630.00
a perfectly good heart ver3 crd700.00
a perfectly good heart ver4 crd510.00
a perfectly good heart ver5 crd470.00
a place in this world crd580.00
a place in this world ver2 crd540.00
a place in this world ver3 crd490.00
a place in this world ver4 crd510.00
a place in this world ver5 crd540.00
a place in this world ver6 crd590.00
a place in this world ver7 crd540.00
aint nothin bout you crd420.00
aint nothing bout you crd470.00
all night diner crd460.00
all night diner ver2 crd580.00
all too well crd880.00
all too well tab540.00
all too well ver2 crd390.00
all too well ver3 crd460.00
all too well ver4 crd510.00
am i ready for love crd650.00
american boy crd500.00
american boy ver2 crd640.00
american girl crd580.00


baby dont break my heart slow crd500.00
baby dont break my heart slow ver2 crd510.00
back to december crd700.00
back to december intro tab580.00
back to december intro ver2 tab510.00
back to december intro ver3 tab600.00
back to december intro ver4 tab500.00
back to december intro ver5 tab500.00
back to december intro ver6 tab680.00
back to december tab410.00
back to december ver2 crd540.00
back to december ver2 video lesson530.00
back to december ver3 crd450.00
back to december ver4 crd540.00
back to december ver5 crd440.00
back to december ver6 crd520.00
back to december ver7 crd500.00
back to december ver8 crd460.00
back to december ver9 crd530.00
back to december video lesson470.00
barnyard song crd590.00
beautiful eyes acoustic crd590.00
beautiful eyes crd560.00
beautiful eyes intro tab560.00
beautiful eyes ver2 crd540.00
beautiful eyes ver3 crd580.00
beautiful eyes ver4 crd650.00
begin again crd450.00
begin again tab660.00
begin again ver2 crd470.00
begin again ver3 crd530.00
begin again ver4 crd530.00
begin again ver5 crd590.00
begin again ver6 crd580.00
begin again video lesson550.00
bette davis eyes crd550.00
better than revenge btab680.00
better than revenge crd540.00
better than revenge tab490.00
better than revenge ver2 crd620.00
better than revenge ver2 tab560.00
better than revenge ver3 crd560.00
better than revenge ver4 crd500.00
better than revenge ver5 crd590.00
better than revenge ver6 crd500.00
both of us crd470.00
both of us ver2 crd600.00
both of us ver3 crd520.00
both of us ver4 crd590.00
breathe crd490.00
breathe tab620.00
breathe ver2 crd660.00
breathe ver3 crd540.00
breathe ver4 crd470.00
breathe ver5 crd440.00
breathe ver6 crd580.00
breathe ver7 crd530.00
breathe ver8 crd600.00
breathe ver9 crd470.00
breathe video lesson710.00
breathless crd520.00
brought up that way crd400.00
brought up that way ver2 crd490.00
brought up that way ver3 crd560.00
by the way crd520.00
by the way ver2 crd620.00


can i go with you crd510.00
change btab670.00
change crd480.00
change intro tab530.00
change tab670.00
change ver2 crd530.00
change ver3 crd590.00
change ver4 crd640.00
change ver5 crd670.00
change ver6 crd540.00
change ver7 crd680.00
change ver8 crd550.00
change ver9 crd740.00
christmas must be something more crd540.00
christmas must be something more ver2 crd500.00
christmas must be something more ver3 crd540.00
christmases when you were mine crd440.00
christmases when you were mine tab510.00
christmases when you were mine ver2 crd510.00
christmases when you were mine ver3 crd610.00
christmases when you were mine ver4 crd490.00
closest to a cowboy crd530.00
cold as you crd530.00
cold as you tab660.00
cold as you ver2 crd600.00
cold as you ver3 crd550.00
cold as you ver4 crd550.00
cold as you ver5 crd530.00
cold as you ver6 crd590.00
cold as you ver7 crd490.00
come back be here crd460.00
come back be here ver2 crd410.00
come back be here ver3 crd640.00
come back be here ver4 crd640.00
come back be here ver5 crd580.00
come in with the rain crd560.00
come in with the rain tab500.00
come in with the rain ver2 crd540.00
come in with the rain ver3 crd630.00
cowboy take me away crd540.00
crazier crd570.00
crazier intro crd600.00
crazier ver2 crd670.00
crazier ver3 crd560.00
crazier ver4 crd610.00
crazier ver5 crd620.00
crazier ver6 crd530.00
crazier ver7 crd520.00
crazier ver8 crd580.00
crazier ver9 crd490.00


