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Metallica is an American heavy metal band formed in Los Angeles, California. The band was formed in 1981 when vocalist/guitarist James Hetfield responded to an advertisement posted by drummer Lars Ulrich in a local newspaper. Metallica's current line-up comprises founding members Hetfield and Ulrich, longtime lead guitarist Kirk Hammett and bassist Robert Trujillo. Guitarist Dave Mustaine and bassists Ron McGovney, Cliff Burton and Jason Newsted are former members of the band. The band's fast tempos, instrumentals, and aggressive musicianship placed them as one of the founding "big four" bands of thrash metal, alongside Anthrax, Megadeth, and Slayer. Metallica earned a growing fan base in the underground music community and won critical acclaim with its first four albums; their third album Master of Puppets (1986) was described as one of the most influential and heaviest of thrash metal albums. The band expanded its musical direction and achieved substantial commercial success with its...
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2 x 4 btab1043.00
2 x 4 tab973.60
2 x 4 ver2 tab902.40
2 x 4 ver3 tab923.70


53rd and 3rd btab903.70
53rd and 3rd tab922.80
53rd and 3rd ver2 tab1073.60


aint my bitch btab904.00
aint my bitch tab823.30
aint my bitch ver2 tab833.90
aint my bitch ver3 tab783.20
aint my bitch ver4 tab743.60
all nightmare long btab992.70
all nightmare long drum tab1002.00
all nightmare long intro tab942.80
all nightmare long intro ver2 tab992.60
all nightmare long solo tab893.60
all nightmare long tab1032.10
all nightmare long ver2 btab833.30
all nightmare long ver2 tab772.10
all nightmare long ver3 tab892.40
all nightmare long ver4 tab793.10
all nightmare long ver5 tab853.20
all nightmare long ver6 tab863.00
all within my hands btab882.70
all within my hands tab983.30
all within my hands ver2 tab963.30
all within my hands ver3 tab802.10
am i evil btab843.90
am i evil drum tab852.00
am i evil tab993.10
am i evil ver2 btab822.50
am i evil ver2 tab822.90
am i evil ver3 btab832.60
am i evil ver3 tab872.40
am i evil ver4 tab1023.20
am i evil ver5 tab763.80
and justice for all album btab882.80
and justice for all album tab823.20
and justice for all album ver2 btab773.40
and justice for all album ver2 tab732.60
and justice for all album ver3 tab703.80
and justice for all btab903.70
and justice for all drum tab863.90
and justice for all medley tab762.10
and justice for all solo tab932.10
and justice for all tab892.60
and justice for all ver2 btab813.90
and justice for all ver2 tab823.40
and justice for all ver3 btab823.70
and justice for all ver3 tab843.20
and justice for all ver4 btab942.70
and justice for all ver4 tab973.10
anesthesia pulling teeth btab833.80
anesthesia pulling teeth ver2 btab743.30
anesthesia pulling teeth ver3 btab782.20
anesthesia pulling teeth btab893.90
anesthesia pulling teeth drum tab833.80
anesthesia pulling teeth intro tab1024.00
apocalypse dawn tab913.00
astronomy btab883.60
astronomy crd783.30
astronomy drum tab894.00
astronomy tab803.70
astronomy ver2 tab933.50
astronomy ver3 tab1073.20
astronomy ver4 tab822.20
astronomy ver5 tab923.60
attitude btab813.40
attitude tab813.60
attitude ver2 tab942.50
attitude ver3 tab902.60
attitude ver4 tab1013.80


