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The Mother Hips is a rock band based in the San Francisco Bay Area. History Formation and debut Tim Bluhm (vocals/guitar), Greg Loiacono (guitar/vocals), Isaac Parsons (bass) and Mike Wofchuck (drums) met in 1990 while attending California State University-Chico, living off campus in Bradley Hall. They jammed and played some original songs at a few parties (once billed as Pippi Longstocking and the Trunk-of-Funk), but soon Isaac and Mike were lured away by the prospect of playing Led Zeppelin and Jane's Addiction covers at big parties as the rhythm section of the Keystones. Meanwhile Tim and Greg played acoustic guitars and sang harmonies to songstress Ali Weiss in the mellow trio Ali and the Cats. These bands played throughout 1990, but in early 1991, Tim, Greg, Isaac and Mike got back together and got serious about being a rock band. It didn't take long to step up from parties in Chico, CA to local bars and dance clubs like LaSalles and Juanita's. They began playing original songs...
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delmar station crd210.00


gold plated tab190.00


hey emilie tab220.00


i cant stay crd240.00


later days crd140.00
let somebody crd280.00
life in the city crd180.00


mission in vain crd150.00
mother hips tab220.00
motorhome tab140.00


one way out crd190.00


pull us all together crd200.00


sleepy eyes crd240.00
smoke tab190.00
st andrew crd180.00
stephanies for la tab170.00
such a thing tab220.00


thank you tierra deavers crd210.00
time we had btab210.00
time we had crd160.00
time we had tab170.00
tired wings tab190.00
transit wind tab180.00


whiskey on a southbound crd100.00