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A musical instrument of the chordophone family, the lyre-guitar was a type of guitar shaped like a lyre. It had six single courses and was tuned like the modern classical guitar, with a fretboard located between two curved arms recalling the shape of the ancient Greek lyre. The lyre-guitar nearly always had a built-in pedestal allowing it to stand upright when not in use. History Claimed to have been invented in 1780 by Pierre Charles Mareschal, a prominent French luthier, who accused the French musician Phillis Pleyel of stealing his design for what he called the Lira AnacreĆ²ntica The lyre-guitar enjoyed great popularity as a salon instrument especially in Paris between 1780 and 1820. It became very much in vogue and pervaded the highest levels of society; Marie Antoinette played one and the great guitarists of the day such as Ferdinando Carulli, Fernando Sor, Matteo Carcassi, Mauro Giuliani and Pierre Jean Porro wrote music and methods for it. Its decline coincided with the...
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allegretto op 60 no 18 tab422.60
andante in em tab402.10
andantino grazioso tab593.20
andantino in c major tab363.10
andantino tab402.60


capriccio in dm tab343.00
capriccio tab393.30
caprice in d minor tab452.50


etude in a min tab452.60
etude in a minor tab382.10
etude in am tab442.10


melody in c major tab473.30


op 21 no 12 minuetto tab393.70
op 26 no 1 caprichio in c tab354.00
op 26 no 2 caprichio in g tab552.80
op 26 no 3 capricho in em tab312.40
op 26 no 4 capricho in am tab383.60
op 26 no 5 capricho in d tab382.90
op 26 no 6 capricho in a tab622.20
op 5 no 8 andantino grazioso tab422.10
op 60 study no 10 in d tab372.20
op 60 study no 16 in f tab482.40
op 60 study no 18 in a tab503.80
op 60 study no 19 in em tab483.90
op 60 study no 1 in c tab473.50
op 60 study no 23 in a tab473.70
op 60 study no 2 in am tab533.80
op 60 study no 3 in am tab342.00
op 60 study no 4 in d tab423.40
op 60 study no 5 in g tab372.70
op 60 study no 6 in c tab513.70
op 60 study no 7 in am tab383.60
op 60 study no 8 in e tab463.70
op 60 study no 9 in a tab534.00
opus 60 no19 in e minor tab472.50
opus 60 no1 in c tab372.70
opus 60 no3 etude in a tab413.30
opus 60 no 7 study 7 in a minor tab522.20


progressive melodic study no 1 tab492.00


rondo allegretto in a tab613.50
rondo allegretto tab422.00
rondo tab513.20


study in a tab452.00
study in the key of c major tab413.30
study no 4 in c tab623.20
study no 4 tab583.70


untitled tab543.10


waltz in a tab442.00
waltz in c tab543.80