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The Behemoth is a video game development company that was created in 2003 by John Baez, artist Dan Paladin, and programmers Tom Fulp, Brandon LaCava, and Nick Dryburgh. Dryburgh and LaCava later left the company. The Behemoth development studio is located in San Diego, California. The company is known for producing simple games with Paladin's signature 2D style. Their first console game, Alien Hominid, gained critical acclaim by the media and the members of The Behemoth quickly gained status as indie developers focused on bringing old-school styles of video games back into mainstream gaming. Some of the minigames from Alien Hominid were ported to iOS in 2011. The Behemoth's second game, Castle Crashers, was released August 27, 2008, originally for the Xbox Live Arcade service, eventually re-releasing for the PlayStation 3 on August 31, 2010, and Microsoft Windows/OS X on September 26, 2012. Since its release on Xbox Live Arcade, Castle Crashers has become one of the most downloaded...
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23 the youth manifesto tab583.70


act of rebellion tab793.90
antichristian phenomenom tab712.00
arcana hereticae tab592.00
arcana hereticae ver2 tab802.90
as above so below btab 1030006id 25022011date543.40
as above so below tab 849655id 17072009date682.10
at the left hand ov god tab552.90


be without fear intro tab623.60
be without fear tab622.40
before aeons came intro tab733.30


chant for eschaton 2000 tab512.60
christgrinding avenue intro tab 991460id 29092010date532.50
christians to the lions tab533.60
conquer all btab532.30
conquer all drum tab 864875id 24082009date573.10
conquer all tab942.00
conquer all ver2 tab773.80


dark forestcast me your spell tab652.70
decade of therion btab623.80
decade of therion tab702.70
demigod tab572.30
demigod ver2 tab713.70


fields of haar meggido btab 885277id 22102009date542.70
forgotten cult of aldaron tab663.50
from hornedlands to lindesfarne tab622.90


grom tab772.20


heru ra ha tab662.00
horns of baphomet tab614.00


in thy pandemaeternum tab692.30
inflamed with rage tab593.70
inflamed with rage ver2 tab602.30
inner sanctum tab642.30


kriegsphilosophie tab583.90


lam tab613.90
lucifer intro tab 855641id 03082009date502.70
lucifer intro ver2 tab 888851id 02112009date622.70
lucifer tab 931040id 17032010date613.40


moonspell rites btab622.30
moonspell rites tab973.60


nephilim rising tab813.20
no sympathy for fools tab542.50


ov fire and the void btab 1057988id 20052011date492.00
ov fire and the void tab 855673id 03082009date612.20
ov fire and the void ver2 tab 1162389id 19062012date602.00
ov fire and the void ver3 tab 1186567id 05102012date602.30


prometherion btab692.00
prometherion tab1213.50
pure evil and hate btab622.70
pure evil and hate solo tab833.50


reign of shemsu hor solo tab 832122id 03062009date582.90
reign of shemsu hor tab723.10
reign ov shemsu hor tab553.30
rising proudly towards the sky tab594.00
rome 64 ce tab792.60


sculpting the throne ov seth intro tab753.30
sculpting the throne ov seth solo tab554.00
sculpting the throne ov seth tab753.30
sculpting the throne ov seth ver2 tab712.30
slaves shall serve tab692.00
slaves shall serve ver2 tab 1087719id 29082011date642.00
slaying the prophets ov isa tab612.10
spellcraft and heathendom tab632.90
starspawn tab752.40
starspawn ver2 tab612.90
summoning of the ancient ones tab 803150id 19032009date522.10


the alchemists dream tab732.10
the dance of the pagan flames btab633.40
the dance of the pagan flames tab633.90
the harlot ov the saints tab613.00


with spell of inferno tab872.80
wolves guard my coffin tab 914917id 01022010date562.20