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Theory of a Deadman is a Canadian rock band from Delta, British Columbia. Formed in 2001, the band is currently signed to Roadrunner Records as well as 604 Records. The band also includes traits of other music styles, such as country and acoustic, as well as their post-grunge and alternative rock base. They have had a total of eight top 10 hits on the US Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart, including two No. 1 hits, "Bad Girlfriend" , "Lowlife". History Early years & self-titled album (2001-2003) Theory of a Deadman became the first act to sign with Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger's 604 Records imprint in 2001. Tyler Connolly (vocals, guitar; born August 26, 1975) reportedly slipped a copy of the band's demo (which would become the song "Invisible Man") to Kroeger at a post-concert party and the two were soon collaborating on songs together. They released their eponymous debut album Theory of a Deadman on September 17, 2002. The name of the band comes from a song from...
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a leg to stand on tab170.00
a leg to stand on ver2 tab200.00
above this tab170.00
all or nothing crd190.00
all or nothing tab240.00
all or nothing ver2 crd170.00
any other way tab210.00
any other way ver2 tab190.00


bad girlfriend acoustic tab170.00
bad girlfriend btab200.00
bad girlfriend crd180.00
bad girlfriend tab250.00
bad girlfriend ver2 btab240.00
bad girlfriend ver2 tab190.00
bad girlfriend ver3 btab140.00
bad girlfriend ver3 tab240.00
bad girlfriend ver4 btab160.00
bad girlfriend ver4 tab170.00
better off tab150.00
better or worse crd160.00
bitch came back tab160.00
bitch came back ver2 tab180.00
by the way acoustic tab230.00
by the way btab180.00
by the way crd270.00
by the way tab210.00
by the way ver2 crd240.00


careless tab220.00
confession tab240.00
crutch tab290.00
crutch ver2 tab280.00


deadly game tab180.00
deadly game ver2 tab190.00
does it really matter crd200.00
does it really matter tab240.00
does it really matter ver2 crd220.00
drag me to hell tab290.00


easy to love you acoustic crd210.00
end of the summer btab180.00
end of the summer crd260.00
end of the summer tab240.00


fake tab210.00


got it made tab280.00
great pretender tab180.00


hate my life btab220.00
hate my life crd250.00
hate my life ver2 crd240.00
hate my life ver3 crd200.00
hate my life ver4 crd200.00
hate my life ver5 crd170.00
hating hollywood tab220.00
hating hollywood ver2 tab180.00
head above water crd230.00
heaven crd230.00
heaven solo tab250.00
heaven tab230.00
heaven ver2 crd230.00
heaven ver2 tab200.00
hell just aint the same crd150.00
hell just aint the same ver2 crd160.00
hello lonely crd190.00
hello lonely tab190.00
hello lonely ver2 crd250.00
hello lonely ver2 tab160.00
hello lonely ver3 tab190.00
hurricane crd170.00


i hate my life crd260.00
i hate my life solo tab190.00
i hate my life ver2 crd180.00
i hate my life ver3 crd220.00
in the middle btab190.00
in the middle tab190.00
in the middle ver2 tab250.00
invisible man tab160.00
invisible man ver2 tab230.00
invisible man ver3 tab340.00
invisible man ver4 tab180.00


little smirk tab250.00
love is hell crd310.00
lowlife btab250.00
lowlife crd180.00
lowlife tab220.00


make up your mind btab180.00
make up your mind crd180.00
make up your mind tab210.00
make up your mind ver2 crd200.00
make up your mind ver2 tab180.00
make up your mind ver3 tab180.00
make up your mind ver4 tab150.00
make up your mind ver5 tab200.00


never meant to be crd180.00
no chance in hell tab170.00
no surprise btab200.00
no surprise crd250.00
no surprise tab210.00
no surprise ver2 crd190.00
no way out tab170.00
no way out ver2 tab210.00
not meant to be btab160.00
not meant to be crd230.00
not meant to be tab190.00
not meant to be ver2 crd170.00
not meant to be ver2 tab200.00
not meant to be ver3 tab170.00
nothing could come between us crd250.00
nothing could come between us tab170.00
nothing could come between us ver2 tab150.00
nothing could come between us ver3 tab210.00


out of my head btab190.00
out of my head crd210.00
out of my head tab220.00
out of my head ver2 crd180.00
out of my head ver2 tab160.00


point to prove tab200.00
point to prove ver2 tab200.00


quiver tab220.00


sacrifice crd270.00
sacrifice tab250.00
santa monica acoustic crd200.00
santa monica btab160.00
santa monica crd240.00
santa monica tab230.00
santa monica ver2 crd150.00
santa monica ver2 tab190.00
santa monica ver3 crd210.00
santa monica ver3 tab230.00
santa monica ver4 tab180.00
save the best for last tab150.00
say goodbye tab200.00
say goodbye ver2 tab210.00
say goodbye ver3 tab170.00
say im sorry tab260.00
since youve been gone crd150.00
since youve been gone ver2 crd200.00
so happy acoustic crd170.00
so happy btab200.00
so happy solo tab270.00
so happy tab390.00
so happy ver2 btab260.00
so happy ver2 tab290.00
so happy ver3 tab220.00


the bitch came back crd210.00
the bitch came back tab210.00
the last song tab240.00
the last song ver2 tab230.00
the last song ver3 tab200.00
the truth is i lied about everything crd220.00
the truth is i lied about everything ver2 crd160.00
theory of a deadman album tab200.00


villain tab200.00


wait for me crd170.00
wait for me tab150.00
wait for me ver2 crd170.00
wait for me ver3 crd180.00
what was i thinking crd180.00
what was i thinking ver2 crd220.00
what you deserve tab180.00
what you deserve ver2 tab170.00
whats your name tab220.00