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a new age moving in tab1013.30
allright tab1052.80


bad craziness crd1063.70
bad craziness tab943.60
between you and me crd1032.50
between you and me ver2 crd1012.80
blue all over intro tab1102.90


camping in scandinavia crd1072.20
camping in scandinavia intro tab952.50
camping in scandinavia ver2 crd1002.00


day of wrong moves tab972.20
down that dusty 3rd world road crd912.10


empty heads tab1092.30
everything glows btab1003.20
everything glows tab1093.50
everything glows ver2 tab1152.20
everything glows ver3 tab1023.20
everything glows ver4 tab932.20
evil twin intro tab1123.80
evil twin tab1533.90
eye of the tiger tab1052.50


ghost of me crd1192.50
girl nation tab1072.20
grow or pay intro tab1083.60
grow or pay tab1012.20
grow or pay ver2 tab992.50


hate to say i told you so crd1102.20
hate to say i told you so tab1123.30
hate to say i told you so ver2 crd952.70
home alone tab1133.70


i want what shes got btab1043.50
id rather live than die crd933.00
isnt that wild tab1132.90
its after dark crd1063.50


jacketless in december crd943.00
jihad tab1173.10


laugh and a half crd1052.00
laugh and a half ver2 crd982.90
laugh and a half ver3 crd962.40
laugh and a half ver4 crd1143.00
laugh n a 1 crd1082.00
laugh n a crd1053.10
laugh n a half crd992.10
lawrence of suburbia intro tab982.90
little adict crd982.80
lords of the atlas crd1003.00


malboro man tab1142.40
marlboro man tab1083.00
money always takes the place of life crd903.10
monster philosophy tab1042.00
monster philosophy ver2 tab1003.90


nineteenhundredandyesterday crd903.60
nineteenhundredandyesterday intro tab1062.70
nineteenhundredandyesterday tab952.10
no hero crd1132.80


point of view intro tab1083.90


reconstrucdead tab1132.70
revolution tab1273.20
revolution ver2 tab1033.40
ridin with sue tab913.60
rim of hell tab1152.60
rim of hell ver2 tab942.50
road below me tab1082.40


scare yourself tab1002.40
scare yourself ver2 tab994.00
sleeping my day away btab933.70
sleeping my day away crd943.60
sleeping my day away solo tab1033.70
sleeping my day away tab1113.60
sleeping my day away ver2 tab1033.60
sleeping my day away ver3 tab1033.00
something good tab1093.40
something good ver2 tab1012.40


too deep for me intro tab1152.40
too deep for me tab962.60


unexplained intro tab1032.00


whats the matter tab1092.50
written in water tab872.20