dark blue tennesse crd500.00
dark blue tennessee crd550.00
dear john crd540.00
dear john intro tab610.00
dear john ver2 crd460.00
dear john ver3 crd610.00
dear john ver4 crd580.00
dear john ver5 crd670.00
dear john ver6 crd490.00
diary of me crd750.00
diary of me ver2 crd580.00
didnt they crd480.00
drops of jupiter crd540.00
drops of jupiter ver2 crd510.00


enchanted crd500.00
enchanted solo tab520.00
enchanted solo ver2 tab570.00
enchanted solo ver3 tab670.00
enchanted tab570.00
enchanted ver2 crd470.00
enchanted ver2 tab570.00
enchanted ver3 crd480.00
enchanted ver4 crd480.00
enchanted ver5 crd590.00
enchanted ver6 crd500.00
enchanted ver7 crd530.00
enchanted ver8 crd540.00
enchanted video lesson460.00
everything has changed crd470.00
everything has changed tab640.00
everything has changed ver2 crd490.00
everything has changed ver3 crd550.00
everything has changed ver4 crd500.00
everything has changed ver5 crd550.00
everything has changed ver6 crd500.00
everything has changed ver7 crd430.00
eyes open crd600.00
eyes open tab710.00
eyes open ver2 crd560.00
eyes open ver3 crd710.00
eyes open ver4 crd510.00
eyes open ver5 crd550.00
eyes open ver6 crd550.00


fall into me crd590.00
fall into me intro btab590.00
fearless acoustic crd470.00
fearless acoustic ver2 crd500.00
fearless acoustic ver3 crd500.00
fearless acoustic ver4 crd470.00
fearless album crd510.00
fearless album ver2 crd410.00
fearless crd450.00
fearless im yours hey soul sister live crd480.00
fearless intro tab510.00
fearless intro ver2 tab530.00
fearless solo tab790.00
fearless solo ver2 tab500.00
fearless tab460.00
fearless ver2 crd410.00
fearless ver2 tab430.00
fearless ver3 crd410.00
fearless ver3 tab410.00
fearless ver4 crd440.00
fearless ver5 crd480.00
fearless ver6 crd540.00
fearless video lesson540.00
fifteen btab480.00
fifteen crd570.00
fifteen intro tab530.00
fifteen tab580.00
fifteen ver2 crd380.00
fifteen ver3 crd470.00
fifteen ver4 crd540.00
fifteen ver5 crd490.00
fifteen video lesson410.00
forever and always btab520.00
forever and always crd450.00
forever and always tab490.00
forever and always ver2 crd560.00
forever and always ver2 tab470.00
forever and always ver3 crd410.00
forever and always ver4 crd560.00
forever and always ver5 crd490.00
forever and always ver6 crd470.00
forever and aways crd500.00


girl at home crd500.00
girl at home ver2 crd770.00
girl at home ver3 crd460.00
girl at home ver4 crd430.00
gracie crd560.00
gracie ver2 crd540.00


