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Travis are a Scottish rock band formed in Glasgow in 1990, comprising Fran Healy (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Dougie Payne (bass guitar, backing vocals), Andy Dunlop (lead guitar, banjo, backing vocals) and Neil Primrose (drums, percussion). The band has released eight studio albums: Good Feeling (1997), The Man Who (1999), The Invisible Band (2001), 12 Memories (2003), The Boy with No Name (2007), Ode to J. Smith (2008), Where You Stand (2013) and Everything at Once (2016). Travis have twice been awarded best band at the BRIT Awards, and are often credited for having paved the way for bands such as Coldplay and Keane. The band named themselves after the Harry Dean Stanton character Travis Henderson from the film Paris, Texas. History Formation and early years (1990–93) The band that would become Travis was formed by brothers Chris Martyn (bass) and Geoff Martyn (keyboards) along with Simon Jarvis (drums). Andy Dunlop, a school friend at Lenzie Academy, was drafted in on guitar....
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1922 btab360.00
1922 crd380.00


20 crd410.00


3 times and you lose tab240.00


afterglow crd350.00
all i want to do is rock btab360.00
all i want to do is rock crd250.00
ancient train crd320.00
another sleep song crd260.00
another sleep song ver2 crd400.00
as you are btab310.00
as you are solo tab330.00
as you are tab260.00


baby one more time btab350.00
baby one more time crd340.00
baby one more time ver2 crd290.00
baby one more time ver3 crd320.00
battleships btab460.00
battleships crd420.00
be my baby tab250.00
beautiful bird crd350.00
beautiful occupation btab220.00
before you were young crd310.00
big chair acoustic crd460.00
big chair btab330.00
big chair crd330.00
blue flashing light crd230.00
blue flashing light ver2 crd330.00
blue flashing light ver3 crd310.00
broken mirror crd450.00


cage crd330.00
central station crd350.00
chinese blues crd250.00
chinese blues ver2 crd260.00
closer acoustic crd350.00
closer btab360.00
closer crd400.00
closer tab350.00
closer ver2 crd480.00
closer ver3 crd280.00
closer ver4 crd350.00
colder crd440.00
combing my hair crd300.00
come closer crd270.00
coming around crd490.00
coming around tab350.00
coming around ver2 crd280.00
connection crd400.00


dancing queen crd300.00
dear diary tab340.00
definition of wrong crd410.00
distance btab330.00
distance crd310.00
distance solo tab340.00
distraction crd330.00
driftwood acoustic crd250.00
driftwood acoustic ver2 crd320.00
driftwood crd410.00
driftwood ver2 crd370.00
driftwood ver3 crd360.00


eyes wide open btab270.00
eyes wide open crd260.00


falling down crd360.00
flashingblue light crd280.00
flowers in the window crd270.00
flowers in the window tab320.00
flowers in the window ver2 crd400.00
flowers in the window ver3 crd210.00
follow the light tab290.00
friends crd260.00
funny thing crd240.00
funny thing tab310.00


good day to die crd380.00
good feeling btab280.00
good feeling crd370.00
green behind the ears crd240.00


happy btab450.00
happy crd430.00
happy solo tab340.00
happy to hang around crd280.00
happy to hang around tab300.00
happy to hang around ver2 tab310.00
happy to hang around ver3 tab240.00
happy ver2 crd280.00
hazy shades of gold btab350.00
here comes the sun crd290.00
hit me baby one more time crd250.00
how many hearts crd370.00
humpty dumpty love song crd380.00


i kissed a girl crd250.00
i kissed a girl ver2 crd330.00
i love you anyways crd240.00
in my eyes crd280.00
indefinetly crd420.00
indefinetly tab310.00
indefinitely crd380.00


just the faces change crd250.00


last christmas crd300.00
last laugh of the laughter crd230.00
last laugh of the laughter tab350.00
last train crd360.00
last words crd370.00
life and soul of the party crd350.00
long way down crd300.00
long way down ver2 crd280.00
love will come through btab340.00
love will come through crd310.00
love will come through tab340.00
love will come through ver2 crd360.00
love will come through ver2 tab340.00
love will come through video lesson300.00
love you anyway tab290.00
luv crd460.00
luv tab400.00


me beside you crd340.00
mid life krisys tab410.00
mid life krysis crd380.00
mid life krysis ver2 crd440.00
more than us crd310.00
more than us tab350.00
my eyes crd300.00
my eyes ver2 crd420.00
my last chance tab380.00


new amsterdam crd380.00
new amsterdam ver2 crd280.00
no cigar crd300.00
nobody does it better crd290.00


one night crd300.00
only molly knows crd380.00
out in space crd300.00
out in space intro tab290.00
out in space ver2 crd250.00


paperclips crd290.00
paperclips ver2 crd300.00
peace the fuck out crd220.00
perfect heaven space crd340.00
perfect heaven space tab310.00
pipe dreams crd310.00
pipe dreams ver2 crd290.00


quicksand crd410.00
quite free crd280.00
quite free tab310.00


re offender crd290.00
re offender intro tab290.00
re offender solo tab360.00
re offender tab340.00
re offender ver2 tab280.00
re offender ver3 tab210.00
reason crd380.00
ring out the bell crd280.00


safe crd340.00
sailing away crd260.00
sarah crd280.00
sarah ver2 crd320.00
sea crd250.00
selfish jean btab220.00
selfish jean chords crd360.00
selfish jean crd310.00
selfish jean intro tab350.00
selfish jean ver2 crd300.00
selfish jean ver3 crd320.00
shes so strange crd340.00
side btab380.00
side crd390.00
side no capo crd310.00
side tab400.00
side ver2 crd290.00
side ver3 crd370.00
sing btab410.00
sing crd360.00
sing tab310.00
sing ver2 crd340.00
sing ver3 crd300.00
sing ver4 crd420.00
sing ver5 crd350.00
slide show btab310.00
slide show crd370.00
something anything btab410.00
something anything crd280.00
somewhere else tab260.00
song to self crd320.00
standing on my own crd300.00


the beautiful occupation crd390.00
the beautiful occupation tab330.00
the connection btab350.00
the fear crd320.00
the line is fine btab430.00
the line is fine tab300.00
the weight crd300.00
the weight ver2 crd340.00
tied to the 90s crd320.00
tied to the 90s ver2 crd330.00
to reach you crd380.00
turn btab360.00
turn crd360.00
turn tab450.00
turn ver2 crd360.00
twenty crd430.00


u16 girls crd290.00
u 16 girls btab330.00
u 16 girls crd440.00
u 16 girls tab410.00
unbelievers crd330.00
under the moonlight crd270.00
under the moonlight ver2 crd420.00
urge for going crd340.00


village man crd320.00


walking in the sun crd370.00
walking in the sun ver2 crd340.00
walking in the sun ver3 crd440.00
we are monkeys crd290.00
when im feeling blue tab290.00
whenever she comes around crd370.00
why does it always rain on me btab230.00
why does it always rain on me crd370.00
why does it always rain on me ver2 crd280.00
why does it always rain on me ver3 crd330.00
why does it always rain on me ver4 crd350.00
why does it always rain on me ver5 crd370.00
why does it always rain on me ver6 crd290.00
why does it always rain on me ver7 crd260.00
why does it always rain on me ver8 crd270.00
writing to reach you btab260.00
writing to reach you crd300.00
writing to reach you tab370.00
writing to reach you ver2 crd350.00
writing to reach you ver3 crd280.00
writing to reach you ver4 crd260.00
writing to reach you ver5 crd360.00


you bring me down crd320.00
you dont know what im like crd380.00