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Yeah Yeah Yeahs are an American indie rock band formed in New York City in 2000. The group is composed of vocalist and pianist Karen O, guitarist and keyboardist Nick Zinner, and drummer Brian Chase. They are complemented in live performances by second guitarist David Pajo, who joined as a touring member in 2009 and replaced Imaad Wasif who had previously held this role. According to an interview that aired during the ABC network's Live from Central Park SummerStage series, the band's name was taken from modern New York City vernacular. The band has recorded four studio albums; the first, Fever to Tell, was released in 2003. The second, Show Your Bones, was released in 2006 and was named the second best album of the year by NME. Their third studio album, It's Blitz!, was released on March 31, 2009 in the US and on April 6, 2009 elsewhere. All three albums earned the band Grammy nominations for Best Alternative Music Album. Their fourth album, Mosquito, was released on April 15,...
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bang crd370.00
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cheated hearts acoustic tab250.00
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date with the night btab230.00
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gold lion acoustic crd210.00
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heads will roll btab270.00
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let me know crd340.00
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modern things intro tab260.00
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mr youre on fire mr tab250.00
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on board tab290.00
our time crd220.00
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sealings tab250.00
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sheena is a punk rocker tab300.00
skeletons acoustic crd300.00
soft shock acoustic crd260.00
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tick tab270.00
turn into crd330.00
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