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Van Halen is an American hard rock band formed in Pasadena, California, in 1972. From 1974 until 1985, the band consisted of guitarist Eddie Van Halen, vocalist David Lee Roth, drummer Alex Van Halen, and bassist Michael Anthony. The band went on to become major stars, and by the early 1980s they were one of the most successful rock acts of the time. 1984 was their most successful album. The lead single, "Jump", became an international hit and their only single to reach number one on the Billboard Hot 100. The following singles, "Panama" and "I'll Wait", both hit number 13 on the U.S. charts. The album went on to sell over 12 million copies in the U.S. alone. In 1985, the band replaced lead singer David Lee Roth with former Montrose lead vocalist Sammy Hagar. With Hagar, the group would release four U.S. number-one albums over the course of 11 years. Hagar left the band in 1996 shortly before the release of the band's first greatest hits collection, Best Of – Volume I. Former Extreme...
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1984 album tab650.00
1984 tab750.00


316 live intro tab840.00
316 live tab700.00
316 tab870.00
316 ver2 tab690.00
316 ver3 tab770.00
316 ver4 tab780.00


5150 tab790.00
51 tab800.00


aftershock tab760.00
afu naturally wired intro tab690.00
aint talkin bout love btab730.00
aint talkin bout love crd660.00
aint talkin bout love drum tab730.00
aint talkin bout love intro tab790.00
aint talkin bout love tab730.00
aint talkin bout love ver2 btab740.00
aint talkin bout love ver2 drum tab800.00
aint talkin bout love ver2 tab650.00
aint talkin bout love ver3 btab670.00
aint talkin bout love ver3 drum tab690.00
aint talkin bout love ver3 tab710.00
aint talkin bout love ver4 tab690.00
aint talking bout love drum tab740.00
amsterdam tab710.00
and the cradle will rock btab700.00
and the cradle will rock crd790.00
and the cradle will rock tab750.00
and the cradle will rock ver2 tab750.00
and the cradle will rock ver3 tab720.00
atomic punk btab650.00
atomic punk intro tab720.00
atomic punk solo tab640.00
atomic punk tab650.00
atomic punk ver2 tab630.00


ballot or the bullet tab630.00
beats workin tab630.00
beautiful girls btab630.00
beautiful girls intro tab740.00
beautiful girls tab610.00
beautiful girls ver2 tab750.00
beautiful girls ver3 tab700.00
best of both worlds album tab640.00
best of both worlds tab660.00
big bad bill is sweet william now btab670.00
big river tab850.00
big trouble tab700.00
black and blue tab700.00
blood and fire btab830.00
blood and fire tab650.00
bottoms up tab610.00
bullethead btab710.00
bullethead tab740.00


cabo wabo tab740.00
cant get this stuff no more btab670.00
cant get this stuff no more tab610.00
cant sop lovin you crd730.00
cant stop loving you btab760.00
cant stop loving you tab690.00
cant stop loving you ver2 tab700.00
cathedral tab810.00
cathedral ver2 tab700.00
cathedral ver3 tab670.00
chinatown intro tab710.00
could this be magic tab640.00
could this be magic ver2 tab670.00
crossing over crd640.00


dance the night away btab730.00
dance the night away crd670.00
dance the night away solo tab660.00
dance the night away tab770.00
dance the night away ver2 tab710.00
dancing in the street tab660.00
dirty movies tab640.00
doa btab770.00
doa tab710.00
doa ver2 btab660.00
dont tell me tab740.00
dont tell me what love can do intro tab580.00
dreams btab780.00
dreams crd660.00
dreams intro tab680.00
dreams solo tab870.00
dreams solo ver2 tab790.00
dreams solo ver3 tab830.00
dreams tab820.00
dreams ver2 crd670.00
drop dead legs btab740.00
drop dead legs intro tab640.00
drop dead legs tab750.00


eruption btab730.00
eruption drum tab790.00
eruption live tab700.00
eruption tab890.00
eruption ver2 tab710.00
eruption ver3 tab720.00
eruption ver4 tab640.00
eruption ver5 tab710.00
eruption ver6 tab890.00
eruption ver7 tab790.00
eruption ver8 tab790.00
eruption video lesson760.00
everybody wants some btab670.00
everybody wants some tab700.00
everybody wants some ver2 tab660.00
eyes of the night tab770.00
eyes of the night ver2 tab640.00


fast movment solo tab600.00
feel your love intro tab710.00
feel your love tab620.00
feel your love tonight btab660.00
feel your love tonight tab640.00
feelin tab590.00
finish what ya started intro tab600.00
finish what ya started tab790.00
finish what ya started ver2 tab780.00
fire in the hole tab590.00
from afar tab710.00
full of misery intro tab650.00


get up tab670.00
girl gone bad tab680.00
give to live tab700.00
good enough tab680.00


half bad intro tab720.00
hang em high tab690.00
hear about it later tab750.00
hear about it later ver2 tab700.00
heaven and hell btab660.00
heres just what she wanted tab670.00
hot for teacher btab690.00
hot for teacher drum tab620.00
hot for teacher intro drum tab710.00
hot for teacher tab860.00
hot for teacher ver2 tab780.00
hot for teacher ver3 tab740.00
hot for teacher ver4 tab700.00
house of pain tab640.00
humans being btab760.00
humans being intro tab780.00
humans being solo tab790.00
humans being solo ver2 tab720.00
humans being tab760.00
humans being ver2 tab760.00
humans being ver3 tab700.00