haunted crd490.00
haunted solo tab600.00
haunted ver2 crd400.00
haunted ver3 crd600.00
haunted ver4 crd420.00
haunted ver5 crd440.00
haunted ver6 crd440.00
haunted ver7 crd480.00
haunted ver8 crd560.00
hey stephen btab500.00
hey stephen crd560.00
hey stephen ver10 crd420.00
hey stephen ver2 crd520.00
hey stephen ver3 crd540.00
hey stephen ver4 crd570.00
hey stephen ver5 crd610.00
hey stephen ver6 crd510.00
hey stephen ver7 crd560.00
hey stephen ver8 crd560.00
hey stephen ver9 crd570.00
holy ground crd470.00
holy ground ver2 crd430.00
holy ground ver3 crd490.00


i almost do crd460.00
i almost do solo tab560.00
i almost do ver2 crd540.00
i almost do ver3 crd460.00
i almost do ver4 crd460.00
i heart crd630.00
i heart question mark crd530.00
i knew you were trouble crd900.00
i knew you were trouble tab550.00
i knew you were trouble ver2 crd640.00
i knew you were trouble ver3 crd420.00
i knew you were trouble ver4 crd510.00
i knew you were trouble ver5 crd770.00
i would lie crd510.00
id lie crd500.00
id lie ver2 crd540.00
if this is a movie crd500.00
if this was a movie crd460.00
if this was a movie tab610.00
if this was a movie ver2 crd510.00
if this was a movie ver3 crd660.00
if this was a movie ver4 crd450.00
im only me when im with you acoustic tab500.00
im only me when im with you btab560.00
im only me when im with you crd480.00
im only me when im with you tab470.00
im only me when im with you ver2 crd480.00
im only me when im with you ver3 crd590.00
im only me when im with you ver4 crd470.00
im only me when im with you ver5 crd410.00
innocent crd640.00
innocent intro tab620.00
innocent tab590.00
innocent ver2 crd640.00
innocent ver3 crd660.00
innocent ver4 crd510.00
innocent ver5 crd480.00
innocent ver6 crd430.00
innocent ver7 crd540.00
innocent ver8 crd410.00
innocent ver9 crd500.00
invisible crd550.00
invisible ver2 crd600.00
irreplaceable crd480.00


jump then fall crd540.00
jump then fall intro tab640.00
jump then fall ver2 crd520.00
jump then fall ver3 crd440.00
jump then fall ver4 crd430.00
jump then fall ver5 crd480.00
jump then fall ver6 crd430.00
jump then fall ver7 crd570.00


last christmas crd580.00
last kiss crd600.00
last kiss tab830.00
last kiss ver2 crd560.00
last kiss ver2 tab610.00
last kiss ver3 crd650.00
last kiss ver3 tab570.00
last kiss ver4 crd470.00
last kiss ver5 crd590.00
last kiss ver6 crd460.00
long live crd450.00
long live tab630.00
long live ver2 crd450.00
long live ver3 crd630.00
long live ver4 crd430.00
long live ver5 crd550.00
long live ver6 crd440.00
long live ver7 crd420.00
love story btab600.00
love story crd640.00
love story solo tab620.00
love story solo ver2 tab550.00
love story tab620.00
love story ver2 btab740.00
love story ver2 crd650.00
love story ver2 tab490.00
love story ver2 video lesson600.00
love story ver3 btab560.00
love story ver3 crd730.00
love story ver3 tab590.00
love story ver3 video lesson730.00
love story ver4 crd620.00
love story ver4 tab830.00
love story ver5 crd640.00
love story ver5 tab630.00
love story ver6 crd680.00
love story ver6 tab580.00
love story ver7 crd610.00
love story ver7 tab690.00
love story ver8 crd460.00
love story ver8 tab660.00
love story video lesson620.00
lucky you crd570.00
lucky you ver2 crd500.00


