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Augustana is the third studio album by the American rock band Augustana, released on April 26, 2011 on Epic Records. The album's lead single, "Steal Your Heart", was planned for a radio release on February 14 in order to coincide with Valentine's Day, but was released early on February 8 via AOL Music. American Songwriter's review states the album "is full of strong, if not extraordinary material, which is sure to leave an indelible impression." Track listing All songs written and composed by Daniel Layus; additional music compositions are in parenthesis. The album was voted #1 for 2011 on Alternative Addiction with over 21,000 votes. "Steal Your Heart" (John Fredericks, Chris Sachtleben, Sam Farrar) – 3:33 "Wrong Side Of Love" – 3:32 "On The Other Side" (Evan Bogart) – 4:17 "Counting Stars" (Kevin Griffin, Julian Bunetta) – 4:18 "Borrowed Time" (Jeff Trott) – 3:10 "Shot In The Dark" (Fredericks, Sachtleben, Bunetta) – 3:26 "Someone’s Baby Now" – 3:17 "Hurricane"...
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angels crd723.90
angels ver2 crd753.70


boston acoustic crd762.70
boston btab662.70
boston crd693.80
boston tab902.70
boston ver2 crd563.60
boston ver2 tab543.10
boston ver3 crd573.00
boston ver3 tab603.70
boston ver4 crd623.10
boston ver4 tab593.40
boston ver5 crd793.70
boston ver5 tab543.20
boston ver6 crd552.50
boston ver6 tab663.70
boston ver7 crd562.00
boston ver8 crd552.90
brace crd762.70
brace tab582.60
bullets btab623.80
bullets live acoustic tab552.30
bullets tab633.70


californias burning tab653.50
cocaine crd582.70
coffe and cigarettes crd653.00
coffe and cigarettes ver2 crd502.80
coffee and cigarettes tab664.00


devils blue eyes tab712.90
dust crd793.30
dust tab602.60
dust ver2 crd603.90


either way acoustic crd602.10
either way crd613.50
either way ver2 crd822.40
either way ver3 crd573.50
empty days crd613.50


fire acoustic crd563.40
fire crd723.30
fire tab693.80
fire ver2 crd582.10
found my place tab663.90


heart shaped gun tab603.10
hey now btab633.40
hey now crd692.80
hotel roosevelt tab603.50
hurricane tab733.60


i still aint over you crd572.10
i still aint over you intro tab632.00
i still aint over you intro ver2 tab612.60
i still aint over you ver2 crd633.90


just stay here tonight crd542.60
just stay here tonight ver2 crd583.90
just stay here tonight ver3 crd582.40


lady of the sea crd723.00
lonely people crd763.20
love in the air crd563.00
lullaby crd872.00


mayfield crd582.70
meet you there crd742.10
meet you there tab942.00
meet you there ver2 crd513.00
midwest skies and sleepless mondays crd522.90
more than a love song crd593.30
more than a love song intro tab652.80
more than a love song ver2 crd683.40


not alone crd572.00


on the other side crd514.00
on the other side ver2 crd552.00
on the other side ver3 crd613.10
on the other side ver4 crd512.70


reasons live crd572.00
rest shame love crd563.20


shot in the dark crd643.80
shot in the dark ver2 crd593.50
someones baby crd533.50
stars and boulevards crd703.40
stars and boulevards tab723.20
stars and boulevards ver2 crd593.60
stars and boulevards ver2 tab673.20
stars and boulevards ver3 crd662.40
steal your heart acoustic crd633.10
sunday best btab762.50
sunday best crd622.30
sunday best intro tab643.50
sunday best tab573.60
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sunday best ver3 tab662.70
sunday best ver4 crd583.40
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sunday best ver5 crd582.50
sunday best ver5 tab793.00
sundays best crd722.40
sundays best tab722.50
sundays best ver2 crd672.70
sweet and low acoustic crd603.20
sweet and low acoustic intro tab652.60
sweet and low acoustic tab503.90
sweet and low crd622.90
sweet and low intro tab612.10
sweet and low ver2 crd593.00
sweet and low ver3 crd593.40
sweet and low ver4 crd593.50
sweet and low video lesson694.00


twenty years acoustic crd642.10
twenty years crd613.70
twenty years ver2 crd612.60
twenty years ver3 crd492.80


wasteland acoustic crd552.90
wasteland crd523.80
wasteland intro tab602.90
wasteland tab612.90
where love went wrong acoustic crd522.50
wrong side of love crd593.50
wrong side of love ver2 crd522.10