bad seed btab863.90
bad seed drum tab792.00
bad seed tab773.80
bad seed ver2 btab752.00
bad seed ver2 tab803.80
bad seed ver3 tab792.20
bass and guitar doodle tab713.30
bass and guitar doodle ver2 tab752.80
bass reef btab1032.40
battery btab962.30
battery drum tab1172.30
battery live tab1083.30
battery solo tab1092.40
battery tab783.70
battery ver2 btab952.10
battery ver2 tab1043.50
battery ver3 btab873.10
battery ver3 tab732.90
battery ver4 btab913.20
battery ver4 tab914.00
better than you btab832.90
better than you tab772.40
better than you ver2 tab823.90
better than you ver3 tab772.60
beyond magnetic album btab742.30
black album album btab1032.20
black album album drum tab822.60
black album album tab952.50
black album album ver2 btab813.20
black album album ver2 tab772.10
black night btab783.60
black night tab853.40
blackened btab903.20
blackened crd763.60
blackened drum tab883.20
blackened live tab833.30
blackened live ver2 tab933.70
blackened solo tab1002.30
blackened tab952.90
blackened ver2 btab913.90
blackened ver2 tab944.00
blackened ver3 btab783.90
blackened ver3 tab903.50
blackened ver4 btab793.70
blackened ver4 tab832.50
blackened ver5 btab1112.00
blackened ver5 tab853.50
blackened ver6 tab902.80
blackened ver7 tab1003.60
bleeding me btab823.00
bleeding me crd773.90
bleeding me drum tab802.90
bleeding me live btab844.00
bleeding me tab1013.10
bleeding me ver2 btab862.30
bleeding me ver2 tab1064.00
bleeding me ver3 tab1132.90
blitzkrieg btab782.90
blitzkrieg drum tab792.10
blitzkrieg tab913.00
blues jam btab872.40
breadfan btab872.80
breadfan tab892.40
breadfan ver2 tab962.50
broken beat and scarred btab863.90
broken beat and scarred crd992.80
broken beat and scarred intro tab873.80
broken beat and scarred intro ver2 tab1003.30
broken beat and scarred solo tab853.00
broken beat and scarred tab812.40
broken beat and scarred ver2 tab883.20
buried alive tab893.70


carol of the bells btab852.20
carol of the bells tab862.40
carol of the bells ver2 tab923.10
carpe diem baby btab823.10
carpe diem baby tab992.50
carpe diem baby ver2 tab813.40
charlie brown theme btab983.40
charlie brown theme tab893.00
charlie brown theme ver2 tab883.40
cliffem all album btab813.00
cliffem all album tab813.50
commando live tab1042.80
cors light beer song btab932.60
crash course in brain surgery btab854.00
crash course in brain surgery tab793.70
crash course in brain surgery ver2 btab913.90
crash course in brain surgery ver2 tab872.00
creeping death acoustic crd802.30
creeping death btab873.90
creeping death crd832.60
creeping death drum tab843.20
creeping death solo tab1023.40
creeping death tab764.00
creeping death ver2 btab894.00
creeping death ver2 drum tab712.00
creeping death ver2 tab892.40
creeping death ver3 tab783.20
cunning stunts album btab812.10
cunning stunts album tab752.50
cunning stunts btab843.70
cunning stunts doodle btab913.70
cunning stunts doodle tab882.10
cunning stunts kill ride medley tab833.90
cunning stunts solo btab962.80
cunning stunts tab843.90
cunning stunts ver2 btab1122.00
cure btab1113.50
cure drum tab803.70
cure tab1023.70
cure ver2 tab762.80
cyanide btab852.50
cyanide live tab1033.40
cyanide tab892.50
cyanide ver2 btab923.60
cyanide ver2 tab843.70
cyanide ver3 tab953.20


damage case tab852.70
damage case ver2 tab883.00
damage inc btab1053.70
damage inc drum tab1122.20
damage inc tab923.30
damage inc ver2 tab952.60
dazed and confused btab743.70
dazed and confused tab852.20
dead mans march before fuel on sampm tab884.00
death is not the end btab813.20
death is not the end intro tab1092.30
death is not the end tab882.30
death magnetic album btab942.10
death magnetic album tab933.80
death magnetic album ver2 tab923.20
death magnetic album ver3 tab883.10
devils dance btab962.20
devils dance crd972.50
devils dance tab914.00
devils dance ver2 btab853.50
devils dance ver2 tab883.10
devils dance ver3 tab812.00
die die my darling btab892.40
die die my darling crd1032.10
die die my darling drum tab913.40
die die my darling tab812.90
die die my darling ver2 btab1024.00
die die my darling ver2 tab882.50
die die my darling ver3 tab933.20
dirty window btab824.00
dirty window drum tab883.30
dirty window intro tab942.20
dirty window tab873.10
dirty window ver2 btab813.40
dirty window ver2 tab873.60
dirty window ver3 tab912.20
dirty window ver4 tab783.00
dirty window ver5 tab873.50
disposable heroes btab782.60
disposable heroes solo tab883.80
disposable heroes tab783.00
disposable heroes ver2 btab1023.80
disposable heroes ver2 tab833.90
disposable heroes ver3 btab803.10
disposable heroes ver3 tab1052.60
disposable heroes ver4 tab773.40
dont tread on me btab904.00
dont tread on me intro tab733.50
dont tread on me tab892.40
dont tread on me ver2 tab852.10
dont tread on me ver3 tab913.80
dont tread on me ver4 tab842.60
dyers eve btab902.60
dyers eve drum tab902.10
dyers eve tab1203.80
dyers eve ver2 btab803.30
dyers eve ver2 tab972.50
dyers eve ver3 btab823.80
dyers eve ver3 tab1033.30
dyers eve ver4 btab933.40
dyers eve ver4 tab1023.80