marys song oh my my my crd590.00
marys song oh my my my ver2 crd450.00
marys song oh my my my ver3 crd650.00
marys song oh my my my ver4 crd470.00
marys song oh my my my ver5 crd470.00
mean acoustic crd630.00
mean crd690.00
mean intro tab470.00
mean intro ver2 tab510.00
mean live crd520.00
mean solo tab490.00
mean solo ver2 tab700.00
mean tab590.00
mean ver2 crd570.00
mean ver3 crd850.00
mean ver4 crd670.00
mean ver5 crd570.00
mean ver6 crd540.00
mean ver7 crd520.00
mean ver8 crd550.00
mean ver9 crd520.00
medley crd620.00
medley ver2 crd500.00
mine acoustic tab550.00
mine btab530.00
mine crd530.00
mine intro tab520.00
mine solo tab450.00
mine solo ver2 tab470.00
mine tab530.00
mine ver2 btab610.00
mine ver2 crd590.00
mine ver3 crd510.00
mine ver4 crd580.00
mine ver5 crd550.00
mine ver6 crd530.00
mine ver7 crd540.00
mine ver8 crd660.00
missing you crd480.00
monologue song crd760.00


never grow up crd500.00
never grow up tab650.00
never grow up ver2 crd510.00
never grow up ver2 tab730.00
never grow up ver3 crd570.00
never grow up ver4 crd500.00
never grow up ver5 crd400.00
nevermind crd500.00
nevermind ver2 crd480.00


one thing crd510.00
our last night crd580.00
our song btab630.00
our song crd640.00
our song intro tab590.00
our song intro ver2 tab660.00
our song solo tab620.00
our song ver2 crd490.00
our song ver3 crd480.00
our song ver4 crd610.00
our song ver5 crd510.00
our song ver6 crd510.00
our song video lesson600.00
ours crd500.00
ours intro tab510.00
ours tab710.00
ours ver2 crd560.00
ours ver3 crd520.00
ours ver4 crd560.00
outside crd630.00
outside intro tab530.00
outside tab560.00
outside ver2 crd580.00


permanent marker crd440.00
permanent marker ver2 crd640.00
picture to burn btab500.00
picture to burn crd520.00
picture to burn video lesson500.00


red album crd730.00
red album ver2 crd510.00
red crd650.00
red ver2 crd500.00
red ver3 crd730.00
red ver4 crd650.00
red video lesson560.00
ronan crd550.00
ronan tab520.00
ronan ver2 crd500.00
ronan ver2 tab400.00
ronan ver3 crd590.00
ronan ver3 tab510.00
run crd540.00
run intro tab640.00


sad beautiful tragic crd470.00
sad beautiful tragic intro tab620.00
sad beautiful tragic ver2 crd470.00
sad beautiful tragic ver3 crd520.00
safe and sound crd650.00
safe and sound tab520.00
safe and sound ver2 crd480.00
safe and sound ver2 tab380.00
safe and sound ver3 crd490.00
safe and sound ver3 tab370.00
safe and sound ver4 crd490.00
safe and sound ver4 tab540.00
safe and sound ver5 crd500.00
safe and sound ver5 tab490.00
safe and sound ver6 crd420.00
santa baby crd550.00
shouldve said no crd800.00
shouldve said no intro tab620.00
shouldve said no solo tab550.00
shouldve said no solo ver2 tab450.00
shouldve said no ver2 crd560.00
shouldve said no ver3 crd480.00
silent night crd490.00
smokey black nights crd530.00
songs about you crd610.00
sparks fly crd480.00
sparks fly intro tab720.00
sparks fly intro ver2 tab570.00
sparks fly intro ver3 tab740.00
sparks fly intro ver4 tab640.00
sparks fly intro ver5 tab560.00
sparks fly tab560.00
sparks fly ver2 crd610.00
sparks fly ver2 tab560.00
sparks fly ver3 crd570.00
sparks fly ver4 crd580.00
sparks fly ver5 crd490.00
sparks fly ver6 crd580.00
sparks fly ver7 crd450.00
sparks fly ver8 crd560.00
sparks fly ver9 crd690.00
speak now album crd550.00
speak now btab590.00
speak now crd580.00
speak now intro tab580.00
speak now solo tab650.00
speak now tab510.00
speak now ver2 crd500.00
speak now ver3 crd500.00
speak now ver4 crd380.00
speak now ver5 crd460.00
speak now ver6 crd650.00
speak now ver7 crd490.00
speak now ver8 crd420.00
speak now ver9 crd380.00
speak now video lesson580.00
star spangled banner crd620.00
star spangled banner tab460.00
starlight crd580.00
starlight solo tab560.00
starlight ver2 crd700.00
starlight ver3 crd650.00
state of grace acoustic crd530.00
state of grace crd570.00
state of grace ver2 crd470.00
state of grace ver3 crd540.00
state of grace ver4 crd520.00
stay beautiful crd460.00
stay beautiful intro tab540.00
stay beautiful ver2 crd480.00
stay beautiful ver3 crd460.00
stay beautiful ver4 crd630.00
stay beautiful ver5 crd610.00
stay beautiful ver6 crd490.00
stay stay stay crd410.00
stay stay stay ver2 crd450.00
story of us intro tab590.00
stupid boy crd470.00
stupid boy ver2 crd610.00
stupid boy ver3 crd500.00
superman crd420.00
superman intro tab480.00
superman intro ver2 tab590.00
superman ver2 crd520.00
superstar crd490.00
superstar intro tab680.00
superstar tab460.00
superstar ver2 crd580.00
superstar ver3 crd480.00
superstar ver4 crd510.00
superstar ver5 crd580.00
superstar ver6 crd640.00
superstar ver7 crd460.00
superstar ver8 crd470.00
sweet tea and gods graces crd700.00


