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The Best of Deicide is a compilation album by American death metal band Deicide. It is a collection of 20 songs from Deicide's catalogue with Roadrunner Records, the label with whom the band had recently ended its career-long record deal. However, no songs from In Torment in Hell are included on this compilation. Track listing Personnel Glen Benton – bass, vocals Brian Hoffman – guitar Eric Hoffman – guitar Steve Asheim – drums References
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angel of agony intro tab413.60
apocalyptic fear tab433.90
apocalyptic fear ver2 tab393.10


bastards of christ tab513.90
bastards of christ ver2 tab463.50
bastards of christ ver3 tab463.50
behead the prophet no lord shall live tab403.90
behind the light shall rise tab403.10
behind the light thou shall rise tab412.40
believe the lie tab442.70
bible basher tab412.80
blame it on god tab353.90
blasphererion tab632.90


carnage in the temple of the damned tab482.50
child of god tab522.10
child of god ver2 tab423.90
christ denied tab374.00
confessional rape tab373.40
conviction tab442.30
creatures of habit tab413.10
crucifixation tab432.60


day of darkness tab392.60
dead but dreaming tab523.10
dead by dawn btab433.00
dead by dawn tab663.90
dead by dawn ver2 tab373.20
deicide tab1352.50


enchanted nightmare tab482.80


father bakers tab562.30
forever hate you tab563.80
fuck your god tab402.30


go now your lord is dead tab462.20


halls of warship tab403.30
hate of all hatreds intro tab393.40
holy deception tab492.70
homage for satan btab433.30
homage for satan solo tab413.00
homage for satan solo ver2 tab413.80
homage for satan tab443.70


i am no one tab613.70
in hell i burn btab1062.40
in hell i burn tab672.20
in the eyes of god intro tab463.90
in torment in hell tab342.20


kill the christians btab402.30
kill the christians tab472.70


lunatic of gods creation tab483.60
lunatic of gods creation ver2 tab432.90
lurking among us tab462.50


mad at god tab532.30


not as long as we both shall live tab392.60


oblivious to evil tab402.60
oblivious to hell btab513.60
once upon the cross btab413.80
once upon the cross tab403.00
once upon the cross ver2 tab452.80


pentecostal tab382.20


repent to die tab472.30
revocate the agitator tab474.00


sacraficial suicide btab472.30
sacraficial suicide tab432.50
sacrificial suicide tab532.90
satan spawn the caco daemon tab422.00
scars of the crucifix tab572.80
serpents of the light solo tab472.00
serpents of the light tab553.90
slave to the cross tab432.80
standing in the flames tab502.30


the lords sedition tab442.70
the stench of redemption tab583.80
the truth above tab413.40
they are the children of the underworld tab353.20
this is the hell were in tab563.60
till death do us part intro tab403.70
till death do us part tab434.00
to be dead tab423.90
to hell with god btab353.10
trick or betrayed tab582.60
trifixion tab412.50


vengeance will be mine tab503.70


when heaven burns tab502.60
when heaven burns ver2 tab533.30
when satan rules his world tab424.00
when satan rules his world ver2 tab403.90
worry in the house of theves tab413.60