ecstasy of gold solo tab913.90
ecstasy of gold tab862.30
enter sandman acoustic tab942.80
enter sandman btab892.20
enter sandman crd862.70
enter sandman drum tab933.30
enter sandman intro tab982.70
enter sandman intro ver2 tab873.60
enter sandman intro video lesson973.20
enter sandman part 1 intro video lesson942.70
enter sandman solo tab852.10
enter sandman tab883.40
enter sandman ver2 btab913.60
enter sandman ver2 drum tab892.70
enter sandman ver2 tab1092.50
enter sandman ver3 btab803.80
enter sandman ver3 tab842.20
enter sandman ver4 btab843.70
enter sandman ver4 tab802.90
enter sandman ver5 btab834.00
enter sandman ver5 tab1003.90
enter sandman ver6 btab953.10
enter sandman ver6 tab1043.20
enter sandman ver7 tab873.40
enter sandman ver8 tab894.00
enter sandman ver9 tab822.80
escape btab983.30
escape crd854.00
escape drum tab942.90
escape solo tab1024.00
escape tab843.10
escape ver2 tab1063.80
escape ver3 tab883.90
eye of the beholder btab902.30
eye of the beholder drum tab1003.30
eye of the beholder tab972.40
eye of the beholder ver2 btab953.60
eye of the beholder ver2 tab913.80
eye of the beholder ver3 btab822.00


fade to black acoustic tab913.30
fade to black btab1043.30
fade to black crd892.00
fade to black drum tab902.30
fade to black intro tab913.50
fade to black live intro tab1062.60
fade to black live tab912.50
fade to black tab1003.10
fade to black ver2 btab793.00
fade to black ver2 crd1053.80
fade to black ver2 tab873.70
fade to black ver3 btab943.60
fade to black ver3 tab862.30
fade to black ver4 btab833.50
fade to black ver4 tab1022.00
fade to black ver5 tab843.30
fade to black ver6 tab903.50
fight fire with fire btab983.40
fight fire with fire tab933.20
fight fire with fire ver2 btab863.50
fight fire with fire ver2 tab772.80
fight fire with fire ver3 btab752.00
fight fire with fire ver3 tab913.80
fixxxer btab993.80
fixxxer tab1262.00
fixxxer ver2 btab864.00
fixxxer ver2 tab782.60
fixxxer ver3 tab783.80
follow me tab1032.70
for whom the bell tolls btab793.00
for whom the bell tolls crd762.70
for whom the bell tolls drum tab842.00
for whom the bell tolls live btab802.90
for whom the bell tolls live intro btab953.80
for whom the bell tolls live tab913.10
for whom the bell tolls solo btab822.80
for whom the bell tolls tab933.30
for whom the bell tolls ver2 btab903.30
for whom the bell tolls ver2 tab972.00
for whom the bell tolls ver3 btab793.80
for whom the bell tolls ver3 tab882.50
for whom the bell tolls ver4 btab863.80
for whom the bell tolls ver4 tab723.40
for whom the bell tolls ver5 tab822.00
for whom the bell tolls ver6 tab822.70
for whom the bell tolls ver7 tab872.90
for whom the bell tolls ver8 tab853.40
for whom the bell tolls video lesson873.70
frantic btab982.30
frantic crd962.40
frantic drum tab822.60
frantic intro tab1103.30
frantic tab962.00
frantic ver2 btab1162.90
frantic ver2 tab1063.70
frantic ver3 btab942.10
frantic ver3 tab1032.50
frantic ver4 tab933.40
frantic ver5 tab913.60
frantic ver6 tab1002.00
free speech for the dumb btab1032.50
free speech for the dumb tab933.80
fuel btab873.80
fuel crd1262.20
fuel drum tab802.80
fuel tab883.50
fuel ver2 btab893.90
fuel ver2 crd913.20
fuel ver2 tab853.40
fuel ver3 tab934.00
fuel ver4 tab842.90
funeral march of a marionette tab1003.20


