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The Living End are an Australian punk rock band, which formed in 1994. Since 2002 the line up consists of Chris Cheney (vocals, guitar), Scott Owen (double bass, vocals) and Andy Strachan (drums). The band rose to fame in 1997 after the release of their double A-sided single, "Second Solution" / "Prisoner of Society", which peaked at No. 4 on the ARIA Singles Chart. They have released six studio albums and two reached the No. 1 spot on the ARIA Albums Chart: self-titled album (12 October 1998) and State of Emergency (4 February 2006). They have also gained chart success in the United States and United Kingdom. At ARIA Music Awards ceremonies they have been nominated 27 times and have won five awards: Highest Selling Single for "Second Solution / Prisoner of Society" (1998), Breakthrough Artist – Album and Best Group for The Living End (1999), Best Rock Album for White Noise (2008), and the same category for The Ending Is Just the Beginning Repeating (2011). Australian musicologist...
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1015 saturday night btab470.00
1015 saturday night tab520.00


21st century intro tab450.00
21st century solo tab410.00


all torn down btab400.00
all torn down solo tab350.00
all torn down tab350.00
all torn down ver2 btab460.00
all torn down ver2 tab490.00
all torn down ver3 btab600.00
all torn down ver3 tab510.00
all torn down ver4 tab570.00
astoria paranoia tab360.00
astoria paranoia ver2 tab460.00
away from the city tab470.00


beware the moon tab470.00
beware the moon ver2 tab520.00
black cat btab350.00
black cat tab490.00
black cat ver2 tab510.00
blinded crd460.00
blinded tab560.00
blood on your hands btab290.00
blood on your hands tab310.00
blood on your hands ver2 tab400.00
bloody mary solo tab280.00
bloody mary tab690.00
bloody mary ver2 tab400.00
bloody mary ver3 tab370.00
bringin it all back home tab360.00


carry me home btab440.00
carry me home tab460.00
carry me home ver2 btab520.00
carry me home ver2 tab640.00
closing in btab480.00
closing in tab470.00
closing in ver2 tab290.00
closing in ver3 tab400.00
closing in ver4 tab400.00


dirty man tab420.00
dirty man ver2 tab390.00
do what i do crd370.00
do what i do tab400.00
do what i do ver2 crd300.00
dont shut the gate btab460.00
dont shut the gate tab360.00
dont shut the gate ver2 tab320.00
dont shut the gate ver3 tab360.00
down to the wire tab290.00


e boogie tab430.00
end of the world btab370.00
end of the world tab430.00
end of the world ver2 tab370.00
end of the world ver3 tab390.00
english army tab540.00


faith tab400.00
faith ver2 tab350.00
fly away solo tab560.00
fly away tab400.00
fly away ver2 tab1630.00
fond farewell tab420.00
for another day tab400.00
for another day ver2 tab310.00
from here on in album tab490.00
from here on in crd310.00
from here on in tab630.00


gasoline tab290.00
growing up falling down tab390.00
growning up falling down tab350.00


have they forgotten tab370.00
have they forgotten ver2 tab300.00
headlines btab470.00
headlines tab380.00
heatwave btab470.00
heatwave tab340.00
hellbound tab740.00
hellbound ver2 tab330.00
hellbound ver3 tab290.00
hey hey disbeliever tab420.00
hey hey disbeliever ver2 tab400.00
hold up btab420.00
hold up tab690.00
homestead tab390.00
how do we know tab530.00
how do we know ver2 tab430.00
how do we know ver3 tab340.00


i cant give you what i havent got tab340.00
i cant give you what i havent got ver2 tab440.00
i get a kick out of you tab490.00
i want a day tab420.00
in the end tab420.00
into the red tab290.00
its for your own good album tab360.00
ive just seen a face btab430.00
ive just seen a face tab480.00


jimmy btab320.00
jimmy tab380.00


kid crd470.00
kid tab390.00
killing the right tab420.00


leilani tab380.00
listen up suzy tab420.00
living in sin tab400.00
loaded gun tab380.00
loaded gun ver2 tab400.00
lone ranger tab700.00
long live the weekend btab420.00
long live the weekend tab370.00


machine gun tab350.00
make the call tab490.00
make the call ver2 tab400.00
mispent youth btab340.00
mispent youth intro tab440.00
mispent youth tab550.00
modern artillery album tab410.00
moment in the sun btab350.00
moment in the sun intro tab370.00
moment in the sun tab450.00
monday btab530.00
monday tab530.00
monday ver2 tab540.00
mr businessman tab430.00


new frontier tab590.00
no way out tab520.00
nothing lasts forever tab500.00
nowhere town intro tab350.00
nowhere town intro ver2 tab430.00


