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The Trews are a Canadian hard rock band from Antigonish, Nova Scotia, consisting of vocalist Colin MacDonald, guitarist John-Angus MacDonald, bassist Jack Syperek, and drummer Gavin Maguire. The band is currently based in Toronto, Ontario. History The band started their career with the name One I'd Trouser, a line taken from a song in Monty Python's "The Meaning Of Life". They changed their name to Trouser, and eventually The Trews. They released an EP as One I'd Trouser, and a second EP under the name The Trews. In the early summer of 2002 the band entered Rocksearch, a high-profile contest that is held annually by CHTZ-FM, a St. Catharines (Southern Ontario) rock radio station. Winning the contest would prove to be their big break as they soon landed a recording contract with Bumstead Productions Ltd. The release of their first full-length CD House of Ill Fame, soon followed in 2003. Produced by Big Sugar's Gordie Johnson, the album contained the singles "Every Inambition", "Not...
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black halo intro tab210.00
black halo tab180.00


cant stop laughing tab120.00
confessions tab130.00
confessions ver2 tab120.00


dark highway tab230.00


end of the line crd70.00
every inambition tab160.00
every inambition ver2 tab130.00
every inhambition tab150.00


fleeting trust tab90.00


highway of heroes crd150.00
highway of heroes ver2 crd130.00
highway of heros crd130.00
hold me in your arms tab160.00
hold me in your arms ver2 tab220.00
hollis and morris tab130.00
hope and ruin crd200.00
hopeless tab180.00
hopeless ver2 tab110.00


i cant say tab260.00
i cant say ver2 tab140.00
i cant stop laughing acoustic crd240.00
i cant stop laughing crd200.00
if you wanna start again crd130.00
ill find someone who will crd190.00
im not ready to go intro tab150.00
im not ready to go tab130.00
ishmael and maggie tab180.00


locked doors crd190.00


making sunshine intro tab140.00
man of two minds crd160.00
man of two minds tab160.00
misery loves company crd110.00


no time for later acoustic crd100.00
not ready to go btab130.00
not ready to go tab100.00
not ready to go ver2 tab450.00


oceans end tab120.00
one by one tab130.00


paranoid freak btab290.00
paranoid freak crd120.00
pearl more than anything tab160.00
poor ol broken hearted me tab150.00
poor ol broken hearted me ver2 tab120.00


sing your heart out tab120.00
sing your heart out ver2 tab180.00
so shes leaving btab220.00
so shes leaving tab80.00
so shes leaving ver2 tab220.00
stray tab150.00
sweetness intro tab140.00
sweetness tab100.00


the travelling kind crd110.00
theres no time for later crd150.00
tired of waiting btab220.00
tired of waiting drum tab210.00
tired of waiting tab170.00


when you leave btab100.00
when you leave crd120.00
why bother tab160.00
will you wash away crd220.00
will you wash away ver2 crd120.00


yearning crd180.00
yearning drum tab150.00
yearning intro tab180.00
yearning tab170.00
youre so sober crd120.00