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Coldplay are a British rock band formed in 1996 by lead vocalist and pianist Chris Martin and lead guitarist Jonny Buckland at University College London (UCL). After they formed under the name Pectoralz, Guy Berryman joined the group as bassist and they changed their name to Starfish. Will Champion joined as drummer and backing vocalist, completing the performing line-up. Creative Director Phil Harvey is often referred to as the official fifth member by the band. The band renamed themselves "Coldplay" in 1998, before recording and releasing three EPs: Safety in 1998, Brothers & Sisters as a single in 1999, and The Blue Room in the same year. The Blue Room was their first release on a major label, after signing to Parlophone. They achieved worldwide fame with the release of the single "Yellow" in 2000. This was followed by their debut album Parachutes released the same year, which was nominated for the Mercury Prize. The band's second album, A Rush of Blood to the Head (2002), was...
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136 btab903.40
136 crd823.70
136 ver2 crd722.20


42 btab873.00
42 crd882.40
42 solo tab962.70
42 tab733.40
42 ver2 crd753.80
42 ver2 tab752.80
42 ver3 tab852.50


a ghost crd952.80
a message lead solo tab702.50
a message acoustic crd823.90
a message btab1043.50
a message crd913.10
a message tab813.40
a message ver2 crd854.00
a message ver2 tab872.10
a message ver3 crd833.00
a message ver4 crd823.70
a message ver5 crd852.00
a message ver6 crd722.00
a message ver7 crd773.40
a rush of blood to the head album btab1112.60
a rush of blood to the head album crd743.30
a rush of blood to the head btab773.80
a rush of blood to the head crd844.00
a rush of blood to the head drum tab803.90
a rush of blood to the head live tab832.00
a rush of blood to the head solo tab722.00
a rush of blood to the head tab853.40
a rush of blood to the head ver2 btab853.60
a rush of blood to the head ver2 crd802.40
a rush of blood to the head ver2 tab913.50
a rush of blood to the head ver3 crd752.90
a rush of blood to the head ver4 crd752.80
a whisper btab713.50
a whisper crd822.30
amsterdam acoustic tab972.60
amsterdam btab773.10
amsterdam crd812.10
amsterdam tab954.00
amsterdam ver2 btab913.00
amsterdam ver2 crd684.00
amsterdam ver2 tab903.20
amsterdam ver3 crd892.20
amsterdam ver3 tab943.50
amsterdam ver4 crd814.00
animals btab803.60
animals crd833.30
animals ver2 crd802.50
animals ver3 crd783.40


beautiful world btab662.90
beautiful world crd752.90
beautiful world solo tab842.60
beautiful world solo ver2 tab823.50
beautiful world tab1072.70
beautiful world ver2 crd902.90
beautiful world ver3 crd1003.30
bigger stronger btab1032.80
bigger stronger crd662.80
bigger stronger ver2 crd1133.00
billie jean tab1172.80
brothers and sisters crd922.20
brothers and sisters intro tab962.30
brothers and sisters ver2 crd932.80
brothers and sisters ver3 crd843.70
bucket for a crown crd682.80


