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Typecast is an alternative rock band from the Philippines. Originally an underground act, they have surfaced on the mainstream Philippine music scene, while managing to hold on to their underground roots. Career Laguna has been home to hardcore punk bands since the early 1990s. Brought up in a DIY community, the band came together in 1999, initially doing cover versions, after that they started doing their own songs. In 2004, they released their debut studio album, The Infatuation Is Always There, which paved their way to become one of the most influential rock bands in Southeast Asia. With the release of their second studio album, Every Moss and Cobweb, in 2007, the band changed their sound from gritty to melancholic lyrics that turned out to be emo. The band broke into the local mainstream with the single, "Will You Ever Learn", which won Best Song of the Year at the 2007 NU Rock Awards. This success eventually led to the opportunity to open for other popular bands such as Thursday,...
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21 and counting crd380.00
21 and counting tab360.00
21 and counting ver2 tab360.00


an angel crd470.00
an angel tab560.00
an angel ver2 tab380.00
an angel ver3 tab470.00
another minute til crd390.00
another minute until 10 btab280.00
another minute until ten btab1060.00
another minute until ten drum tab370.00
another minute until ten tab410.00
another minute until ten ver2 btab370.00
another minute until ten ver2 tab500.00
another minute until ten ver3 tab290.00
as silent as death crd320.00
assertion btab380.00
assertion crd440.00
assertion tab400.00
assertion ver2 crd330.00
assertion ver2 tab400.00
assertion ver3 crd340.00
assertion ver3 tab400.00


bad news brown crd470.00
bad news brown tab350.00
bad news brown ver2 tab370.00
bad news brown ver3 tab380.00
better tab430.00
blanket tab320.00
boston drama btab410.00
boston drama crd470.00
boston drama live tab450.00
boston drama live ver2 tab460.00
boston drama tab370.00
boston drama ver2 btab310.00
boston drama ver2 tab260.00
boston drama ver3 tab320.00
boston drama ver4 tab300.00
boston drama ver5 tab270.00
boston drama ver6 tab350.00
breathe through the glass crd260.00
breathe through the glass tab300.00
bright eyes btab380.00
bright eyes crd480.00
bright eyes tab590.00
bright eyes ver2 tab330.00


can i try my luck on you tab370.00
can it try my luck on you tab390.00
clutching btab320.00
clutching crd350.00
clutching tab410.00
clutching ver2 crd390.00
clutching ver2 tab430.00
clutching ver3 tab440.00
conflict btab460.00
conflict tab480.00
conflict ver2 tab440.00
conflict ver3 tab390.00


deeper i fall tab440.00
distance below tab420.00
distance between us tab280.00
dont take me from me tab310.00
dorothy btab410.00
dorothy crd420.00
dorothy tab780.00
dorothy ver2 tab370.00
dorothy ver3 tab390.00


emmanuel tab380.00
emmanuel ver2 tab410.00
escae the hurt tab350.00
escape the hurt crd320.00
escape the hurt tab430.00
every moss and cobweb album tab370.00


february crd410.00
february tab320.00
february ver2 crd550.00
forget crd460.00
forget tab310.00
forget ver2 tab420.00


guilt kill crd420.00
guilt kill intro tab390.00
guiltkill tab410.00


holiday tab370.00


ice tab480.00
ifatuation is always there btab380.00
in blindness tab390.00
infatuation is always there btab310.00
infatuation is always there crd290.00
infatuation is always there tab350.00
infatuation is always there ver2 btab390.00
infatuation is always there ver2 tab290.00
infatuation is always there ver3 btab350.00
infatuation is always there ver3 tab260.00
infatuation is always there ver4 btab360.00
infatuation is always there ver4 tab380.00
infatuation is always there ver5 tab410.00
infatuation is always there ver6 tab310.00


kono yakusoku crd480.00
kono yakusoku tab490.00
kono yakusoku ver2 tab790.00


last time btab400.00
last time crd310.00
last time tab390.00
last time ver2 btab370.00
last time ver2 crd430.00
last time ver2 tab310.00
last time ver3 btab360.00
last time ver3 tab470.00
last time ver4 btab410.00
last time ver4 tab380.00
last time ver5 btab350.00
last time ver5 tab320.00
last time ver6 tab370.00
last time ver7 tab470.00


my farewell tab470.00
my farewell ver2 tab410.00
my farewell ver3 tab420.00


not about you btab420.00
not about you intro tab430.00
not about you tab400.00


open wound tab460.00
out comes the brave crd280.00
out comes the brave tab430.00
outcomes the brave tab370.00


phoenix btab430.00
phoenix crd420.00
phoenix tab380.00
phoenix ver2 btab390.00
phoenix ver2 tab460.00
phoenix ver3 tab570.00
phoenix ver4 tab480.00
phoenix ver5 tab410.00


reverends daughter tower sessions tab260.00


sarang ah nae ge oh gi man hae tab380.00
scars of a failin heart tab230.00
scars of a failing heart crd410.00
scars of a failing heart tab360.00
scars of a failing heart ver2 tab400.00
scars of a falling heart tab330.00
scars of failing heart crd280.00
scars of faling heart crd270.00
she wont understand crd380.00
she wont understand tab370.00
she wont understand ver2 crd290.00
she wont understand ver2 tab320.00
she wont understand ver3 crd290.00
she wont understand ver3 tab350.00
she wont understand ver4 tab330.00
she wont understand ver5 tab350.00


the infatuation is always there album crd350.00
this kind of silence crd330.00
this kind of silence tab360.00


wait crd320.00
wait intro tab470.00
wait tab480.00
what you are tab300.00
when the sky starts falling crd320.00
when the sky starts falling tab380.00
when the sky starts falling ver2 crd260.00
when the sky starts falling ver2 tab290.00
will you ever learn crd350.00
will you ever learn tab330.00
will you ever learn ver2 crd340.00
will you ever learn ver2 tab390.00
will you ever learn ver3 crd310.00
will you ever learn ver3 tab410.00


you dont need eyes to see crd400.00
you dont need eyes to see tab350.00
you dont need eyes to see ver2 crd390.00
you will be alone crd290.00