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Los Lonely Boys are an American Chicano rock power trio from San Angelo, Texas. They play a style of music they call "Texican Rock n' Roll," combining elements of rock and roll, Texas blues, brown eyed soul, country, and Tejano. The band consists of three brothers: Henry (guitar, vocals), Jojo (bass, vocals), and Ringo (drums, vocals) Garza. They follow the tradition of their father, Ringo Garza, Sr., who formed a band with his brothers called the Falcones. The Falcones played conjunto music in south Texas during the 1970s and 1980s. Their debut single, "Heaven", was a number one hit on the Billboard adult contemporary chart and reached the Top 40 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2004. In 2009, they signed to Austin-based indie label, Playing in Traffic Records, and released an EP, "1969" and three albums under their LonelyTone imprint, Keep On Giving: Acoustic Live!, Rockpango, and their newest release, Revelation. Musical career The three brothers emerged as a group in Nashville in the...
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crazy dream btab492.90
crazy dream intro tab372.10
crazy dream tab703.40


desperado tab402.20
diamonds crd482.80
diamonds tab393.40
dime mi amor crd482.70
dime mi amor solo tab483.70


heaven acoustic tab582.10
heaven btab473.90
heaven crd402.40
heaven intro tab562.00
heaven solo tab453.70
heaven solo ver2 tab422.50
heaven tab553.40
heaven ver2 tab502.30
heaven ver3 tab673.80
heaven ver4 tab412.50
heaven ver5 tab432.40
heaven ver6 tab482.00
hollwood tab412.80
hollywood crd413.00
hollywood intro tab413.70
hollywood live intro tab422.80
hollywood tab503.90
hollywood ver2 crd503.10
hollywood ver2 tab432.80
hollywood ver3 tab443.20


i never met a woman intro tab432.00
i walk the line tab422.40


la contestacion crd642.00
la contestacion solo tab503.70
la contestacion tab453.30
love in my veins crd423.00


memories intro tab422.90
more than love acoustic crd343.00
more than love crd472.50
more than love tab473.30
more than love ver2 tab442.60
my way crd452.00
my way solo tab542.70


nobody else tab482.80


onda intro tab442.20
onda tab482.00
outlaws intro tab433.60
oye mamacita intro tab453.70


real emotions crd583.20
real emotions tab533.60
road to nowhere crd413.50
roses tab542.20


senorita intro tab633.60
senorita solo tab452.00
senorita tab453.40
staying with me crd462.30
superman intro tab503.40
superman tab482.50


tell me why btab393.50
tell me why solo tab433.70
tell me why tab513.30


velvet sky crd494.00