careful where you stand crd753.80
careful where you stand tab902.10
careful where you stand ver2 tab803.70
cemeteries of london btab903.20
cemeteries of london crd833.00
cemeteries of london solo tab1082.10
cemeteries of london solo ver2 tab872.90
cemeteries of london tab792.70
cemeteries of london ver2 crd1033.90
cemeteries of london ver3 crd822.00
cemeteries of london ver4 crd772.70
cemeteries of london ver5 crd793.00
charlie brown acoustic crd753.80
charlie brown acoustic tab1033.90
charlie brown btab953.90
charlie brown crd672.00
charlie brown intro tab822.40
charlie brown solo tab1002.10
charlie brown tab763.80
charlie brown ver2 btab942.40
charlie brown ver2 crd713.50
charlie brown ver2 tab893.00
charlie brown ver3 crd803.50
charlie brown ver3 tab762.00
charlie brown ver4 crd883.50
charlie brown ver4 tab852.00
chinese sleep chant btab672.40
chinese sleep chant tab663.20
christmas lights btab722.80
christmas lights crd823.70
christmas lights ver2 crd753.80
christmas lights ver3 crd692.40
christmas lights ver4 crd663.80
christmas lights ver5 crd822.20
clocks acoustic crd884.00
clocks acoustic intro tab892.20
clocks acoustic ver2 crd833.30
clocks acoustic ver3 crd753.70
clocks acoustic video lesson832.90
clocks btab852.10
clocks crd864.00
clocks drum tab802.50
clocks tab943.30
clocks ver2 btab682.60
clocks ver2 crd712.70
clocks ver2 tab732.80
clocks ver3 btab843.90
clocks ver3 crd772.60
clocks ver3 tab803.90
clocks ver4 btab733.30
clocks ver4 crd823.60
clocks ver4 tab893.10
clocks ver5 btab1192.70
clocks ver5 crd953.70
clocks ver5 tab692.60
clocks ver6 crd742.00
clocks ver6 tab2004.00
crest of waves btab1042.90
crest of waves crd872.20
crest of waves tab923.30
crests of waves crd713.80
crests of waves intro tab863.50
crests of waves tab803.50


daylight btab963.40
daylight crd783.00
daylight tab753.10
daylight ver2 btab802.10
daylight ver2 crd843.50
daylight ver2 tab1003.10
daylight ver3 crd802.50
death and all his friends btab822.90
death and all his friends crd962.30
death and all his friends tab803.00
death and all his friends ver2 btab812.10
death and all his friends ver2 tab892.80
death and all his friends ver3 tab812.20
death will never conquer crd873.70
death will never conquer ver2 crd812.20
don quixote crd653.90
don quixote tab712.40
dont let it break your heart btab812.20
dont let it break your heart crd653.50
dont let it break your heart ver2 crd713.80
dont panic btab963.30
dont panic crd752.00
dont panic tab752.60
dont panic ver2 btab762.20
dont panic ver2 crd784.00
dont panic ver2 tab782.10
dont panic ver3 btab782.50
dont panic ver3 crd663.60
dont panic ver3 tab813.50
dont panic ver4 crd872.40
dont panic ver4 tab852.30
dont panic ver5 crd783.40
dont panic ver5 tab783.10
dont panic ver6 tab902.20
dont panic ver7 tab834.00
dont panic video lesson903.50


easy to please crd782.90
easy to please tab1083.00
easy to please ver2 crd742.50
every teardrop is a waterfall btab672.30
every teardrop is a waterfall crd722.50
every teardrop is a waterfall intro tab1022.50
every teardrop is a waterfall intro ver2 tab753.30
every teardrop is a waterfall solo tab843.70
every teardrop is a waterfall solo ver2 tab683.30
every teardrop is a waterfall tab1002.50
every teardrop is a waterfall ver2 btab732.30
every teardrop is a waterfall ver2 crd792.30
every teardrop is a waterfall ver2 tab603.40
every teardrop is a waterfall ver3 btab843.90
every teardrop is a waterfall ver3 crd772.60
every teardrop is a waterfall ver3 tab782.70
every teardrop is a waterfall ver4 crd722.80
every teardrop is a waterfall ver4 tab642.90
every teardrop is a waterfall ver5 crd832.90
every teardrop is a waterfall ver5 tab683.90
every teardrop is a waterfall ver6 crd833.70
every teardrop is a waterfall ver6 tab862.40
every teardrop is a waterfall ver7 crd1042.50
every teardrop is a waterfall ver7 tab783.80
everything is not lost tab822.20
everything is not lost ver2 tab673.40
everything is not lost ver3 tab752.00
everythings not lost crd1544.00
everythings not lost ver2 crd912.30


