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D2B (Thai: ดีทูบี) was a Thai boy band from the Thai record label, RS promotion. Members The three members of the group were: Apichet Kittikorncharoen, nickname Big (born December 2, 1982 – died December 9, 2007), Worrawech Danuwong, nickname Dan, (born May 16, 1984), and Kawee Tanjararak, nickname Beam, (born May 18, 1980). History The name "D2B" was created from the first letters of the members' nicknames, Dan, Big, and Beam, in which one name started with a "D" and 2 names started with a "B". On July 22, 2003, Big was in a major accident where his car flipped into a dirty roadside canal, leading to a bacterial infection in his brain. After being in a coma and persistent vegetative state for 4 years, he died on December 9, 2007. After Big had slipped into a coma, Dan and Beam continued their musical careers and released several duo albums. They went by the name "Dan-Beam.". In 2005 Dan and Beam came out with their first album together called "Dan-Beam the album". Then...
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