garage days re visited album btab802.10
garage days re visited album tab903.40
garage inc album btab862.00
garage inc album tab874.00
garage inc album ver2 tab772.20
god of thunder btab882.50
green hell btab843.10
green hell tab882.10
guitar live in texas solo tab883.50


harvester of sorrow btab703.20
harvester of sorrow solo tab852.30
harvester of sorrow tab843.20
harvester of sorrow ver2 btab782.60
harvester of sorrow ver2 tab902.70
harvester of sorrow ver3 tab843.40
harvester of sorrow ver4 tab723.00
hate train btab1002.50
hate train tab903.30
hell and back btab913.70
hell and back tab873.10
hell and back ver2 tab972.90
hell and back ver3 tab1064.00
hell and back ver4 tab752.40
helpless btab883.90
helpless tab813.70
helpless ver2 tab923.20
hero of the day btab1003.50
hero of the day drum tab863.80
hero of the day tab903.70
hero of the day ver2 btab843.70
hero of the day ver2 tab932.40
hero of the day ver3 btab822.60
hero of the day ver3 tab852.90
hero of the day ver4 tab833.50
hero of the day ver5 tab873.10
hit the lights btab962.50
hit the lights drum tab912.20
hit the lights tab844.00
hit the lights ver2 btab892.40
hit the lights ver2 tab852.50
hit the lights ver3 btab842.90
hit the lights ver3 tab852.10
hole in the sky tab2052.10
holier than thou btab922.50
holier than thou crd952.40
holier than thou drum tab882.80
holier than thou solo tab802.80
holier than thou tab863.90
holier than thou ver2 tab853.30
holier than thou ver3 tab822.20
human tab874.00
human ver2 tab1052.30


i disappear btab903.20
i disappear crd892.90
i disappear drum tab932.10
i disappear solo tab873.80
i disappear tab943.20
i disappear ver2 btab913.60
i disappear ver2 tab713.90
i disappear ver3 btab863.10
i disappear ver3 tab672.20
i disappear ver4 tab823.10
i disappear ver5 tab853.30
i disappear ver6 tab892.70
in the hall of the mountain king tab892.30
in the hall of the mountain king ver2 tab792.90
invisible kid btab753.80
invisible kid tab812.50
its electric btab883.60
its electric tab802.50
its electric ver2 btab912.90
its electric ver2 tab792.80
its electric ver3 tab802.10


jump in the fire btab733.50
jump in the fire drum tab812.40
jump in the fire solo tab802.20
jump in the fire tab942.50
jump in the fire ver2 btab883.70
jump in the fire ver2 tab892.30
jump in the fire ver3 tab822.40
jump in the fire ver4 tab863.50
just a bullet away btab842.90
just a bullet away tab942.60


killem all album btab822.10
killem all album tab902.90
killem all album ver2 btab843.80
killem all album ver2 tab832.90
killem all album ver3 tab982.00
killing time btab892.90
killing time tab883.00
killing time ver2 tab892.00
king nothing btab843.90
king nothing crd852.70
king nothing tab1032.40
king nothing ver2 btab1002.00
king nothing ver2 tab1013.70
king nothing ver3 tab802.10
kirk hammet guitar lessons tab702.70


