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Arkell is a surname. Notable people with the surname include: A. J. Arkell (1898-1980), English archaeologist and colonial administrator Frank Arkell (1935–1998), Australian politician Henry Arkell (1898–1982), English cricketer John Arkell (1835–1923), English rower and clergyman Keith Arkell (born 1961), English chess grandmaster Myles Arkell (born 1932), English cricketer Reginald Arkell (1882–1959), English writer Simon Arkell (born 1966), Australian Olympic pole vaulter Thomas Arkell (1823–1906), English-Canadian politician Valerie Arkell-Smith (1895–1960), English crossdresser also known by her pseudonym, Colonel Sir Victor Barker William Joscelyn Arkell (1904–1958), English geologist and paleontologist See also Arkell Cirque, large cirque on the south face of the central Read Mountains in Antarctica Arkell Museum, American art and historical museum in Canajoharie, New York Arkell Spring Grounds, bedrock aquifer along the Eramosa River in Ontario, Canada Arkell's...
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