My Bloody Valentine - To Here Knows When Ver2 Tab

 Tuning, low to high: E B E F# b e
Capo on 3rd fret

Strum constantly throughout and dip whammy bar occasionally to get the \\" glider\\"  effect. 
a bunch of reverb, some distortion, and turn it up loud!

***all fret numbers are based on the capo at third fret being 0***


e  |--0--
b  |--5--
F# |--5--
E  |--0--
B  |--0--
E  |--0--


e  |--0------0-------------0---------------0---|
b  |--5------4-------------0---------------0---|
F# |--5------5-------------5---------------5---|
E  |--0------0-------------5---------------5---|
B  |---------4-------------3---------------0---|
E  |---------------------------------------5---|

kiss, your fear, your red but-ton, falls from my mouth

CHORUS (over all the oohs):

e  |--0----0----0-------------------------------|
b  |--5----7----0-------------------------------|
F# |--2----5----0-------------------------------|
E  |--0----7----5-------------------------------|
B  |-------0----0-------------------------------|
E  |------------5-------------------------------|


the one over the intro and lead-in to verses...sounds kind of like a flute

e  |---------------------|
b  |---17-16-17p16--16---|
F# |--------------17-----|
E  |---------------------|
B  |---------------------|
E  |---------------------|

the one over the verse...subtle, but there nonetheless

e  |--------------------------|
b  |---12------12-------------|
F# |-----12-12----12-12--12---|
E  |--------------------------|
B  |--------------------------|
E  |--------------------------|

I know it looks confusing, but it's really pretty simple once you get what's going on.

hope this helps! 
to here knows when ver2 tab
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