fix you acoustic crd772.90
fix you acoustic ver2 crd713.20
fix you acoustic ver3 crd772.30
fix you acoustic ver4 crd833.30
fix you btab703.40
fix you crd712.50
fix you drum tab1063.60
fix you live tab1013.70
fix you solo tab743.20
fix you tab862.10
fix you ver10 crd854.00
fix you ver2 btab763.30
fix you ver2 crd962.90
fix you ver2 tab1023.10
fix you ver3 btab732.90
fix you ver3 crd762.80
fix you ver3 tab702.20
fix you ver4 btab903.40
fix you ver4 crd702.00
fix you ver4 tab743.90
fix you ver5 crd792.90
fix you ver5 tab672.70
fix you ver6 crd842.50
fix you ver6 tab782.50
fix you ver7 crd742.40
fix you ver7 tab652.70
fix you ver8 crd822.90
fix you ver9 crd843.80
for you btab733.40
for you crd702.80
for you ver2 btab842.20


glass of water crd732.00
glass of water solo tab713.50
glass of water ver2 crd743.00
glass of water ver3 crd692.10
god put a smile on your face crd732.90
god put a smile upon your face btab783.30
god put a smile upon your face crd863.60
god put a smile upon your face tab903.90
god put a smile upon your face ver2 btab763.60
god put a smile upon your face ver2 crd702.60
god put a smile upon your face ver2 tab912.80
god put a smile upon your face ver3 crd972.30
god put a smile upon your face ver3 tab763.50
god put a smile upon your face ver4 crd893.40
god put a smile upon your face ver4 tab864.00
god put a smile upon your face ver5 crd703.80
god put a smile upon your face ver5 tab652.00
god put a smile upon your face ver6 tab1003.50
god put a smile upun your face tab1262.70
good life crd964.00
gravity crd802.70
gravity intro tab883.30
gravity ver2 crd823.00
gravity ver3 crd922.20
gravity ver4 crd1063.60
gravity ver5 crd972.90
green eyes acoustic crd832.40
green eyes acoustic ver2 crd812.80
green eyes acoustic ver3 crd752.90
green eyes crd662.00
green eyes tab623.80
green eyes ver2 crd742.80
green eyes ver2 tab823.00
green eyes ver3 crd772.90
green eyes ver3 tab684.00
green eyes ver4 crd633.50
green eyes ver5 crd632.10
green eyes ver6 crd772.90
green eyes ver7 crd1003.90
green eyes ver8 crd713.80
green eyes ver9 crd754.00


hardest part acoustic crd913.70
hardest part btab773.80
hardest part crd992.20
hardest part solo tab762.70
hardest part tab913.50
hardest part ver2 btab742.00
hardest part ver2 crd972.40
hardest part ver2 tab1012.60
hardest part ver3 crd752.80
hardest part ver3 tab832.20
hardest part ver4 crd863.30
hardest part ver5 crd753.00
harmless tab733.60
have yourself a merry little christmas crd733.30
help is around the corner crd732.30
help is round the corner crd1024.00
help is round the corner ver2 crd713.70
help is round the corner ver3 crd912.60
high and low crd632.30
high speed btab902.10
high speed crd714.00
high speed tab872.20
how you see the world btab943.20
how you see the world crd803.70
how you see the world ver2 crd733.50
hunting high and low crd732.30
hurts like heaven btab992.30
hurts like heaven crd913.00
hurts like heaven tab752.30
hurts like heaven ver2 crd813.30
hurts like heaven ver3 crd623.60
hurts like heaven ver4 crd912.80


i bloom blaum crd792.90
i bloom blaum tab733.10
i hope crd742.80
i ran away btab853.10
i ran away crd823.40
i ran away tab823.00
i ran away ver2 crd712.20
idiot crd912.60
ill see you soon crd662.60
ill see you soon tab702.50
in my place acoustic crd742.40
in my place btab742.90
in my place crd833.80
in my place drum tab633.50
in my place intro tab853.40
in my place intro ver2 tab752.50
in my place intro ver3 tab1023.80
in my place solo tab1023.60
in my place tab822.90
in my place ver2 btab713.20
in my place ver2 crd724.00
in my place ver2 tab802.90
in my place ver3 btab632.80
in my place ver3 crd903.90
in my place ver3 tab872.50
in my place ver4 btab752.30
in my place ver4 crd893.90
in my place ver4 tab763.80
in my place ver5 btab693.40
in my place ver5 crd732.80
in my place ver5 tab623.60
in my place ver6 crd753.10
in my place ver6 tab643.10
in my place ver7 crd793.80
in my place ver7 tab763.30
in my place ver8 crd832.20


