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Matthew Shafer (born June 6, 1974), also known by his stage name Uncle Kracker, is an American musician, singer, lyricist, rapper and guitarist. He is the turntablist for Kid Rock's backing group Twisted Brown Trucker and since 2000 has recorded as a solo artist. His singles "Follow Me" and "Drift Away" were top ten hits on the Billboard Hot 100. Personal life Shafer was born in a bathtub in Mount Clemens, Michigan on June 6, 1974. With his brother Mike Shafer, he visited a nightclub in Clawson, Michigan where a turntables competition was occurring. His older brother was competing against a then-unknown musician, Kid Rock. Shafer soon became friends with Kid Rock. In those times, he was mainly rapping a singer. He went to L'Anse Creuse High School. In 1994, Kid Rock asked Shafer to play turntables for his band called Twisted Brown Trucker. Shafer knew nothing of using turntables, but since his brother was an experienced DJ, he agreed. He only performed at live shows at the time, until...
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another love song crd460.00


drift away crd440.00
drift away intro tab400.00
drift away tab450.00
drift away ver2 crd320.00
drift away ver3 crd320.00
drift away ver4 crd530.00


follow me btab360.00
follow me crd330.00
follow me intro tab430.00
follow me intro ver2 tab500.00
follow me intro ver3 tab390.00
follow me intro ver4 tab420.00
follow me live tab390.00
follow me solo tab520.00
follow me solo ver2 tab350.00
follow me tab310.00
follow me ver2 btab380.00
follow me ver2 crd400.00
follow me ver2 tab360.00
follow me ver3 crd440.00
follow me ver3 tab410.00
follow me ver4 crd440.00
follow me ver4 tab450.00
follow me ver5 crd420.00
follow me ver5 tab540.00
follow me ver6 crd300.00
follow me ver6 tab340.00
follow me ver7 crd500.00
follow me ver7 tab330.00
follow me ver8 crd310.00
follow me ver8 tab330.00
follow me ver9 crd330.00


good to be me crd340.00
good to be me intro tab570.00
good to be me ver2 crd400.00


i dont know crd330.00
i wish i had a dollar crd340.00
im not leaving crd360.00
in a little while crd340.00
in a little while solo tab310.00


letter to my daughters crd380.00


memphis soul song crd390.00
my girlfriend btab320.00
my girlfriend crd440.00
my girlfriend ver2 btab340.00


nobodys sad on a saturday night crd370.00


rescue crd450.00
rescue ver2 crd450.00


smile crd460.00
smile intro tab500.00
smile intro ver2 tab500.00
smile ver10 crd300.00
smile ver2 crd360.00
smile ver3 crd390.00
smile ver4 crd390.00
smile ver5 crd340.00
smile ver6 crd340.00
smile ver7 crd360.00
smile ver8 crd450.00
smile ver9 crd350.00
smile video lesson310.00


time after time tab330.00
to think i used to love you crd380.00