take a bow tab560.00
taylor medley crd540.00
taylor medley ver2 crd560.00
taylor swift album crd530.00
taylor swift album ver2 crd440.00
teardrops on my guitar crd370.00
teardrops on my guitar intro tab390.00
teardrops on my guitar intro ver2 tab680.00
teardrops on my guitar tab450.00
teardrops on my guitar ver2 crd560.00
teardrops on my guitar ver2 tab520.00
teardrops on my guitar ver3 crd510.00
teardrops on my guitar ver3 tab510.00
teardrops on my guitar ver4 crd540.00
teardrops on my guitar ver5 crd510.00
teardrops on my guitar ver6 crd480.00
teardrops on my guitar ver7 crd540.00
teardrops on my guitar video lesson450.00
tell me why btab520.00
tell me why crd360.00
tell me why tab560.00
tell me why ver2 crd510.00
ten dollars and a six pack crd450.00
the best day crd510.00
the best day tab570.00
the best day ver2 crd400.00
the best day ver3 crd610.00
the best day ver4 crd370.00
the best day ver5 crd590.00
the best day ver6 crd430.00
the best day ver7 crd490.00
the last time crd520.00
the last time ver2 crd490.00
the lucky one crd470.00
the lucky one ver2 crd510.00
the lucky one ver3 crd670.00
the lucky one ver4 crd460.00
the lucky one ver5 crd470.00
the lucky one ver6 crd410.00
the moment i knew crd400.00
the moment i knew tab610.00
the moment i knew ver2 crd410.00
the other side of the door crd660.00
the other side of the door ver2 crd430.00
the other side of the door ver3 crd450.00
the story of us crd490.00
the story of us solo tab540.00
the story of us solo ver2 tab560.00
the story of us ver2 crd520.00
the story of us ver3 crd410.00
the story of us ver4 crd710.00
the story of us ver5 crd390.00
the story of us ver6 crd420.00
the way i loved you btab490.00
the way i loved you crd500.00
the way i loved you solo tab560.00
the way i loved you tab430.00
the way i loved you ver2 crd390.00
the way i loved you ver3 crd570.00
the way i loved you ver4 crd480.00
this is really happening crd510.00
thug story acoustic crd370.00
tied together with a smile crd710.00
tim mcgraw crd490.00
tim mcgraw intro tab550.00
tim mcgraw intro ver2 tab510.00
tim mcgraw intro ver3 tab460.00
tim mcgraw tab350.00
tim mcgraw ver2 crd460.00
tim mcgraw ver2 tab440.00
tim mcgraw ver3 crd520.00
tim mcgraw ver4 crd450.00
tim mcgraw ver5 crd570.00
tim mcgraw ver6 crd450.00
tim mcgraw ver7 crd450.00
tim mcgraw video lesson480.00
today was a fairytale crd520.00
today was a fairytale solo tab430.00
today was a fairytale tab480.00
today was a fairytale ver2 crd580.00
today was a fairytale ver2 tab450.00
today was a fairytale ver3 crd480.00
today was a fairytale ver4 crd450.00
today was a fairytale ver5 crd570.00
today was a fairytale ver6 crd510.00
today was a fairytale ver7 crd430.00
treacherous crd470.00
treacherous live crd500.00
treacherous ver2 crd480.00
treacherous ver3 crd480.00
treacherous ver4 crd390.00
two is better than one tab580.00
two is better than one video lesson660.00