ladder to the sun crd943.10
ladder to the sun ver2 crd693.40
lhuna crd842.60
life in technicolor btab723.20
life in technicolor drum tab973.70
life in technicolor ii crd812.00
life in technicolor ii intro tab902.70
life in technicolor ii intro ver2 tab833.00
life in technicolor ii tab1123.10
life in technicolor ii ver2 crd752.90
life in technicolor ii ver3 crd803.30
life in technicolor ii ver4 crd874.00
life in technicolor ii video lesson912.50
life in technicolor intro tab832.30
life in technicolor tab812.70
life in technicolor ver2 btab753.00
life in technicolor ver2 tab843.80
life in technicolor ver3 tab823.70
life in technicolor ver4 tab833.70
life in technicolour ii intro tab873.50
life is for living crd702.40
life is for living tab882.80
life is for living ver2 crd783.40
life is for living ver2 tab893.30
lips like sugar tab933.80
lost btab1073.20
lost crd922.00
lost highway crd773.40
lost tab1092.90
lost ver2 crd792.20
lost ver2 tab832.30
lost ver3 crd843.50
lost ver3 tab873.60
lost ver4 crd632.40
lovers in japan acoustic crd832.00
lovers in japan acoustic tab842.60
lovers in japan acoustic ver2 crd673.50
lovers in japan acoustic ver3 crd863.70
lovers in japan acoustic ver4 crd773.30
lovers in japan btab833.40
lovers in japan crd733.10
lovers in japan tab792.00
lovers in japan ver2 crd1063.70
lovers in japan ver3 crd813.60
low btab783.10
low crd742.30
low tab973.00
low ver2 btab1083.50


major minus btab952.90
major minus crd694.00
major minus tab933.80
major minus ver2 btab783.60
major minus ver2 crd762.00
major minus ver2 tab762.10
major minus ver3 crd652.20
major minus ver4 crd692.40
miracle crd732.00
moses crd1022.30
moses live solo tab743.90
moses tab862.40
moses ver2 crd733.70
moses ver3 crd762.40
moving to mars crd702.40
moving to mars ver2 crd763.40
murder crd823.90
mylo xyloto album crd772.40
mylo xyloto tab833.90


no more keeping my feet on the ground crd792.90
nobody said it was easy tab783.30
now my feet wont touch the ground crd663.20
now my feet wont touch the ground ver2 crd852.50
now my feet wont touch the ground ver3 crd872.80


ode to deodorant crd804.00
one i love acoustic tab1122.30
one i love crd723.00
one i love live btab752.90
one i love tab653.50
one i love ver2 crd1023.50
only superstition crd853.30
only superstition tab683.40
only superstition ver2 crd782.10
out of action crd772.80


