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Blessthefall (stylized as blessthefall) is an American metalcore band from Scottsdale, Arizona, signed to Fearless Records. The band was founded in 2004 by guitarist Mike Frisby, drummer Matt Traynor, and bassist Jared Warth. Their debut album, His Last Walk, with original vocalist Craig Mabbitt, was released April 10, 2007. Their second studio album, Witness, with current vocalist Beau Bokan, was released October 6, 2009. Their third studio album, Awakening, was released on October 4, 2011. Their fourth studio album, Hollow Bodies, was released on August 20, 2013. To Those Left Behind is the band's fifth full-length album, released on September 18, 2015. History Origins and His Last Walk (2004–2007) Blessthefall grew out of high school practice sessions consisting of rhythm guitarists Mike Frisby, lead guitarist Miles Bergsma, drummer Matt Traynor, bassist and vocalist Jared Warth, and later, vocalist Craig Mabbitt and keyboardist Andrew Barr. After founding member Miles Bergsma...
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20 tab 878174id 01102009date314.00


40 days btab 1132028id 24022012date392.40
40 days solo tab 1163700id 25062012date362.20
40 days tab 1135211id 06032012date312.70
40 days ver2 tab 1175738id 16082012date282.30


a message to the unknown btab373.80
a message to the unknown tab363.50
albright tab 813333id 16042009date362.00


black rose dying tab433.20
bottomfeeder tab 1081763id 08082011date393.60


could tell a love btab333.00
could tell a love intro tab353.20
could tell a love intro ver2 tab413.90
could tell a love tab402.40
could tell a love ver2 tab333.20
could tell a love ver3 tab402.50


dont say goodbye tab 1128520id 06022012date363.60


five ninety btab 1079446id 01082011date322.30
five ninety tab 1140345id 26032012date302.80


god wears gucci intro tab 859584id 14082009date392.20
god wears gucci tab 860100id 13082009date362.60
guys like you make us look bad btab392.10
guys like you make us look bad tab372.20
guys like you make us look bad ver2 tab422.50
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guys like you make us look bad ver4 tab 916095id 01022010date443.70
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hey baby heres that song you wanted btab 1044556id 07042011date413.40
hey baby heres that song you wanted crd 951756id 24052010date472.10
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higini crd413.60
higinia btab472.20
higinia tab503.20
higinia ver2 tab503.50
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higinia ver4 tab 854011id 30072009date383.90
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his last walk album tab392.00
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his last walk tab423.10
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i wouldnt quit if everybody quit tab363.50
i wouldnt quit if everybody quit ver2 tab 873858id 17092009date392.70
im bad news in the best way tab 1135968id 06032012date332.50
in search of words intro tab 811549id 10042009date362.20
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last ones left tab 913902id 21012010date292.40
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meet me at the gates tab 1134974id 02032012date332.40


pray tab513.40
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rise up acoustic crd473.40
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take me now btab523.60
take me now intro tab482.80
take me now part 2 tab 874199id 18092009date423.10
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theres a fine line between love and hate intro tab413.10
theres a fine line between love and hate tab472.40
till the death of me solo tab 1135855id 06032012date373.60
times like these btab352.10
times like these drum tab 880603id 07102009date334.00
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times like these ver2 tab373.50
times like these ver3 tab403.90
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to hell and back btab433.20
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undefeated intro tab 1105606id 03112011date363.20


wait for tomorrow btab413.20
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waiting for tomorrow tab422.10
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whats left of me btab 1074113id 11072011date382.60
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