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As I Lay Dying is a 1930 novel by William Faulkner. As I Lay Dying may also refer to: As I Lay Dying (band), an American metalcore band As I Lay Dying (film), a 2013 film adaptation of the novel "As I Lay Dying" (The Vampire Diaries), an episode of the television series The Vampire Diaries See also As I Lay Dying/American Tragedy, a 2002 split album from As I Lay Dying and American Tragedy
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94 hours btab663.10
94 hours tab523.80
94 hours ver2 btab543.60
94 hours ver2 tab503.40
94 hours ver3 btab552.10
94 hours ver3 tab672.80
94 hours ver4 tab713.00
94 hours ver5 tab662.90


a thousand steps btab603.60
a thousand steps tab503.20
an ocean between us album tab543.90
an ocean between us btab622.60
an ocean between us tab483.90
an ocean between us ver2 tab522.40
an ocean between us ver3 tab563.80
an ocean between us ver4 tab664.00
anodyne sea tab702.60


beginning tab632.90
beginning ver2 tab642.60
beginning ver3 tab502.10
behind me lies another fallen soldier btab523.30
behind me lies another fallen soldier intro tab562.60
behind me lies another fallen soldier tab483.60
behind me lies another fallen soldier ver2 tab572.30
beneath the encasing of ashes tab532.40
beyond our suffering tab463.40
blood turned to tears btab523.50
blood turned to tears tab492.20
blood turned to tears ver2 tab513.50
bury us all btab502.10
bury us all tab543.30


cauterize tab902.10
collision btab513.80
collision tab512.00
collision ver2 tab583.30
collision ver3 tab533.20
comfort betrays solo tab493.20
comfort betrays solo ver2 tab472.80
comfort betrays tab533.30
comfort betrays ver2 tab633.90
comfort betrays ver3 tab542.60
condemned intro tab602.00
condemned intro ver2 tab623.20
confined btab613.50
confined tab673.00
confined ver2 btab513.90
confined ver2 tab643.70
confined ver3 tab562.10
confined ver4 tab523.00
confined ver5 tab693.90
confined ver6 tab552.40
confined ver7 tab702.90
control is dead tab582.90


darkest nights btab532.30
darkest nights tab732.70
darkest nights ver2 btab554.00
darkest nights ver2 tab523.40
darkest nights ver3 btab533.40
darkest nights ver3 tab512.20
darkest nights ver4 tab543.10
departed tab542.40
departed ver2 tab643.60
distance is darkness btab472.90
distance is darkness tab513.60
distance is darkness ver2 tab503.90


elegy btab572.20
elegy live tab872.50
elegy tab533.90
elegy ver2 tab752.70
elegy ver3 tab563.60
elegy ver4 tab722.30
empty hearts btab592.80
empty hearts solo tab603.50
empty hearts tab622.10
empty hearts ver2 tab633.10
empty hearts ver3 tab553.10


falling upon deaf ears btab512.10
falling upon deaf ears drum tab513.70
falling upon deaf ears tab452.20
falling upon deaf ears ver2 tab502.90
falling upon deaf ears ver3 tab462.80
falling upon deaf ears ver4 tab562.40
forced to die btab532.10
forced to die intro tab512.80
forced to die tab692.40
forced to die ver2 tab512.30
forever btab604.00
forever solo tab472.40
forever tab643.40
forever ver2 btab553.20
forever ver2 tab533.90
forever ver3 tab572.00
forsaken btab552.80
forsaken tab683.00
forsaken ver2 tab723.00
frail words collapse album tab553.20
from shapeless to breakable tab672.90


i never wanted tab583.20
illusions btab593.90
illusions intro tab494.00


losing sight btab592.30
losing sight tab503.10
losing sight ver2 tab563.40
losing sight ver3 tab673.70
losing sight ver4 tab502.10
losing sight ver5 tab533.20


meaning in tragedy btab513.10
meaning in tragedy tab534.00
meaning in tragedy ver2 tab512.90
meaning in tragedy ver3 tab513.00
meaning in tragedy ver4 tab552.80
morning waits btab493.80
morning waits intro tab473.90
morning waits tab642.70
morning waits ver2 tab572.90
morning waits ver3 tab514.00
moving forward tab572.90
my only home tab733.40


nothing left btab612.60
nothing left intro tab553.00
nothing left solo tab494.00
nothing left tab1002.70
nothing left ver2 btab483.40
nothing left ver2 tab593.00
nothing left ver3 tab563.60


parallels intro tab532.20
parallels tab652.20
parallels ver2 tab562.00
parallels ver3 tab513.00
parallels ver4 tab553.90
parallels ver5 tab533.50


reflection btab593.00
reflection tab512.90
reflection ver2 tab562.60
reflection ver3 tab623.50
reinvention btab642.20
reinvention tab603.80
reinvention ver2 btab522.40
repeating yesterday btab573.60
repeating yesterday tab483.50
repeating yesterday ver2 tab533.50
repeating yesterday ver3 tab563.70
repeating yesterday ver4 tab543.90
repeating yesterday ver5 tab613.90
repeating yesterday ver6 tab542.50
repeating yesterday ver7 tab532.60
resilience tab533.70


separation tab682.30
separation ver2 tab532.00
separation ver3 tab602.00
seperation intro tab552.50
seperation tab603.00
shadows are security album tab523.30
song 10 tab743.60
sound of truth btab542.90
sound of truth intro tab652.10
surounded intro tab572.80
surrounded tab562.00


the beginning btab543.50
the only constant is change intro tab503.40
the only constant is change tab663.80
the pain of seperation btab494.00
the pain of seperation tab533.60
the sound of truth btab534.00
the sound of truth solo tab573.30
the sound of truth tab453.20
the sound of truth ver2 tab552.30
the sound of truth ver3 tab522.10
this is who we are btab563.60
this is who we are solo tab512.40
this is who we are tab572.70
through sruggle btab582.80
through sruggle tab522.20
through struggle btab532.20
through struggle tab522.80
through struggle ver2 tab483.70
through struggle ver3 tab653.70
through stuggle break down only btab524.00
truth of my perception btab564.00
truth of my perception solo tab492.90
truth of my perception tab493.90
truth of my perception ver2 tab623.10


undefined btab522.20
undefined tab593.70
undefined ver2 btab612.90
unwound tab542.20
upside down kingdom intro tab522.60
upside down kingdom intro ver2 tab593.30
upside down kingdom intro ver3 tab514.00
upside down kingdom tab472.40
upside down kingdom ver2 tab523.20


vacancy intro tab773.40
voices that betray me tab553.80


when this world fades btab532.10
whispering silence solo tab523.10
whispering silence tab573.00
within destruction btab563.10
within destruction tab523.10
within destruction ver2 tab593.30
within destruction ver3 tab553.10
within destruction ver4 tab482.80
wrath upon ourselves tab563.90