parachutes album crd923.90
parachutes album tab723.80
parachutes tab902.80
parachutes ver2 tab852.70
parachutes ver3 tab682.40
parachutes ver4 tab764.00
parachutes ver5 tab672.60
parachutes ver6 tab692.30
paradise acoustic crd903.10
paradise acoustic tab722.30
paradise btab1042.60
paradise crd682.40
paradise drum tab932.60
paradise intro tab883.10
paradise tab793.60
paradise ver10 crd732.70
paradise ver11 crd723.80
paradise ver12 crd932.50
paradise ver13 crd893.30
paradise ver2 btab744.00
paradise ver2 crd832.70
paradise ver2 drum tab732.20
paradise ver2 tab872.20
paradise ver3 btab792.90
paradise ver3 crd703.80
paradise ver3 tab1123.90
paradise ver4 btab843.10
paradise ver4 crd862.30
paradise ver4 tab822.00
paradise ver5 btab832.50
paradise ver5 crd793.40
paradise ver5 tab863.10
paradise ver6 crd823.60
paradise ver7 crd823.70
paradise ver8 crd642.80
paradise ver9 crd782.70
paradise video lesson783.50
perfect day crd782.80
politik btab913.50
politik crd813.10
politik drum tab863.00
politik live btab983.60
politik tab973.30
politik ver2 crd903.80
politik ver2 tab893.30
politik ver3 tab843.00
poor me crd753.50
postcards from far away intro tab843.80
postcards from far away intro ver2 tab863.70
postcards from far away tab794.00
princess of china acoustic crd943.00
princess of china btab852.00
princess of china crd983.50
princess of china solo tab1032.20
princess of china tab1062.60
princess of china ver2 crd812.10
princess of china ver3 crd852.20
princess of china ver4 crd853.70
princess of china ver5 crd803.70
princess of china ver6 crd902.80
princess of china ver7 crd903.80
proof acoustic crd753.60
proof acoustic ver2 crd853.80
proof crd992.30
prospekts march crd812.70
prospekts march ver2 crd803.90
prospekts march ver3 crd902.80


rainy day crd812.10
rainy day tab882.80
rainy day ver2 crd913.30
reign of love crd713.70
rush of blood to the head tab1093.00
rush of blood to the head ver2 tab853.30


see you soon crd933.50
see you soon tab1132.20
see you soon ver2 crd853.90
see you soon ver2 tab1182.10
see you soon ver3 crd993.30
see you soon ver3 tab942.80
see you soon ver4 tab783.30
see you soon ver5 tab883.90
see you soon ver6 tab883.20
see you soon ver7 tab763.10
see you soon ver8 tab813.10
shiver acoustic tab883.70
shiver btab1073.30
shiver crd1243.90
shiver drum tab1303.30
shiver tab1043.00
shiver ver2 crd982.00
shiver ver2 tab1293.10
shiver ver3 crd1033.30
shiver ver3 tab883.50
shiver ver4 crd1123.10
shiver ver4 tab982.10
shiver ver5 crd1013.80
shiver ver5 tab1063.60
sleeping sun btab912.70
sleeping sun crd922.20
sleeping sun tab882.60
solid ground crd812.10
sparks btab1913.20
sparks crd922.10
sparks tab1013.10
sparks ver2 btab943.30
sparks ver2 crd782.40
sparks ver2 tab993.10
sparks ver3 btab793.50
sparks ver3 crd892.20
sparks ver4 btab1042.80
sparks ver4 crd893.00
sparks ver5 btab822.40
sparks ver5 crd1073.60
sparks ver6 crd913.40
speed of sound acoustic crd972.90
speed of sound acoustic solo tab883.70
speed of sound acoustic tab1043.90
speed of sound btab1252.90
speed of sound crd833.40
speed of sound drum tab813.20
speed of sound tab833.20
speed of sound ver2 crd843.00
speed of sound ver2 tab1033.40
speed of sound ver3 crd812.90
speed of sound ver3 tab873.10
speed of sound ver4 crd872.00
speed of sound ver5 crd872.30
speed of sound ver6 crd882.60
spies btab973.70
spies crd1093.60
spies tab814.00
spies ver2 btab723.50
spies ver2 crd692.10
spies ver2 tab923.90
spies ver3 crd762.50
square one acoustic crd812.10
square one btab882.70
square one crd892.00
square one drum tab1013.60
square one tab893.70
square one ver2 crd852.60
square one ver2 tab862.60
strawberry swing btab892.20
strawberry swing crd802.70
strawberry swing intro tab753.30
strawberry swing intro ver2 tab872.30
strawberry swing intro ver3 tab663.60
strawberry swing tab833.10
strawberry swing ver2 btab782.30
strawberry swing ver2 crd1603.20
strawberry swing ver2 tab774.00
strawberry swing ver3 tab712.50
such a rush crd752.40
such a rush tab842.70
swallowed in the sea acoustic crd673.50
swallowed in the sea acoustic tab1202.50
swallowed in the sea crd772.00
swallowed in the sea drum tab603.10
swallowed in the sea tab1002.50
swallowed in the sea ver2 crd852.00
swallowed in the sea ver3 crd792.20
swallowed in the sea ver4 crd803.00
swallowed in the sea ver5 crd762.30
swallowed in the sea ver6 crd833.50
sweet marianne crd783.00
sweet marianne ver2 crd783.40


