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Kids in Glass Houses were a Welsh rock band from Pontycymmer. The band's name is inspired by the lyrics "not throwing stones at you anymore" from the Glassjaw song "Tip Your Bartender". The band achieved success on the strength of the singles "Give Me What I Want" and "Saturday" off their debut album Smart Casual in 2008. The band released their second album Dirt in early 2010, releasing four singles; most notably "Matters at All". The band's third album, In Gold Blood, was released on 15 August 2011. Their fourth album, 'Peace', was released on 30 September 2013. History Beginnings (2003–2007) The quintet had a series of support slots during late 2006 and early 2007, playing alongside Lostprophets, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Hundred Reasons, Manic Street Preachers and The Goo Goo Dolls. In the band's early stages, they also shared the stage with the likes of Funeral for a Friend and The Used on the Taste of Chaos 2005 UK tour in Cardiff. They released their debut full-length EP...
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animals tab243.30
artbreaker i tab322.40
artbreaker i ver2 tab312.90
artbreaker ii tab233.30
artbreaker ii ver2 tab282.60


church tongue tab272.80
church tongue ver2 tab233.80
church tongue ver3 tab213.70
church tounge crd313.70


dance all night intro tab232.50
dance all night tab262.30
dance all night ver2 tab303.40
dance all night ver3 tab243.40


easy tiger btab254.00
easy tiger crd232.10
easy tiger tab253.40


fisticuffs btab302.10
fisticuffs tab242.90
fisticuffs ver2 tab293.90
flirting with widows crd202.40


gimme what i want btab292.90
gimme what i want intro tab233.90
gimme what i want intro ver2 tab252.50
girls crd343.30
girls intro tab302.40
girls tab212.30
girls ver2 tab233.30
give me what i want crd253.30
give me what i want intro tab242.90
give me what i want tab353.70
give me what i want ver2 tab252.30
give me what i want ver3 tab252.60
giving up crd232.70
giving up intro tab273.50
gold blood tab233.80
good boys gone rad btab253.10
good boys gone rad tab233.20
good boys gone rad ver2 tab213.30


lovely bones tab222.50


matters at all acoustic crd274.00
matters at all acoustic ver2 crd252.40
matters at all btab243.70
matters at all crd214.00
matters at all tab192.40
matters at all ver2 crd292.10
matters at all ver2 tab394.00
matters at all ver3 crd293.00
matters at all ver4 crd273.00
matters at all ver5 crd232.10
maybe tommorrow tab412.30
me me me intro tab222.40
me me me tab222.40
mr writer crd222.40


not in this world crd263.40


pillow talk crd272.20
pillow talk tab233.90


raise hell btab223.70
raise hell crd282.30
raise hell tab212.50
reputation intro tab242.50


saturday btab242.80
saturday crd353.30
saturday tab343.10
saturday ver2 crd213.60
saturday ver3 crd222.70
saturday ver4 crd193.10
secret santa crd203.40
sunshine btab582.80
sunshine crd263.20
sunshine tab242.70


teenage wonderland crd203.60
telenovela btab212.10
the best is yet to come crd192.00
the best is yet to come tab242.90
the florist btab213.30
the florist crd253.30
the morning afterlife crd224.00
the morning afterlife ver2 crd244.00


undercover lover crd232.80


youngblood let it out btab222.30
youngblood let it out intro tab233.50
youngblood let it out tab222.70
youngblood let it out ver2 btab233.00
youngblood let it out ver2 tab212.70