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The discography of Tegan and Sara, a Canadian indie rock band composed of twins Tegan and Sara Quin, consists of eight studio albums and thirteen singles. They released their first album, Under Feet Like Ours, independently in 1999. Their first major release was This Business of Art, released in 2000 on Vapor Records. This album contained their debut single, "The First". Tegan and Sara have four Gold certified albums by Music Canada, formerly the Canadian Recording Industry Association. In addition, three of their seven studio albums have charted in the Top 5 of the Canadian Albums Chart, two peaking at number 4 and one at number 2. Albums Studio albums EPs and remix LPs Video albums Singles As primary artist As featured artist Promotional singles Other songs Other album appearances Demos Music videos References External links Official website Tegan and Sara at AllMusic Tegan and Sara discography at Discogs
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all you got tab300.00
alligator acoustic crd320.00
alligator btab340.00
and darling this thing that crd230.00
and darling this thing that tab260.00
are you ten years ago crd230.00
arrow crd270.00
arrow tab320.00


back in your head btab240.00
back in your head crd250.00
back in your head tab240.00
back in your head ver2 crd250.00
back in your head ver2 tab230.00
back in your head ver3 tab250.00
back in your head ver4 tab240.00
back in your head ver5 tab230.00
buried alive crd260.00
burn your life down btab310.00
burn your life down crd240.00
burn your life down tab190.00


call it off btab230.00
call it off crd240.00
call it off tab270.00
call it off ver2 crd300.00
call it off ver2 tab280.00
call it off ver3 crd300.00
celebration tab230.00
city girl crd270.00
city girl tab320.00
city girl ver2 tab280.00
city girl ver3 tab300.00
clever meals crd260.00
clever meals ver2 crd240.00
closer acoustic tab290.00
closer crd310.00
come on crd310.00
come on kids crd310.00
come on kids tab280.00
come on kids ver2 crd280.00
come on kids ver2 tab240.00
con album crd320.00
con btab250.00
con crd290.00
con tab310.00
con ver2 btab310.00
con ver2 crd260.00
con ver2 tab240.00
con ver3 tab270.00
con ver4 tab220.00


dancing in the dark crd280.00
dancing in the dark tab220.00
dancing in the dark ver2 crd200.00
dark come soon crd310.00
dark come soon tab520.00
dark come soon ver2 crd340.00
dark come soon ver2 tab260.00
dark come soon ver3 tab270.00
dark come soon ver4 tab190.00
days and days crd380.00
days and days ver2 crd220.00
divided crd400.00
divided ver2 crd250.00
divided ver3 crd280.00
dont confess crd240.00
dont confess ver2 crd280.00
dont confess ver3 crd250.00
dont confess ver4 crd230.00
dont go looking crd340.00
downtown crd260.00
downtown tab310.00


empty in between crd270.00
empty in between tab320.00


feel it in my bones acoustic crd320.00
feel it in my bones acoustic tab290.00
feel it in my bones acoustic ver2 crd250.00
fix you up crd280.00
fix you up ver2 crd460.00
fix you up ver3 crd300.00
fix you up ver4 crd380.00
floorplan crd300.00
floorplan tab250.00
floorplan ver2 tab170.00
freedom uflo tab230.00
frozen crd360.00
frozen ver2 crd360.00


give chase tab320.00
give chase ver2 tab250.00


has passed crd190.00
has passed tab240.00
heavy tab270.00
heavy ver2 tab330.00
hell btab350.00
hell crd270.00
hell tab400.00
hell ver2 crd290.00
hell ver2 tab390.00
hell ver3 tab340.00
hell ver4 tab340.00
hello tab330.00
here i am tab330.00
his love tab300.00
his love ver2 tab310.00
hop a plane btab280.00
hop a plane crd320.00
hop a plane tab350.00
hop a plane ver2 tab270.00
hop a plane ver3 tab310.00
hop a plane ver4 tab260.00
hop a plane ver5 tab310.00
hype tab280.00


i bet it stung crd280.00
i bet it stung tab300.00
i bet it stung ver2 crd370.00
i cant take it tab280.00
i cant take it ver2 tab340.00
i cant take it ver3 tab330.00
i hear noises crd330.00
i hear noises tab270.00
i know i know i know btab290.00
i know i know i know crd270.00
i know i know i know tab300.00
i know i know i know ver2 crd350.00
i know i know i know ver2 tab250.00
i know i know i know ver3 crd380.00
i ran so far away tab290.00
i was a fool crd310.00
i was married btab230.00
i was married crd850.00
i wont be left btab280.00
i wont be left crd340.00
i wont be left tab370.00
im not your hero crd300.00
im not your hero tab200.00
im not your hero ver2 crd300.00
im not your hero ver3 crd270.00
intervention crd220.00
intervention tab380.00
it was midnight tab390.00
it was midnight ver2 tab280.00
ive got you crd350.00
ive got you tab290.00
ive got you ver2 tab260.00
ive got you ver3 tab280.00


