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Children Of Bodom is a melodic death metal band from Espoo, Finland. Formed in 1993, the group currently consists of Alexi Laiho (vocals, lead guitar), Janne Wirman (keyboards), Henkka Seppälä (bass), Jaska Raatikainen (drums) and Daniel Freyberg (rhythm guitar). In total they have released nine studio albums, two live albums, two EPs, two compilation albums and one DVD. The band's third studio album, Follow the Reaper, was their first album to receive a Gold certification in Finland, and since then, all seven of the band's studio albums have acquired the same status. In Finland, Children Of Bodom has released three consecutive albums that debuted at number one on Finnish album charts, and has also seen chart positions on the United States Billboard 200. The band has incorporated many different musical styles, leading critics and fans to label them as melodic death metal, power metal, and thrash metal. They are one of Finland's best selling artists of all time with more than 250,000...
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aces high btab563.10
aces high solo tab732.40
aces high tab602.70
angels dont kill btab592.50
angels dont kill tab793.30
angels dont kill ver2 btab493.00
angels dont kill ver2 tab522.50
angels dont kill ver3 btab493.30
angels dont kill ver3 tab572.30
are you dead yet btab542.10
are you dead yet drum tab513.80
are you dead yet tab513.00
are you dead yet ver2 tab723.30
are you dead yet ver3 tab513.20
are you dead yet ver4 tab682.10
are you dead yet ver5 tab512.20


banned from heaven btab523.50
banned from heaven intro tab582.20
banned from heaven intro ver2 tab573.80
banned from heaven solo tab533.80
banned from heaven tab533.20
bastards of bodom btab532.40
bastards of bodom solo tab512.00
bastards of bodom tab503.70
bastards of bodom ver2 tab493.20
bed of nails tab492.20
bed of razors btab583.30
bed of razors tab432.10
bed of razors ver2 tab433.60
bed of razors ver3 tab583.40
better off dead intro tab462.40
black widow btab533.00
black widow tab762.20
blooddrunk btab522.10
blooddrunk solo tab554.00
blooddrunk tab843.20
blooddrunk ver2 tab532.60
bloodrunk intro tab662.70
bodom after midnight btab513.30
bodom after midnight tab483.10
bodom after midnight ver2 tab492.30
bodom beach terror btab463.40
bodom beach terror tab522.50
bodom beach terror ver2 tab542.30
bodom beach terror ver3 tab472.70
bodom beach terror ver4 tab473.90
bodom beach terror ver5 tab613.30


children of bodom btab573.10
children of bodom tab532.00
children of decadence btab483.70
children of decadence drum tab503.20
children of decadence tab423.00
children of decadence ver2 tab512.40
chokehold btab582.50
chokehold solo tab442.10
chokehold tab722.00
chokehold ver2 tab482.90
chokehold ver3 tab522.10
cry of the nihilist solo tab502.90


deadnight warrior btab523.50
deadnight warrior tab482.10
deadnight warrior ver2 tab482.80
deadnight warrior ver3 tab592.10
done with everything die for nothing btab533.00
done with everything die for nothing solo tab523.20
done with everything die for nothing tab532.10
dont stop at the top btab463.50
dont stop at the top solo tab452.10
dont stop at the top tab612.90
downfall btab623.50
downfall solo tab522.20
downfall solo ver2 tab543.60
downfall tab513.00
downfall ver2 btab782.50
downfall ver2 tab512.10
downfall ver3 btab553.50
downfall ver3 tab543.30
downfall ver4 tab553.70


everytime i die btab552.20
everytime i die tab543.60
everytime i die ver2 btab563.30
everytime i die ver2 tab473.90
everytime i die ver3 tab662.90
everytime i die ver4 tab512.50


follow the reaper album tab502.70
follow the reaper btab522.80
follow the reaper solo tab563.50
follow the reaper tab512.10
follow the reaper ver2 btab532.00
follow the reaper ver2 tab522.30
four seasons summer 3 tab472.60
four seasons summer presto tab382.40
four seasons tab552.00


hate crew death roll tab553.40
hate crew deathroll album tab462.70
hate crew deathroll btab483.80
hate crew deathroll tab442.60
hate me btab522.70
hate me intro tab553.70
hate me solo tab553.30
hate me tab563.20
hate me ver2 btab473.40
hate me ver2 tab472.50
hate me ver3 tab433.10
hate me ver4 tab522.00
hatebreeder album tab472.80
hatebreeder btab643.30
hatebreeder tab572.60
hellhounds on my trail btab493.30
hellhounds on my trail tab513.70
hellhounds on my trail ver2 tab442.90
hellion btab452.00
hellion solo tab643.10
hellion tab483.00
homeland ii shining tab454.00


if you want peace prepare for war tab583.10
if you want peace prepare for war ver2 tab462.30
iinto tokyo warhearts tab673.80
in the shadows btab564.00
in the shadows tab573.40
in your face btab542.30
in your face tab592.70
in your face ver2 btab533.40
in your face ver2 tab522.90
in your face ver3 tab513.40
intro tab522.70
iron steel metal tab522.00


