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Daniel Gardner (1750 – 8 July 1805) was a British painter, best known for his work as a portraitist. He established a fashionable studio in Bond Street in London, specializing in small scale portraits in pastel, crayons or gouache, often borrowing Reynolds' poses. By some critics Gardner is regarded as a notable artist who, however, was not an accurate draughtsman if it came to figure work especially to facial construction in some of his pastels. For others, on the other hand, it is this special looseness or facile elegance which represents the uniqueness of Gardner's style, and in which they see an anticipation of impressionism. Education and career Daniel Gardner was a pupil of George Romney. However, Gardner used to say that he learned very little from him. At around 1767 Gardner moved to London where in 1770 he became a student at the Royal Academy of Arts. There he was taught by Johann Zoffany, Nathaniel Dance-Holland, Benjamin West, Giovanni Battista Cipriani and Francesco...
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