just me tab320.00


knife going in tab290.00


light up tab280.00
light up ver2 tab310.00
like o like h btab330.00
like o like h tab320.00
living room crd310.00
living room intro tab290.00
living room tab240.00
living room ver2 crd300.00
living room ver3 crd310.00
living room ver4 crd330.00
love type thing crd330.00
love type thing tab260.00
love type thing ver2 tab310.00


missing you tab280.00
monday monday monday btab610.00
monday monday monday crd330.00
monday monday monday tab280.00
monday monday monday ver2 tab270.00
monday monday monday ver3 tab280.00
monday monday monday ver4 tab310.00
more for me crd410.00
more from me crd330.00
my number crd340.00
my number live crd330.00
my number tab390.00
my number ver2 crd310.00
my number ver2 tab390.00
my number ver3 crd390.00
my number ver4 crd440.00


nineteen btab420.00
nineteen crd320.00
nineteen lead solo tab190.00
nineteen tab310.00
nineteen ver2 crd350.00
nineteen ver2 tab380.00
northshore btab260.00
northshore tab340.00
northshore ver2 tab290.00
northshore ver3 tab260.00
not tonight crd370.00
not tonight tab330.00
not tonight ver2 crd300.00
not tonight ver2 tab330.00
not tonight ver3 tab420.00
not tonight ver4 tab300.00
not with you crd380.00


on directing acoustic tab300.00
on directing btab250.00
on directing crd280.00
on directing tab290.00
on directing ver2 crd270.00
on directing ver2 tab340.00
on directing ver3 crd410.00
on directing ver3 tab390.00
on directing ver4 tab310.00
on directing ver5 tab320.00
one month tab390.00
one second tab350.00
one second ver2 tab410.00


plunk crd310.00
proud crd380.00
proud ver2 crd390.00


red belt btab400.00
red belt crd370.00
red belt tab270.00
relief next to me crd300.00
relief next to me ver2 crd330.00


sentimental tune acoustic tab300.00
sentimental tune acoustic ver2 tab340.00
sentimental tune crd330.00
sentimental tune tab300.00
sentimental tune ver2 crd300.00
sheets btab350.00
so jealous album tab300.00
so jealous crd400.00
so jealous ver2 crd320.00
soil soil acoustic tab420.00
soil soil btab250.00
soil soil crd290.00
soil soil live crd330.00
soil soil tab370.00
soil soil ver2 btab280.00
soil soil ver2 crd280.00
someday btab390.00
someday tab310.00
someday ver2 tab370.00
speak slow btab280.00
speak slow crd330.00
speak slow tab310.00
star money tab440.00
superstar tab290.00
superstar ver2 tab310.00
superstar ver3 tab340.00


take me anywhere btab360.00
take me anywhere crd350.00
take me anywhere tab400.00
take me anywhere ver2 crd360.00
terrible storm crd280.00
terrible storm tab350.00
terrible storm ver2 tab380.00
the cure crd360.00
the first tab360.00
the ocean acoustic tab420.00
the ocean btab330.00
the ocean crd290.00
the ocean tab380.00
the ocean ver2 crd320.00
the ocean ver2 tab370.00
the ocean ver3 crd360.00
the ocean ver4 crd340.00
the ocean ver5 crd320.00
this is everything btab320.00
this is everything crd300.00
this is everything tab370.00
this is everything ver2 crd290.00
time running crd270.00
time running tab260.00
trouble tab340.00


umbrella tab390.00
underwater crd300.00
underwater tab270.00


wake up exhausted tab350.00
wake up exhausted ver2 tab290.00
walking with a ghost btab370.00
walking with a ghost crd320.00
walking with a ghost tab280.00
walking with a ghost ver2 crd320.00
walking with a ghost ver2 tab280.00
walking with a ghost ver3 crd350.00
walking with a ghost ver3 tab300.00
want to be bad tab290.00
want to be bad ver2 tab340.00
we didnt do it tab310.00
when i get up crd420.00
when i get up tab300.00
when you were mine tab320.00
where does the good go btab280.00
where does the good go crd240.00
where does the good go tab380.00
where does the good go ver2 crd260.00
where does the good go ver2 tab300.00
where does the good go ver3 crd320.00
where does the good go ver3 tab400.00
where does the good go ver4 tab260.00
where does the good go ver5 tab280.00
wrists tab510.00


you went away crd310.00
you went away tab260.00
you wouldnt like me crd190.00
you wouldnt like me tab270.00
you wouldnt like me ver2 crd270.00
you wouldnt like me ver3 crd310.00
your love crd240.00