kissing the shadows btab673.90
kissing the shadows drum tab463.50
kissing the shadows tab513.90
knuckelduster tab493.10


lake bodom btab822.50
lake bodom live tab553.50
lake bodom tab782.30
lake bodom ver2 tab493.20
lake bodom ver3 tab443.40
lil bloodred ridin hood btab594.00
lil bloodred ridin hood solo tab533.10
lil bloodred ridin hood tab533.50
living dead beat btab512.00
living dead beat intro tab612.60
living dead beat solo tab613.20
living dead beat solo ver2 tab503.60
living dead beat tab523.80
living dead beat ver2 btab463.90
living dead beat ver2 tab562.50
living dead beat ver3 btab562.70
living dead beat ver3 tab502.50
lobodomy tab503.40


mask of sanity btab513.50
mask of sanity drum tab552.60
mask of sanity tab712.00
mask of sanity ver2 tab563.00


nail tab573.90
needled 247 tab563.30
needled 24 7 btab533.30
needled 24 7 solo tab492.70
needled 24 7 solo ver2 tab632.50
needled 24 7 tab593.50
needled 24 7 ver2 btab543.40
needled 24 7 ver2 tab494.00
needled 24 7 ver3 btab522.20
needled 24 7 ver3 tab592.90
needled 24 7 ver4 btab582.80
next in line tab623.60
northern comfort solo tab462.80
northern comfort tab623.20
not my funeral tab522.60


one day you will cry intro tab602.10
one day you will cry intro ver2 tab582.60
oops i did it again btab552.40
oops i did it again tab433.20


passage to the reaper tab542.40
punch me i bleed btab573.40
punch me i bleed solo tab514.00
punch me i bleed solo ver2 tab533.10
punch me i bleed tab502.60


reap and roll excercise 10 tab502.50
reap and roll excercise 11 tab502.10
reap and roll excercise 12 tab543.90
reap and roll excercise 13 tab473.60
reap and roll excercise 14 tab533.80
reap and roll excercise 15 tab643.70
reap and roll excercise 16 tab532.90
reap and roll excercise 17 tab553.00
reap and roll excercise 18 tab563.20
reap and roll excercise 19 tab493.50
reap and roll excercise 1 tab462.50
reap and roll excercise 20 tab512.10
reap and roll excercise 2 tab583.80
reap and roll excercise 3 tab572.70
reap and roll excercise 4 tab482.00
reap and roll excercise 5 tab512.30
reap and roll excercise 6 tab462.90
reap and roll excercise 7 tab534.00
reap and roll excercise 8 tab502.10
reap and roll excercise 9 tab523.50
red light in my eyes btab542.30
red light in my eyes part 1 tab542.40
red light in my eyes part 2 tab482.90
repent tab502.80


she is beautiful intro tab652.70
she is beautiful tab622.50
shining tab532.20
shovel knockout solo tab463.20
silent night bodom night btab512.80
silent night bodom night drum tab583.00
silent night bodom night solo tab483.20
silent night bodom night solo ver2 tab493.50
silent night bodom night tab513.80
silent night bodom night ver2 tab472.80
six pounder drum tab533.00
sixpounder btab543.90
sixpounder intro tab483.40
sixpounder solo tab572.60
sixpounder tab473.70
sixpounder ver2 btab442.30
sixpounder ver2 tab563.80
sixpounder ver3 btab563.70
smile pretty for the devil btab463.50
smile pretty for the devil tab442.10
smile pretty for the devil ver2 btab502.70
somebody put something in my drink btab473.10
something wild album tab522.50
something wild tab594.00
summer tab482.00


taste of my scythe btab482.20
taste of my scythe tab523.00
taste of my scythe ver2 tab572.40
the final countdown tab592.40
the final countdown ver2 tab492.50
the nail tab652.50
tie my rope tab532.50
tie my rope ver2 tab423.70
touch like an angel of death intro tab522.40
touch like an angel of death tab403.00
touch like angel of death btab483.40
touch like angel of death live tab483.80
touch like angel of death solo tab603.70
touch like angel of death tab533.10
towards dead end btab452.60
towards dead end drum tab442.20
towards dead end tab502.30
trashed lost and strungout intro tab393.10
trashed lost and strungout tab563.50
trashed lost and strungout ver2 tab573.90
trashed lost and strungout ver3 tab423.60
trashed lost and strunout tab472.90
trashed lost and stungout btab402.70
triple corpse hammerblow btab502.20
triple corpse hammerblow tab503.70
triple corpse hammerblow ver2 tab503.70


ugly solo tab563.00
ugly tab493.50


vihaan humppaa tab623.90


war of razors tab452.20
warheart btab563.90
warheart tab583.40
was it worth it tab533.70
were not gonna fall solo tab552.90
were not gonna fall tab482.00
were not gonna fall ver2 tab523.30
wrath within btab483.10
wrath within solo tab463.70
wrath within tab512.60


youre better off dead btab522.80
youre better off dead tab543.20
youre better off dead ver2 tab513.30
youre better off dead ver3 tab542.00