la bamba tab862.10
last caress btab922.80
last caress crd983.50
last caress tab843.00
last caress ver2 btab843.20
last caress ver2 tab783.30
last caress ver3 tab1012.50
last caress ver4 tab943.30
leper messiah btab873.70
leper messiah solo tab1023.10
leper messiah tab782.80
leper messiah ver2 tab743.40
leper messiah ver3 tab1012.30
let it loose tab952.40
let it loose ver2 tab793.80
linus and lucy btab883.20
little boy youre going to hell tab742.00
little boy youre going to hell ver2 tab712.90
little wing solo tab902.60
live shit binge and purge btab823.80
live shit binge and purge mexico city disc 1 album btab812.90
live shit binge and purge mexico city disc 1 album tab983.90
live shit binge and purge mexico city disc 2 album btab753.50
live shit binge and purge mexico city disc 2 album tab774.00
live shit binge and purge mexico city disc 3 album btab752.30
live shit binge and purge mexico city disc 3 album tab773.50
live shit binge and purge san diego part 1 album btab762.50
live shit binge and purge san diego part 1 album tab864.00
live shit binge and purge san diego part 2 album btab794.00
live shit binge and purge san diego part 2 album tab983.40
live shit binge and purge seattle album btab753.60
live shit binge and purge seattle album tab833.50
live shit btab862.50
live shit riffs album tab773.10
live shit riffs tab872.30
live shit ver2 btab812.90
load album btab774.00
load album tab802.60
load album ver2 tab843.80
london dungeon btab872.50
loverman btab863.60
loverman tab913.20
loverman ver2 btab842.80
loverman ver2 tab903.00
low mans lyric btab873.70
low mans lyric crd1032.30
low mans lyric tab822.90
low mans lyric ver2 tab752.80
low mans lyric ver3 tab1022.30
low mans lyric ver4 tab672.40
low mans lyrics tab1132.70


mama said acoustic crd933.90
mama said acoustic video lesson982.00
mama said btab944.00
mama said crd1023.00
mama said tab984.00
mama said ver2 btab1102.40
mama said ver2 tab1002.80
mama said ver3 tab892.30
mama said ver4 tab964.00
mama said ver5 tab962.20
master of puppets album btab813.20
master of puppets album tab922.20
master of puppets album ver2 tab902.40
master of puppets album ver3 tab833.90
master of puppets btab1113.10
master of puppets crd1022.20
master of puppets drum tab823.10
master of puppets intro video lesson953.40
master of puppets solo btab902.00
master of puppets solo tab1473.50
master of puppets solo ver2 tab843.00
master of puppets solo ver3 tab893.10
master of puppets solo ver4 tab913.10
master of puppets solo video lesson783.60
master of puppets tab873.30
master of puppets ver2 btab793.40
master of puppets ver2 drum tab832.90
master of puppets ver2 tab822.40
master of puppets ver3 btab972.00
master of puppets ver3 tab882.20
master of puppets ver4 btab802.80
master of puppets ver4 tab762.10
master of puppets ver5 btab852.60
master of puppets ver5 tab902.90
master of puppets ver6 btab874.00
master of puppets ver6 tab1012.60
master of puppets ver7 tab882.20
master of puppets ver8 tab892.80
master of puppets ver9 tab833.00
melbourne live tab812.40
mercyful fate btab822.10
mercyful fate medley btab922.80
mercyful fate tab843.30
mercyful fate ver2 btab912.30
metal militia btab803.60
metal militia tab812.50
metal militia ver2 btab983.00
metal militia ver2 tab732.20
metal up your ass album tab782.10
mexico city bass solo btab812.20
minus human btab1033.60
minus human tab873.10
minus human ver2 btab812.40
minus human ver2 tab973.20
minus human ver3 btab752.30
minus human ver3 tab973.90
minus human ver4 tab773.30
motorbreath btab773.60
motorbreath crd864.00
motorbreath tab983.90
motorbreath ver2 btab922.40
motorbreath ver2 crd944.00
motorbreath ver2 tab873.00
motorbreath ver3 btab803.00
motorbreath ver3 tab1083.30
motorbreath ver4 tab1083.30
my apocalypse btab872.00
my apocalypse intro tab932.60
my apocalypse solo tab752.30
my apocalypse tab824.00
my apocalypse ver2 btab853.30
my apocalypse ver3 tab863.10
my apocalypse ver4 tab812.40
my apocalypse ver5 tab793.20
my friend of misery btab682.50
my friend of misery crd864.00
my friend of misery solo btab1033.40
my friend of misery solo ver2 btab922.30
my friend of misery tab852.00
my friend of misery ver2 tab833.50
my friend of misery ver3 tab782.50
my friend of misery ver4 tab962.20
my friend of misery ver5 tab873.10
my world btab873.10
my world tab942.70
my world ver2 tab822.00
my world ver3 tab792.70


