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The Jesus movement was a movement in Christianity beginning on the West Coast of the United States in the late 1960s and early 1970s and spreading primarily throughout North America, Europe, and Central America, before subsiding by the late 1980s. Members of the movement were called Jesus people, or Jesus freaks. Its predecessor, the Charismatic Movement, had already been in full swing for about a decade. It involved mainline Protestants and Roman Catholics who testified to supernatural experiences similar to those recorded in the Acts of the Apostles, especially speaking in tongues. Both these movements were calling the church back to what they called primitive Christianity and recovery of the gifts of the Spirit. The Jesus movement left a legacy of various denominations and other Christian organizations, and influenced both the development of the contemporary Christian right and the Christian left. Jesus music, which grew out of the movement helped influence and create various...
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all consuming fire crd523.50
all consuming fire tab592.60
all i need crd592.30
awaken me crd553.90
awaken me intro tab523.30
awaken me tab422.60
awaken me ver2 crd494.00


break every chain crd512.00
break every chain tab472.40
break every chain ver2 crd522.60


come away btab532.20
come away crd592.20
come away tab622.60
come away ver2 crd543.40
come away ver3 crd562.20


dance crd463.90
dance with me crd553.40
dance with me solo tab572.50
dance with me ver2 crd572.30
dance with me ver3 crd512.10


everything crd532.40


father of lights crd663.00
father of lights tab473.50
father of lights ver2 crd502.50
father of lights ver2 tab582.90
father of lights ver3 crd513.70
fill me up crd463.00
fill me up tab512.70
fill me up ver2 tab452.60
fire never sleeps crd603.50
fire never sleeps solo tab653.30
forevermore crd502.60
forevermore ver2 crd623.90
freedom reigns crd682.40


glorious intro tab433.50


he is faithful crd503.90
heaven is here crd533.20
heaven is here tab442.30
here is my heart crd533.90
holding nothing back crd512.60
holding nothing back intro tab522.00
holding nothing back tab504.00
holding nothing back ver2 crd562.00
holding nothing back ver2 tab492.70
holy crd542.70
holy spirit crd523.50
how he loves us crd493.70
how he loves us intro tab512.70
hungry crd563.20


i belong to you crd603.80
i exalt thee crd563.70
i exalt thee ver2 crd642.50
i want to know you crd522.30
i want to know you ver2 crd503.60
i was made to worship you crd533.80


king of glory crd642.90
king of glory tab502.30
king of glory ver2 crd602.90
kingdom crd553.60


let it rain crd583.00
let it rain solo tab513.90
let it rain ver2 crd542.30
light of your face crd712.50
light of your face tab513.00
light of your face ver2 tab522.20


mighty breath of god crd532.20
my everything crd522.30
my everything ver2 crd542.80
my soul longs for you btab463.60
my soul longs for you crd482.90
my soul longs for you tab592.50


nothing but the blood crd363.20


obsession crd492.70
obsession ver2 crd493.20
oh lord youre beautiful crd553.80
oh lord youre beautiful ver2 crd542.50
oh lord youre beautiful ver3 crd472.70
one thing remains crd563.20
one thing remains intro tab512.00
one thing remains tab572.90
one thing remains ver2 crd542.90
one thing remains ver3 crd432.20


rain down crd494.00
revelation song crd614.00
revelation song ver2 crd533.40
rooftops crd542.90
rooftops tab562.60
rooftops ver2 crd542.70
rooftops ver3 crd482.10


see his love crd593.60
show me your glory crd562.20
show me your glory intro tab483.50
show me your glory tab563.00
show me your glory ver2 crd682.20
show me your glory ver3 crd512.80
show me your glory ver4 crd483.40
sing my love solo tab482.30
sing my love crd733.00
sing my love tab442.70
sing my love ver2 crd604.00
sing my love ver3 crd533.80
song of solomon crd514.00


the anthem crd542.90
the anthem tab513.60
the anthem ver2 crd552.70
the burning ones crd572.90
the burning ones ver2 crd533.30
the time has come crd613.90


walk with me crd683.00
we are hungry crd613.40
we are hungry tab463.30
we cry out crd563.50
we cry out intro tab932.40
we cry out tab542.00
we cry out ver2 crd583.50
we cry out ver2 tab613.20
we will sing crd482.70
where you go i go crd493.50
who can compare crd464.00


you are faithful crd542.60
you are my passion crd612.20
you wont relent crd443.60
you wont relent intro tab573.90
you wont relent intro ver2 tab533.90
you wont relent tab523.70
you wont relent ver2 crd582.60
you wont relent ver2 tab532.00
you wont relent ver3 crd632.60
you wont relent ver3 tab622.60
you wont relent ver4 tab513.70
your love is everything crd562.50
your love never fails crd533.30
your love never fails tab512.00
your love never fails ver2 crd462.90
your love never fails ver2 tab613.90
your love never fails ver3 crd492.70
your love never fails ver4 crd513.00
your love never fails ver5 crd463.70
your love never fails ver6 crd643.90