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The Von Bondies was an American alternative rock band active from 1997 to 2011. The original line-up formed at the 1997 Cramps/Guitar Wolf show by Jason Stollsteimer and Marcie Bolen. They went through a variety of member changes and band names, including The Baby Killers, before settling on The Von Bondies in 2000. Don Blum joined the band around 1999 after attending numerous Baby Killers shows, while Leann Banks was picked via an audition. The Von Bondies got their break by playing a New Year's Eve show in Detroit, Michigan in 2000. In attendance at the show was Long Gone John, owner of the Sympathy for the Record Industry label. This led to Sympathy releasing the band's debut album Lack of Communication in 2001. In 2003, the band released the live Raw and Rare through Dim Mak Records, which was followed by their 2004 breakthrough release, Pawn Shoppe Heart, on Sire Records. Pawn Shoppe was produced by Jerry Harrison of Talking Heads and co-produced by Stollsteimer. The album reached...
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21st birthday crd200.00


been swank btab200.00
been swank tab170.00
broken man crd200.00


c mon c mon tab190.00
cmon cmon btab170.00
cmon cmon crd220.00
cmon cmon intro btab170.00
cmon cmon intro tab210.00
cmon cmon tab150.00
cmon cmon ver2 btab150.00
cmon cmon ver2 tab180.00
cmon cmon ver3 btab210.00
cryin tab210.00


fever btab210.00
fever tab220.00


it came from japan crd170.00
it came from japan tab200.00
it came from japan ver2 tab130.00


lack of communication tab140.00
lack of communication ver2 tab120.00
lack of communication ver3 tab190.00
lack of communication ver4 tab150.00


night train crd200.00
no regrets btab170.00
no regrets tab240.00
no regrets ver2 tab130.00
no sugar mama btab200.00
no sugar mama crd140.00
no sugar mama ver2 crd130.00
not that social btab130.00
not that social tab170.00


pale bride intro tab160.00
pale bride tab170.00
pawn shoppe heart intro tab150.00
pawn shoppe heart tab110.00
poison ivy tab160.00
poison ivy ver2 tab150.00


shes dead to me tab190.00
shut your mouth tab160.00
sound of terror tab210.00


tell me what you see intro tab180.00
tell me what you see tab170.00
tell me what you see ver2 tab170.00
this is our perfect crime btab160.00