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The Velvet Underground was an American rock band from New York City, active between 1964 and 1973. Formed by singer/guitarist Lou Reed, multi-instrumentalist John Cale, guitarist Sterling Morrison, and drummer Angus Maclise (who was replaced by Maureen Tucker in 1965), the group was briefly managed by the pop artist Andy Warhol, and served as the house band at the Factory and Warhol's Exploding Plastic Inevitable events from 1966 to 1967. The provocative subject matter, musical experimentation, and often nihilistic attitudes explored in their music would prove influential in the development of punk rock and alternative music. Despite achieving little commercial success during its existence, the Velvet Underground are now recognized as among the most influential acts of the rock era for their integration of rock music with the avant-garde. Their 1967 debut album The Velvet Underground & Nico (featuring German singer and collaborator Nico) was called the "most prophetic rock album...
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after hours crd393.90
after hours ver2 crd392.10
all tomorrows parties crd392.80
all tomorrows parties tab442.80
andys chest btab472.20


beginning to see the light crd452.70
black angels death song tab382.40


candy says crd343.80
candy says ver2 crd392.90
cool it down crd393.60


european son crd402.30
european son intro btab463.70
european son tab393.30


femme fatale crd424.00
femme fatale tab393.40
femme fatale ver2 crd453.60
femme fatale ver2 tab443.50
foggy notion btab412.80
foggy notion intro tab462.90


guess im falling in love crd393.10


here she comes now tab333.10
heroin crd462.30
heroin tab442.60
heroin ver2 crd442.20
heroin ver2 tab383.00
heroin ver3 tab392.50
heroin ver4 tab384.00


i cant stand it crd462.40
i cant stand it tab462.60
i found a reason tab372.70
ill be your mirror crd572.60
ill be your mirror tab463.20
ill be your mirror ver2 crd424.00
ill be your mirror ver2 tab422.30
im set free crd363.60
im sticking with you crd392.00
im sticking with you intro tab493.30
im sticking with you tab422.20
im waiting for the man btab372.40
im waiting for the man crd413.40
im waiting for the man tab372.20
im waiting for the man ver2 tab392.70


jesus tab414.00


lady godivas operation crd343.60
lady godivas operation tab453.70
lisa says crd292.50
lisa says ver2 crd312.60
lonesome cowboy bill crd522.30


new age by lou reed crd433.70


ocean crd523.50
ocean ver2 crd402.10
oh sweet nuthin crd424.00
oh sweet nuthin tab483.90


pale blue eyes crd623.30
pale blue eyes tab412.70
pale blue eyes ver2 crd423.80
perfect day crd472.50
perfect day ver2 crd443.20
prominent men crd373.70


ride into the sun tab413.10
rock and roll runaways crd353.10
rock and roll runaways tab413.60
rock and roll runaways ver2 tab473.30
rock and roll tab322.20
run run run crd372.50
run run run ver2 crd372.10


sad song tab393.20
satellite of love crd452.00
sister ray tab422.30
some kinda love tab463.30
stephanie says crd432.00
stephanie says tab384.00
stephine says crd403.50
sunday morning btab343.00
sunday morning crd364.00
sunday morning tab362.40
sunday morning ver2 btab353.70
sunday morning ver2 crd402.80
sunday morning ver3 btab403.90
sunday morning ver3 crd403.90
sunday morning ver4 btab382.80
sunday morning ver4 crd373.10
sweet jane btab572.10
sweet jane crd372.90
sweet jane full length crd412.50
sweet jane live crd423.50
sweet jane ver2 crd443.30


thats the story of my life crd493.10
the gift btab472.60
the gift ver2 btab524.00
the murder mystery intro tab532.20
the murder mystery intro ver2 tab473.70
there she goes crd322.40
there she goes tab372.90
train round the bend crd423.70


venus in furs btab372.70
venus in furs crd342.80
venus in furs tab372.40
venus in furs ver2 btab423.00
venus in furs ver2 tab353.50
venus in furs ver3 tab393.60


waiting for the man acoustic tab442.00
waiting for the man tab462.30
were gonna have a real good time together btab403.70
what goes on crd413.30
what goes on tab423.50
white light white heat crd462.00
who loves the sun tab453.50