one more cell tab360.00
one sad to the other tab660.00
one said to the other btab370.00
one said to the other tab430.00
one step behind tab390.00
order of the day tab470.00


pictures in the mirror btab560.00
pictures in the mirror tab390.00
pictures in the mirror ver2 tab470.00
pictures in the mirror ver3 tab590.00
prisoner of society btab430.00
prisoner of society crd350.00
prisoner of society solo tab360.00
prisoner of society tab550.00
prisoner of society ver2 btab360.00
prisoner of society ver2 tab360.00
prisoner of society ver3 btab370.00
prisoner of society ver3 tab600.00
prisoner of society ver4 tab330.00
prisoner on the inside tab410.00
problem tab430.00
putting you down tab460.00


raise the alarm tab400.00
read about it tab330.00
ready tab450.00
ready ver2 tab450.00
reborn tab440.00
reborn ver2 tab360.00
resist tab430.00
revoltion regained tab340.00
revolution regained tab430.00
riot on broadway tab460.00
riot on broadway ver2 tab430.00
rip it up tab340.00
rip it up ver2 tab430.00
rising sun cover tab430.00
rising up from the ashes tab390.00
roll on album tab380.00
roll on btab520.00
roll on solo tab430.00
roll on tab430.00
roll on ver2 btab430.00
roll on ver2 tab400.00
roll on ver3 tab420.00
room tab600.00
room ver2 tab490.00


save the day btab470.00
save the day crd500.00
save the day tab730.00
save the day ver2 btab440.00
save the day ver2 tab420.00
save the day ver3 btab500.00
second impact tab410.00
second solution btab460.00
second solution tab520.00
second solution ver2 btab640.00
second solution ver2 tab480.00
second solution ver3 tab440.00
second solution ver4 tab820.00
shes calling out tab570.00
short notice tab370.00
silent victory tab430.00
sleep on it intro tab470.00
sleep on it tab540.00
sleep on it ver2 tab410.00
so lonely btab340.00
so lonely tab350.00
so what tab440.00
song for the lonely tab570.00
staring at the light tab500.00
state of emergency album tab420.00
state of emergency btab410.00
state of emergency tab430.00
stay away from me tab310.00
strange btab460.00
strange crd430.00
strange tab700.00
sum of us solo tab350.00
sunday bloody sunday btab390.00
sunday bloody sunday tab420.00


table top show tab360.00
table top show ver2 tab300.00
tabloid magazine btab360.00
tabloid magazine intro tab400.00
tabloid magazine tab550.00
tabloid magazine ver2 btab410.00
tabloid magazine ver2 tab400.00
tainted love btab350.00
tainted love tab500.00
tainted love ver2 btab660.00
tainted love ver3 btab360.00
the ending is just the beginning repeating tab760.00
the living end album tab460.00
the living end tab340.00
the man with no name tab350.00
the room btab350.00
the ship is sinking tab460.00
til the end btab240.00
till the end tab650.00
trace of doubt tab370.00
trace of doubt ver2 tab300.00
trace of doubt ver3 tab350.00
train kept a rollin tab470.00
trapped tab270.00


uncle harry btab290.00
uncle harry tab510.00
uncle harry ver2 tab560.00
united tab560.00
united ver2 tab350.00
universe solo tab390.00
universe tab320.00


waiting for the silence tab480.00
wake up btab330.00
wake up drum tab320.00
wake up tab400.00
wake up ver2 btab380.00
wake up ver2 tab270.00
wake up ver3 btab440.00
wake up ver4 btab350.00
we want more crd490.00
we want more tab360.00
west end riot btab330.00
west end riot tab320.00
west end riot ver2 tab600.00
west end riot ver3 tab460.00
west end riot ver4 tab410.00
what would you do btab560.00
what would you do crd370.00
what would you do tab700.00
what would you do ver2 tab410.00
what would you do ver3 tab290.00
whats on your radio btab410.00
whats on your radio tab380.00
white noise album tab780.00
white noise btab360.00
white noise live tab370.00
white noise tab310.00
whos gonna save us btab410.00
whos gonna save us crd350.00
whos gonna save us drum tab600.00
whos gonna save us intro tab370.00
whos gonna save us intro ver2 tab370.00
whos gonna save us solo tab310.00
whos gonna save us solo ver2 tab320.00
whos gonna save us solo ver3 tab490.00
whos gonna save us tab360.00
whos gonna save us ver2 btab450.00
whos gonna save us ver2 tab290.00
whos gonna save us ver3 tab500.00
whos on your side tab390.00
witch doctor btab350.00
witch doctor tab350.00
wrong side of the tracks tab390.00