umbrella crd460.00
unperfect crd600.00
untouchable acoustic crd560.00
untouchable crd700.00
untouchable tab530.00
untouchable ver2 crd450.00
untouchable ver2 tab430.00
untouchable ver3 crd510.00
untouchable ver3 tab520.00
untouchable ver4 crd510.00
untouchable ver4 tab660.00
untouchable ver5 tab540.00


viva la vida cover crd460.00


we are never ever getting back again tab510.00
we are never ever getting back together btab390.00
we are never ever getting back together crd490.00
we are never ever getting back together ver2 crd600.00
we are never ever getting back together ver3 crd410.00
we are never ever getting back together ver4 crd430.00
we are never ever getting back together ver5 crd320.00
we are never ever getting back together ver6 crd460.00
we were happy crd450.00
what do you say crd440.00
what to wear crd500.00
what to wear ver2 crd440.00
what to wear ver3 crd550.00
white blank page crd440.00
white christmas crd550.00
white horse acoustic crd540.00
white horse acoustic tab530.00
white horse acoustic ver2 crd570.00
white horse acoustic ver3 crd580.00
white horse acoustic ver4 crd540.00
white horse acoustic ver5 crd530.00
white horse crd440.00
white horse tab530.00
white horse ver2 crd580.00
white horse ver2 tab520.00
white horse ver3 crd560.00
white horse ver3 tab550.00
white horse ver4 crd630.00
white horse ver4 tab600.00
white horse ver5 crd560.00
white horse ver5 tab500.00
white horse ver6 crd520.00
white horse ver6 tab570.00
white horse ver7 crd520.00
white horse ver8 crd470.00
white horse ver9 crd430.00


you belong to me btab550.00
you belong with me btab440.00
you belong with me crd440.00
you belong with me intro tab640.00
you belong with me solo tab470.00
you belong with me tab480.00
you belong with me ver2 btab440.00
you belong with me ver2 crd440.00
you belong with me ver2 video lesson540.00
you belong with me ver3 crd460.00
you belong with me ver3 video lesson650.00
you belong with me ver4 crd500.00
you belong with me ver4 video lesson580.00
you belong with me ver5 crd550.00
you belong with me ver6 crd680.00
you belong with me ver7 crd460.00
you belong with me ver8 crd470.00
you belong with me video lesson600.00
you dont have to call crd780.00
you dont have to call ver2 crd560.00
you dont have to tab480.00
your anything crd470.00
your anything ver2 crd380.00
your anything ver3 crd510.00
your face crd450.00
youre not sorry crd730.00
youre not sorry live crd590.00
youre not sorry live intro tab560.00
youre not sorry live tab540.00
youre not sorry live ver2 crd420.00
youre not sorry solo tab630.00
youre not sorry solo ver2 tab630.00
youre not sorry ver2 crd480.00
youre not sorry ver3 crd620.00
youre not sorry ver4 crd550.00
youre not sorry ver5 crd500.00
youre not sorry ver6 crd620.00
youre not sorry ver7 crd480.00
youre still an innocent crd310.00