ice cream man btab860.00
ice cream man tab730.00
ill wait btab760.00
ill wait tab650.00
ill wait ver2 tab720.00
im the one btab680.00
im the one tab820.00
im the one ver2 tab590.00
in a simple rhyme tab740.00
in n out tab620.00
its about time btab730.00
its about time tab780.00


jamies cryin btab790.00
jamies cryin tab670.00
jamies cryin ver2 btab810.00
jamies cryin ver2 tab800.00
josephina tab840.00
judgement day tab700.00
judgment day tab770.00
jugement day tab650.00
jump btab830.00
jump crd820.00
jump drum tab710.00
jump intro tab810.00
jump solo tab830.00
jump tab840.00
jump ver2 btab770.00
jump ver2 tab760.00
jump ver3 tab810.00
jump ver4 tab800.00
jump ver5 tab840.00


learning to see solo tab670.00
learning to see tab640.00
light up the sky tab660.00
light up the sky ver2 tab800.00
little dreamer btab670.00
little dreamer crd720.00
little dreamer tab700.00
little dreamer ver2 btab620.00
little dreamer ver2 tab800.00
little guitars tab650.00
little guitars ver2 tab690.00
little guitars ver3 tab740.00
love walks in intro tab720.00
love walks in solo tab770.00
love walks in tab650.00


man on a mission tab650.00
man on a mission video lesson640.00
me wise magic tab680.00
me wise magic ver2 tab660.00
mean street tab760.00
mean street ver2 tab630.00
mean streets intro tab820.00
mean streets tab670.00
mine all mine tab750.00


neworld tab720.00
not enough solo tab680.00
not enough tab720.00


on fire btab880.00
on fire tab750.00
on fire ver2 tab690.00
one i want tab880.00
outta love again tab710.00
outta love again ver2 tab710.00


panama btab910.00
panama drum tab810.00
panama intro tab820.00
panama tab750.00
panama ver2 drum tab710.00
panama ver2 tab740.00
panama ver3 tab830.00
pleasure dome tab780.00
poundcake solo tab820.00
poundcake tab630.00
pretty woman intro tab850.00
pretty woman tab820.00
pretty woman ver2 tab710.00
pretty woman ver3 tab670.00
pretty woman ver4 tab740.00
push comes to shove tab670.00
put out the lights tab680.00


respect the wind tab600.00
respect the wind ver2 tab770.00
right now btab810.00
right now tab730.00
right now ver2 btab610.00
right now ver2 tab670.00
romeo delight tab710.00
runaround tab750.00
runnin with the devil btab820.00
runnin with the devil crd720.00
runnin with the devil drum tab800.00
runnin with the devil tab710.00
runnin with the devil ver2 btab760.00
runnin with the devil ver2 tab720.00
runnin with the devil ver3 tab730.00
runnin with the devil ver4 tab670.00
runnin with the devil ver5 tab730.00
runnin with the devil ver6 tab710.00
runnin with the devil ver7 tab740.00
running with the devil btab660.00
running with the devil solo tab820.00
running with the devil tab680.00
runninn with the devil video lesson690.00


secrets tab590.00
shes the woman btab700.00
shes the woman crd660.00
shes the woman tab680.00
show your love tab620.00
so this is love solo tab770.00
so this is love tab640.00
so this is love ver2 tab780.00
somebody get me a doctor btab760.00
somebody get me a doctor tab680.00
somebody get me a doctor ver2 btab650.00
somebody get me a doctor ver2 tab720.00
somebody get me a doctor ver3 tab700.00
somebody get me a doctor ver4 tab700.00
source of infection tab620.00
spanish fly tab620.00
spanish fly ver2 tab710.00
spanish fly ver3 tab730.00
spanked tab620.00
stay frosty btab890.00
stay frosty crd730.00
stay frosty tab1080.00
stompin 8h tab710.00
sucker in a three piece tab600.00
summer nights tab720.00
sunday afternoon in the park btab630.00


take me back tab660.00
take your whiskey home tab720.00
take your whiskey home ver2 tab760.00
tattoo btab680.00
tattoo crd710.00
tattoo intro tab910.00
tattoo tab1000.00
the dream is over solo tab700.00
the seventh seal tab710.00
the trouble with never tab690.00
top jimmy btab670.00
top jimmy tab740.00
top jimmy ver2 tab780.00
top of the world btab700.00
top of the world intro tab700.00
top of the world tab740.00
tora tora tab690.00


unchained btab720.00
unchained intro tab770.00
unchained intro video lesson720.00
unchained solo tab770.00
unchained tab830.00
unchained ver2 tab810.00
unchained ver3 tab800.00
unchained ver4 tab750.00
up for breakfast tab770.00


van halen 3 album tab690.00
van halen album btab730.00
van halen album tab610.00


when its love btab820.00
when its love intro tab720.00
when its love tab660.00
where have all the good times gone tab670.00
why cant this be love btab680.00
why cant this be love tab710.00
wild thing live tab680.00
without you btab650.00
women in love intro tab610.00
women in love intro ver2 tab710.00
women in love tab650.00


year to the day intro tab740.00
you and your blues intro tab650.00
you and your blues intro ver2 tab780.00
you and your blues tab710.00
you really got me btab800.00
you really got me drum tab630.00
you really got me solo tab650.00
you really got me solo ver2 tab650.00
you really got me tab770.00
you really got me ver2 btab600.00
you really got me ver3 btab590.00
youre no good tab700.00