talk btab932.00
talk crd893.70
talk intro tab762.50
talk intro ver2 tab702.40
talk tab882.70
talk ver2 btab702.20
talk ver2 crd972.10
talk ver2 tab703.00
talk ver3 btab873.20
talk ver3 crd812.40
talk ver3 tab853.60
talk ver4 tab893.20
the dubliners crd703.60
the goldrush btab752.40
the goldrush crd703.40
the hardest part crd713.70
the scientist acoustic crd913.90
the scientist acoustic tab964.00
the scientist acoustic ver2 crd923.80
the scientist acoustic ver2 video lesson732.40
the scientist acoustic ver3 crd863.30
the scientist acoustic ver4 crd963.30
the scientist acoustic ver5 crd1094.00
the scientist acoustic ver6 crd762.00
the scientist acoustic ver7 crd993.50
the scientist acoustic video lesson882.50
the scientist btab814.00
the scientist crd1122.90
the scientist drum tab992.30
the scientist tab762.00
the scientist ver2 btab743.20
the scientist ver2 crd753.30
the scientist ver2 tab983.00
the scientist ver2 video lesson793.40
the scientist ver3 crd983.60
the scientist ver3 tab963.30
the scientist ver4 crd802.40
the scientist ver4 tab1032.30
the scientist ver5 crd1142.80
the scientist ver5 tab743.50
the scientist ver6 crd842.90
the scientist ver6 tab903.30
the scientist ver7 crd943.70
the scientist ver7 tab822.30
the scientist ver8 crd863.50
the scientist ver8 tab1113.90
the scientist video lesson782.10
things i dont understand btab743.80
things i dont understand crd862.30
things i dont understand tab1224.00
til kingdom come btab1033.00
til kingdom come crd852.80
til kingdom come tab1123.70
til kingdom come ver2 crd643.90
til kingdom come ver2 tab1243.70
til kingdom come ver3 crd842.80
trouble acoustic crd913.40
trouble acoustic tab783.40
trouble acoustic ver2 tab642.30
trouble btab803.00
trouble crd832.00
trouble intro tab882.50
trouble tab664.00
trouble ver2 btab833.30
trouble ver2 crd603.40
trouble ver2 tab942.20
trouble ver3 crd732.30
trouble ver3 tab683.80
trouble ver4 crd762.20
trouble ver4 tab782.50
trouble ver5 crd752.90
trouble ver5 tab872.40
trouble ver6 crd733.50
trouble video lesson783.30
twisted logic btab683.50
twisted logic crd713.60
twisted logic tab743.20
twisted logic ver2 crd893.80


ufo crd792.30
ufo tab893.40
ufo ver2 crd772.20
ufo ver3 crd1114.00
ufo ver4 crd822.70
ufo ver5 crd902.60
ufo ver6 crd813.30
up in flames crd812.90
up in flames tab1002.60
up in flames ver2 crd752.40
up in flames ver2 tab743.20
up in flames ver3 crd714.00
up in flames ver4 crd794.00
up in flames ver5 crd782.20
up with the birds btab923.70
up with the birds crd742.10
up with the birds ver2 crd903.00
up with the birds ver3 crd903.60
us against the world crd813.30
us against the world solo tab673.90
us against the world tab853.20
us against the world ver2 crd852.90
us against the world ver2 tab753.70
us against the world ver3 crd822.60
us against the world ver4 crd793.20
us against the world ver5 crd772.30
us against the world ver6 crd632.60


