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Wilco is an American alternative rock band based in Chicago, Illinois. The band was formed in 1994 by the remaining members of alternative country group Uncle Tupelo following singer Jay Farrar's departure. Wilco's lineup changed frequently during its first decade, with only singer Jeff Tweedy and bassist John Stirratt remaining from the original incarnation. Since early 2004, the lineup has been unchanged, consisting of Tweedy, Stirratt, guitarist Nels Cline, multi-instrumentalist Pat Sansone, keyboard player Mikael Jorgensen, and drummer Glenn Kotche. Wilco has released ten studio albums, a live double album, and four collaborations: three with Billy Bragg and one with The Minus 5. Wilco's music has been inspired by a wide variety of artists and styles, including Bill Fay, The Beatles and Television, and has in turn influenced music by a number of modern alternative rock acts. The band continued in the alternative country style of Uncle Tupelo on its debut album A.M. (1995), but has...
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a shot in the arm acoustic tab270.00
a shot in the arm btab270.00
a shot in the arm crd240.00
airline to heaven crd390.00
airline to heaven tab480.00
alone crd560.00
alone ver2 crd280.00
alone ver3 crd310.00
ashes of american flags tab330.00
ashes of american flags ver2 tab310.00
at least thats what you said btab350.00
at least thats what you said crd330.00
at least thats what you said ver2 crd300.00


be not so fearful crd390.00
blasting fonda crd310.00
blood of the lamb crd280.00
blue eyed soul crd500.00
bob dylans beard crd350.00
bob dylans beard tab320.00
born alone crd430.00
born alone ver2 crd290.00
box full of letters crd300.00


california stars crd280.00
california stars ver2 crd380.00
candyfloss crd490.00
cant stand it tab310.00
capitol city crd300.00
cars cant escape crd340.00
cars cant escape ver2 crd320.00
casino queen tab390.00
christ for president crd310.00
comment if all men are truly brothers crd300.00
company in my back crd310.00
company on my back crd420.00
country disappeared crd330.00


dawned on me crd370.00
dawned on me ver2 crd320.00
dawned on me ver3 crd320.00
deeper down crd310.00


eisler on the go crd290.00
either way crd350.00
either way solo tab340.00
either way ver2 crd390.00
elt crd350.00
everlasting everything crd350.00
every little thing crd340.00


far far away crd260.00
far far away solo tab350.00
forget the flowers crd280.00
forget the flowers tab320.00
forget the flowers ver2 crd340.00


glad its over crd340.00


handshake drugs btab320.00
handshake drugs crd330.00
handshake drugs ver2 crd310.00
hate it here tab410.00
heavy metal drummer crd330.00
heavy metal drummer tab300.00
hell is chrome crd320.00
hell is chrome solo tab440.00
hell is chrome solo ver2 tab390.00
hell is chrome ver2 crd310.00
hesitating beauty crd240.00
hot rod hotel crd360.00
how to fight loneliness crd310.00
hummingbird crd350.00
hummingbird solo tab360.00


i am trying to break your heart acoustic tab250.00
i am trying to break your heart crd280.00
i am trying to break your heart ver2 crd250.00
i got you crd400.00
i might crd490.00
i must be high btab370.00
i must be high crd340.00
i must be high tab370.00
i thought i held you crd300.00
ill fight crd410.00
ill fight intro tab330.00
ill fight tab330.00
im a wheel tab390.00
im always in love crd280.00
im always in love live acoustic crd290.00
im the man who loves you tab360.00
im the man who loves you ver2 tab360.00
impossible germany crd360.00
impossible germany solo tab240.00
impossible germany tab230.00
impossible germany ver2 crd340.00
in a future age tab350.00
in your dreams crd340.00


jesus etc crd350.00
jesus etc tab390.00
jesus etc ver2 crd290.00
jesus etc ver3 crd430.00
jesus etc ver4 crd300.00


kamera crd390.00
kamera tab330.00
kamera ver2 crd450.00
kicking television tab240.00


less than you think crd280.00
lonely one crd360.00
lonely one tab440.00
lonely one ver2 tab290.00


magazine called sunset crd310.00
meanest man tab300.00
misunderstood tab330.00
monday crd270.00
more like the moon crd280.00
muzzle of bees crd370.00
my darling crd290.00


not for the season crd290.00
nothingsevergonnastandinmywayagain crd360.00


on and on and on crd420.00
one by one crd340.00
one by one ver2 crd290.00
one sunday morning ver2 tab310.00
one sunday morning crd270.00
one sunday morning song for jane smileys boyfriend tab300.00
one sunday morning tab300.00
one sunday morning ver2 crd280.00
one wing crd350.00
open your mind crd360.00
outtasite outta mind btab340.00
outtasite outta mind crd250.00
outtasite outta mind solo tab290.00
outtasite outta mind ver2 crd270.00


panthers tab390.00
passenger side tab300.00
pick up the change crd270.00
pieholden suite crd280.00
please be patient with me crd310.00
please be patient with me intro tab310.00
please be patient with me solo tab330.00
please be patient with me tab320.00
please be patient with me ver2 tab250.00
please be patient with me ver3 tab300.00
please be patient with me ver4 tab340.00
please tell my brothers crd310.00
poor places crd480.00
poor places tab430.00
pot kettle black crd280.00
pot kettle black tab290.00
pot kettle black ver2 crd330.00


radio cure tab370.00
radio cure ver2 tab340.00
red eyed and blue tab240.00
remember the mountain bed intro tab280.00
reservations crd310.00
rising red lung tab370.00
ruling class crd310.00


say you miss me crd270.00
shes a jar crd290.00
shes a jar tab260.00
shouldnt be ashamed tab430.00
side with the seeds crd390.00
side with the seeds ver2 crd300.00
simple twist of fate crd310.00
sky blue sky acoustic crd240.00
sky blue sky tab360.00
so much wine crd270.00
solitaire crd380.00
solitaire ver2 crd310.00
someday soon crd320.00
someone elses song tab360.00
spiders kidsmoke acoustic tab390.00
spiders kidsmoke btab290.00
spiders kidsmoke crd320.00
spiders kidsmoke tab260.00
spiders kidsmoke ver2 tab310.00
summerteeth crd350.00
summerteeth ver2 crd280.00
sunken treasure crd260.00
sunken treasure live tab380.00
sunken treasure live ver2 tab320.00
sunken treasure ver2 crd250.00
sunken treasure ver3 crd320.00


thanks i get crd350.00
the late greats crd370.00
theologians btab330.00
too far apart crd350.00
true love will find you in the end crd270.00


venus stop the train crd280.00
venus stop the train ver2 crd310.00
via chicago crd290.00
via chicago tab370.00
via chicago ver2 crd310.00


walken tab260.00
war on war crd290.00
war on war ver2 crd380.00
was i in your dreams live tab260.00
were just friends crd270.00
what light crd420.00
what light ver2 crd320.00
when the roses bloom again crd440.00
when the roses bloom again ver2 crd340.00
when you wake up feeling old crd280.00
whole love crd350.00
whole love ver2 crd330.00
why woud you wanna live crd320.00
wilco crd560.00
wilco the song intro tab320.00
wilco the song tab310.00
wishful thinking crd350.00


you and i crd410.00
you and i ver2 crd300.00
you are my face crd340.00
you are my face tab400.00
you are my face ver2 crd340.00
you never know crd340.00
you never know ver2 crd360.00
you never know ver3 crd280.00
you were wrong crd350.00