no leaf clover btab802.60
no leaf clover crd983.90
no leaf clover live btab933.60
no leaf clover tab872.80
no leaf clover ver2 tab873.40
no leaf clover ver3 tab823.40
no leaf clover ver4 tab962.60
no leaf clover ver5 tab813.10
no leaf clover ver6 tab952.80
no leaf clover ver7 tab852.90
no leaf clover ver8 tab762.20
no life til leather album tab774.00
no remorse btab853.50
no remorse intro tab972.30
no remorse tab892.60
no remorse ver2 tab902.60
no remorse ver3 tab852.20
nothing else matters btab863.00
nothing else matters crd902.90
nothing else matters drum tab903.30
nothing else matters intro tab862.00
nothing else matters intro video lesson882.00
nothing else matters part 1 video lesson942.00
nothing else matters solo tab982.80
nothing else matters solo ver2 tab852.80
nothing else matters solo ver3 tab843.90
nothing else matters solo video lesson823.70
nothing else matters tab812.30
nothing else matters ver2 btab722.30
nothing else matters ver2 crd872.60
nothing else matters ver2 tab1123.70
nothing else matters ver3 btab762.10
nothing else matters ver3 crd983.80
nothing else matters ver3 tab863.70
nothing else matters ver4 crd753.00
nothing else matters ver4 tab842.90
nothing else matters ver5 tab753.60
nothing else matters ver6 tab873.80
nothing else matters ver7 tab902.00
nothing else matters ver8 tab882.30
now i wanna tab792.30


of wolf and man btab783.90
of wolf and man crd954.00
of wolf and man drum tab853.10
of wolf and man tab772.90
of wolf and man ver2 btab883.20
of wolf and man ver2 crd913.00
of wolf and man ver2 tab982.50
of wolf and man ver3 tab852.60
one btab1333.40
one crd1113.20
one drum tab1042.70
one intro tab953.30
one intro ver2 tab1092.30
one intro video lesson1003.10
one live tab1112.20
one live ver2 tab872.90
one solo tab943.30
one solo ver2 tab972.30
one tab1203.10
one ver2 btab972.10
one ver2 tab993.80
one ver3 btab923.70
one ver3 tab993.90
one ver4 tab1282.50
one ver5 tab963.90
one ver6 tab1003.60
only happy when it rains intro tab912.30
only happy when it rains tab853.00
orion btab992.20
orion solo btab893.30
orion solo ver2 btab903.40
orion tab1262.50
orion ver2 btab823.00
orion ver2 tab1023.20
orion ver3 btab1032.10
orion ver4 btab892.30
orion ver5 btab922.40
overkill tab1022.20
overkill ver2 tab1002.20


phantom lord btab933.60
phantom lord tab1002.30
phantom lord ver2 btab872.60
poor twisted me btab802.00
poor twisted me tab833.30
poor twisted me ver2 tab883.70
prince charming btab922.70
prince charming tab982.80
prince charming ver2 tab843.80
prince charming ver3 tab802.10
pumping blood intro tab903.80
purify btab882.20
purify tab1072.20
purify ver2 tab1002.00
purify ver3 tab883.00


rebel of babylon btab823.20
rebel of babylon tab872.30
reload album btab833.70
reload album tab722.20
reload album ver2 tab822.50
reload album ver3 tab812.00
remember tomorrow tab1042.10
remember tomorrow ver2 tab833.30
requiem for a marionette tab874.00
ride the lightening drum tab832.70
ride the lightning album btab964.00
ride the lightning album tab1002.30
ride the lightning album ver2 tab872.50
ride the lightning btab912.80
ride the lightning solo tab913.00
ride the lightning tab842.80
ride the lightning ver2 btab882.20
ride the lightning ver2 tab853.70
ride the lightning ver3 tab962.10
ride the lightning ver4 tab833.80
ride the lightning ver5 tab773.40
ride the lightning ver6 tab842.90
ride the lightning ver7 tab942.40
ride the lightning video lesson832.40
ron mcgovneys 82 garage demo album tab983.10
ronnie btab852.40
ronnie drum tab763.60
ronnie intro tab933.20
ronnie intro ver2 tab933.30
ronnie tab942.60
ronnie ver2 tab973.80
run to the hills btab882.40
run to the hills tab832.60


