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Daniel, Dan or Danny Kelly may refer to: Sports Dan Kelly (footballer) (1904–1941), Scottish professional footballer Dan Kelly (ice hockey) (born 1989), American ice hockey defenceman Dan Kelly (sportscaster) (1936–1989), broadcaster best known for National Hockey League coverage Dan P. Kelly, National Hockey League broadcaster and son of sportscaster Dan Kelly Daniel Kelly (athlete) (1883–1920), American long jumper Daniel Kelly (handballer) in Australia national handball team Dan Kelly (fighter) (born 1977), Australian Olympic judoka and mixed martial artist Danny Kelly (boxer), see Colombia at the 2011 Pan American Games Danny Kelly (footballer, born 1990), English footballer Danny Kelly (soccer) (born 1969), American soccer player and coach Others Dan Kelly (bushranger) (1861–1880), brother of Australian Ned Kelly Dan Kelly (musician) (born 1974), Australian musician Dan Kelly (poker player) (born 1989), poker player Dan Kelly (writer), former zine publisher and...
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