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The Fray is an American rock band from Denver, Colorado. Formed in 2002 by schoolmates Isaac Slade and Joe King, they achieved success with the release of their debut album, How to Save a Life in 2005, which was certified double platinum by the RIAA and platinum in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK. The Fray achieved national success with their first single, "Over My Head (Cable Car)", which became a top ten hit in the United States. The release of their second single, "How to Save a Life", brought the band worldwide fame. The song charted in the top three of the Billboard Hot 100 and was a top 5 single in Australia, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. The group's self-titled, second album, released in 2009, debuted at number-one on the Billboard charts and was certified gold in the United States, Australia and Canada. It was also nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Album in 2010. While both the albums were commercially successful,...
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1961 crd490.00


48 to go crd470.00


absolute acoustic crd270.00
absolute crd340.00
absolute tab370.00
absolute ver2 crd220.00
absolute ver2 tab310.00
absolute ver3 crd290.00
all at once btab400.00
all at once crd300.00
all at once tab300.00
all at once ver2 btab270.00
all at once ver2 crd350.00
all at once ver3 crd330.00
all at once ver4 crd290.00
all at once ver5 crd240.00


be still crd290.00
be the one crd320.00
be the one ver2 crd300.00
be the one ver3 crd360.00


dead wrong crd350.00
dead wrong tab290.00
dixie crd280.00


enough for now acoustic crd290.00
enough for now crd320.00
enough for now ver2 crd210.00


fair fight crd250.00
fair fight tab290.00
fair fight ver2 crd210.00
fair fight ver3 crd260.00
fall away crd310.00
fall away solo tab370.00
fall away tab310.00
fall away ver2 tab320.00
fall away ver3 tab420.00


happiness crd350.00
happiness tab300.00
happiness ver2 tab190.00
happiness ver3 tab320.00
happiness ver4 tab300.00
heartbeat btab340.00
heartbeat crd380.00
heartbeat tab390.00
heartbeat ver2 crd340.00
heartbeat ver3 crd210.00
heartless crd360.00
heartless intro crd320.00
heartless tab290.00
heartless ver2 tab280.00
heaven forbid crd260.00
heaven forbid intro tab290.00
heaven forbid tab400.00
heaven forbid ver2 crd320.00
heaven forbid ver2 tab350.00
hips dont lie tab360.00
how to save a life acoustic crd330.00
how to save a life acoustic intro tab270.00
how to save a life acoustic tab250.00
how to save a life acoustic ver2 crd280.00
how to save a life acoustic ver3 crd310.00
how to save a life btab370.00
how to save a life crd270.00
how to save a life drum tab240.00
how to save a life intro tab280.00
how to save a life intro ver2 tab270.00
how to save a life tab360.00
how to save a life ver2 btab300.00
how to save a life ver2 crd340.00
how to save a life ver2 tab310.00
how to save a life ver2 video lesson310.00
how to save a life ver3 crd240.00
how to save a life ver3 tab290.00
how to save a life ver4 crd300.00
how to save a life ver4 tab300.00
how to save a life ver5 crd330.00
how to save a life ver5 tab300.00
how to save a life ver6 crd520.00
how to save a life ver6 tab250.00
how to save a life ver7 crd270.00
how to save a life ver7 tab380.00
how to save a life ver8 crd280.00
how to save a life ver8 tab290.00
how to save a life video lesson270.00
how to save alife intro tab340.00
hundred crd320.00


i can barely say crd220.00
i can barely say ver2 crd260.00
i can barely say ver3 crd300.00
i look after you crd380.00


kiss me crd460.00


little house btab350.00
little house crd290.00
little house intro tab620.00
little house tab340.00
look after you btab250.00
look after you crd280.00
look after you tab310.00
look after you ver2 crd310.00
look after you ver3 crd310.00
look after you ver4 crd320.00
look after you ver5 crd210.00


munich crd390.00
munich tab330.00
munich ver2 crd280.00


never say never acoustic crd440.00
never say never crd250.00
never say never solo tab340.00
never say never solo ver2 tab330.00
never say never solo ver3 tab370.00
never say never ver2 crd360.00
never say never ver3 crd270.00
never say never ver4 crd250.00
never say never ver5 crd230.00
never say never ver6 crd260.00
never say never ver7 crd260.00
never say never video lesson240.00


oceans away crd470.00
over my head btab350.00
over my head cable car acoustic video lesson230.00
over my head cable car btab270.00
over my head cable car crd260.00
over my head cable car solo tab320.00
over my head cable car ver2 btab320.00
over my head cable car ver2 crd280.00
over my head cable car video lesson300.00
over my head crd300.00
over my head solo tab250.00
over my head solo ver2 tab360.00
over my head tab310.00
over my head ver2 btab230.00
over my head ver2 crd270.00
over my head ver3 crd220.00
over my head ver4 crd210.00
over my head ver5 crd240.00


rainy zurich crd310.00
rainy zurich ver2 crd210.00
run for your life btab220.00
run for your life crd290.00
run for your life ver2 crd290.00


say when btab260.00
say when crd360.00
say when intro tab280.00
say when tab230.00
say when ver2 crd270.00
say when ver3 crd270.00
she is acoustic tab230.00
she is btab410.00
she is crd270.00
she is ver2 crd240.00
she is ver3 crd240.00
she is ver4 crd270.00
syndicate crd320.00
syndicate intro tab270.00
syndicate intro ver2 tab400.00
syndicate ver2 crd250.00
syndicate ver3 crd360.00


the fighter crd320.00
the wind crd410.00
trust me btab430.00
trust me crd280.00
turn me on crd360.00


uncertainty crd320.00
ungodly hour crd350.00
ungodly hour solo tab390.00
ungodly hour ver2 crd240.00
ungodly hour ver3 crd230.00
ungodly hour ver4 crd230.00
ungodly hour ver5 crd230.00
unsaid intro tab310.00
unsaid tab280.00


vienna acoustic crd180.00
vienna crd320.00
vienna tab480.00
vienna ver2 crd300.00
vienna ver3 crd280.00
vienna ver4 crd230.00


we build then we break crd250.00
where the story ends crd200.00
where the story ends ver2 crd240.00


you found me acoustic crd270.00
you found me acoustic tab370.00
you found me acoustic ver2 crd220.00
you found me acoustic ver3 crd190.00
you found me acoustic video lesson280.00
you found me btab330.00
you found me crd330.00
you found me tab340.00
you found me ver10 crd350.00
you found me ver11 crd270.00
you found me ver2 btab230.00
you found me ver2 crd240.00
you found me ver2 tab280.00
you found me ver2 video lesson250.00
you found me ver3 crd260.00
you found me ver4 crd290.00
you found me ver5 crd270.00
you found me ver6 crd300.00
you found me ver7 crd340.00
you found me ver8 crd310.00
you found me ver9 crd270.00
you found me video lesson270.00