s and m album btab704.00
s and m album tab914.00
sabbra cadabra btab863.40
sabbra cadabra tab903.40
sabbra cadabra ver2 tab982.80
sad but true btab872.30
sad but true crd802.20
sad but true drum tab862.40
sad but true solo tab882.50
sad but true tab1053.40
sad but true ver2 btab722.00
sad but true ver2 tab883.80
sad but true ver3 btab942.90
sad but true ver4 btab902.10
sad but true video lesson933.50
seattle bass solo btab913.50
seek and destroy btab953.40
seek and destroy drum tab973.10
seek and destroy tab862.70
seek and destroy ver2 btab883.00
seek and destroy ver2 drum tab852.40
seek and destroy ver2 tab862.80
seek and destroy ver3 btab872.80
seek and destroy ver3 tab863.20
seek and destroy ver4 tab893.20
seek and destroy ver5 tab943.20
seek and destroy ver6 tab803.30
seek and destroy video lesson1042.00
shoot me again btab832.30
shoot me again crd793.60
shoot me again tab1062.90
shoot me again ver2 btab793.30
shoot me again ver2 tab782.40
singles b sides covers crd833.00
slither btab1002.90
slither tab912.70
slither ver2 tab1003.30
so what btab894.00
so what crd772.80
so what solo tab863.50
so what tab823.80
so what ver2 btab843.40
so what ver2 crd1033.60
so what ver2 tab1083.30
some kind of monster btab823.50
some kind of monster drum tab783.80
some kind of monster intro btab923.90
some kind of monster tab662.60
some kind of monster ver2 drum tab913.40
some kind of monster ver2 tab843.60
some kind of monster ver3 tab743.60
st anger album btab713.70
st anger album tab813.90
st anger album ver2 btab802.90
st anger album ver2 tab762.80
st anger btab982.70
st anger crd933.00
st anger drum tab813.70
st anger tab1013.50
st anger ver2 btab902.40
st anger ver2 drum tab803.80
st anger ver2 tab1013.30
st anger ver3 btab853.20
st anger ver3 tab914.00
st anger ver4 tab993.50
st anger ver5 tab922.90
stone cold crazy btab803.80
stone cold crazy tab914.00
stone dead forever btab752.20
stone dead forever tab902.30
stone dead forever ver2 btab833.30
stone dead forever ver3 btab873.70
sucking my love tab823.20
sucking my love ver2 tab892.80
suicide and redemption btab952.20
suicide and redemption intro tab813.60
suicide and redemption solo tab843.50
suicide and redemption tab763.70
suicide and redemption ver2 btab792.80
suicide and redemption ver2 tab823.20
suicide and redemption ver3 btab803.10
sweet amber btab833.40
sweet amber crd892.70
sweet amber intro tab1032.40
sweet amber tab882.10
sweet amber ver2 tab1014.00
sweet amber ver3 tab863.90
sweet amber ver4 tab873.70
sweet amber ver5 tab832.90
sweet amber ver6 tab803.80
sweet amber ver7 tab793.90