violet hill btab973.10
violet hill crd823.90
violet hill drum tab1063.70
violet hill solo tab943.40
violet hill tab893.40
violet hill ver2 btab813.50
violet hill ver2 crd943.70
violet hill ver2 tab672.40
violet hill ver3 btab812.60
violet hill ver3 crd774.00
violet hill ver3 tab922.00
violet hill ver4 btab783.40
violet hill ver4 crd693.90
violet hill ver5 crd783.80
violet hill ver6 crd783.00
violet hill ver7 crd822.50
violet hill ver8 crd892.90
viva la vida acoustic crd773.50
viva la vida acoustic ver2 video lesson633.80
viva la vida acoustic video lesson932.40
viva la vida album crd833.30
viva la vida btab842.00
viva la vida crd782.50
viva la vida tab802.50
viva la vida ver2 btab762.10
viva la vida ver2 crd982.70
viva la vida ver2 tab872.00
viva la vida ver2 video lesson722.90
viva la vida ver3 crd862.80
viva la vida ver3 tab912.10
viva la vida ver4 tab973.00
viva la vida video lesson883.90


warning sign acoustic crd793.00
warning sign crd852.50
warning sign tab762.30
warning sign ver2 crd854.00
warning sign ver2 tab842.90
warning sign ver3 crd692.60
warning sign ver4 crd732.50
warning sign video lesson662.60
we never change crd813.60
we never change ver2 crd872.80
we never change ver3 crd863.50
we never change ver4 crd733.50
we never change ver5 crd772.40
we never change ver6 crd762.00
we never change ver7 crd772.20
wedding bells crd833.40
wedding bells ver2 crd753.40
wedding bells ver3 crd682.00
wedding bells ver4 crd723.00
wedding bells ver5 crd713.30
what if btab1014.00
what if crd723.30
what if ver2 crd683.10
what if ver3 crd803.10
what if ver4 crd803.20
what if ver5 crd782.20
what if ver6 crd743.80
what if ver7 crd862.90
where is my boy crd903.40
white shadows btab943.60
white shadows crd722.80
white shadows tab782.80
white shadows ver2 crd653.00
white shadows ver2 tab823.90
white shadows ver3 crd672.80
world turned upside down tab763.90


x and y album crd913.10
x and y btab853.20
x and y crd772.90
x and y solo tab762.80
x and y tab982.20
x and y ver2 crd812.70
x and y ver2 tab832.70
x and y ver3 crd902.10


yello crd752.40
yellow acoustic crd783.70
yellow acoustic tab822.70
yellow acoustic ver2 crd753.40
yellow acoustic ver2 tab763.40
yellow acoustic ver3 crd823.80
yellow acoustic ver3 tab822.30
yellow acoustic ver4 crd762.90
yellow acoustic ver5 crd682.60
yellow acoustic ver6 crd843.70
yellow acoustic ver7 crd722.40
yellow acoustic video lesson793.60
yellow btab973.50
yellow crd1062.60
yellow drum tab993.80
yellow tab1132.30
yellow ver2 btab882.50
yellow ver2 crd923.50
yellow ver2 tab922.60
yellow ver2 video lesson1073.00
yellow ver3 btab1012.10
yellow ver3 crd932.10
yellow ver3 tab1042.30
yellow ver4 btab794.00
yellow ver4 crd903.30
yellow ver4 tab1042.40
yellow ver5 btab862.00
yellow ver5 crd882.30
yellow ver5 tab1172.20
yellow ver6 btab903.80
yellow ver6 crd1053.80
yellow ver6 tab922.30
yellow ver7 btab802.10
yellow ver7 crd893.60
yellow ver7 tab1082.70
yellow ver8 crd1002.80
yellow ver9 crd863.40
yellow video lesson843.30
yes acoustic crd752.00
yes crd742.60
yes tab1052.70
you only live twice intro tab983.00
you only live twice tab743.10
your love means everything crd812.20