that was just your life btab803.20
that was just your life intro tab902.10
that was just your life solo tab832.00
that was just your life solo ver2 tab992.40
that was just your life tab863.30
that was just your life ver2 btab943.40
that was just your life ver2 tab872.30
that was just your life ver3 tab894.00
that was just your life ver4 tab842.90
that was just your life ver5 tab823.60
that was just your life video lesson813.60
the call of ktulu btab862.40
the call of ktulu drum tab922.50
the call of ktulu tab893.90
the call of ktulu ver2 btab862.50
the call of ktulu ver2 tab903.60
the call of ktulu ver3 tab843.10
the call of ktulu ver4 tab882.50
the call of ktulu ver5 tab852.70
the call of ktulu ver6 tab932.30
the call of ktulu ver7 tab782.40
the call of ktulu video lesson832.70
the chase is better than the catch tab743.80
the day that never comes btab913.50
the day that never comes crd922.80
the day that never comes drum tab953.60
the day that never comes intro tab912.50
the day that never comes solo tab1103.70
the day that never comes tab1033.40
the day that never comes ver2 btab903.40
the day that never comes ver2 tab863.30
the day that never comes ver2 video lesson893.70
the day that never comes ver3 btab852.70
the day that never comes ver3 tab873.50
the day that never comes ver4 btab933.20
the day that never comes ver4 tab833.50
the day that never comes ver5 tab973.60
the day that never comes video lesson902.30
the ecstasy of gold intro btab952.90
the ecstasy of gold tab902.00
the ecstasy of gold ver2 tab942.80
the ecstasy of gold ver3 tab822.10
the end of the line btab743.60
the end of the line intro tab782.30
the end of the line tab853.40
the end of the line ver2 btab832.90
the end of the line ver2 tab1002.60
the four horsemen btab933.00
the four horsemen drum tab982.80
the four horsemen solo tab1002.80
the four horsemen tab1182.20
the four horsemen ver2 btab913.70
the four horsemen ver2 tab892.40
the four horsemen ver3 tab873.20
the four horsemen ver4 tab893.70
the four horsemen ver5 tab913.00
the four horsemen ver6 tab902.80
the frayed ends of sanity btab873.80
the frayed ends of sanity tab893.00
the frayed ends of sanity ver2 btab793.30
the frayed ends of sanity ver2 tab813.90
the frayed ends of sanity ver3 tab913.00
the god that failed btab912.70
the god that failed drum tab843.80
the god that failed solo tab952.40
the god that failed tab943.60
the god that failed ver2 btab812.80
the god that failed ver2 tab912.50
the god that failed ver3 btab703.20
the god that failed ver3 tab922.50
the house jack built btab922.90
the house jack built tab1313.40
the house jack built ver2 btab942.60
the house jack built ver2 tab842.00
the judas kiss btab843.30
the judas kiss intro tab842.00
the judas kiss intro ver2 tab923.40
the judas kiss solo tab803.60
the judas kiss tab783.00
the mechanix tab873.70
the memory remains acoustic crd794.00
the memory remains btab842.00
the memory remains crd1032.40
the memory remains intro tab892.00
the memory remains live tab882.30
the memory remains tab782.60
the memory remains ver2 btab772.00
the memory remains ver2 crd933.00
the memory remains ver2 tab893.20
the memory remains ver3 btab842.30
the memory remains ver3 tab832.20
the memory remains ver4 tab813.60
the more i see btab983.40
the more i see tab793.70
the more i see ver2 tab862.50
the outlaw torn btab843.70
the outlaw torn crd792.50
the outlaw torn solo tab823.30
the outlaw torn tab942.40
the outlaw torn ver2 btab882.70
the outlaw torn ver2 tab793.90
the outlaw torn ver3 btab862.00
the outlaw torn ver3 tab943.30
the outlaw torn ver4 tab812.60
the outlaw torn ver5 tab862.00
the prince tab892.90
the prince ver2 tab953.30
the shortest straw btab863.90
the shortest straw intro tab863.70
the shortest straw solo tab963.00
the shortest straw solo ver2 tab912.90
the shortest straw tab782.70
the shortest straw ver2 btab1092.40
the shortest straw ver2 tab752.40
the shortest straw ver3 btab993.40
the shortest straw ver3 tab673.70
the shortest straw ver4 tab882.40
the small hours btab823.10
the small hours tab862.70
the small hours ver2 btab1262.10
the small hours ver2 tab782.60
the small hours ver3 tab833.00
the small hours ver4 tab793.60
the struggle within btab812.60
the struggle within tab912.50
the struggle within ver2 btab893.50
the struggle within ver2 tab752.20
the thing that should not be btab872.80
the thing that should not be crd832.20
the thing that should not be tab773.60
the thing that should not be ver2 btab852.40
the thing that should not be ver2 tab832.70
the thing that should not be ver3 btab853.00
the thing that should not be ver3 tab1022.60
the thing that should not be ver4 tab873.60
the thing that should not be ver5 tab882.50
the thing that should not be ver6 tab913.90
the unforgiven btab942.10
the unforgiven crd832.40
the unforgiven drum tab782.70
the unforgiven ii btab902.30
the unforgiven ii crd922.20
the unforgiven ii live tab1122.40
the unforgiven ii solo tab953.30
the unforgiven ii tab1092.40
the unforgiven ii ver2 btab922.10
the unforgiven ii ver2 crd862.00
the unforgiven ii ver2 tab883.70
the unforgiven ii ver3 btab922.70
the unforgiven ii ver3 tab782.80
the unforgiven ii ver4 tab853.10
the unforgiven ii ver5 tab922.50
the unforgiven ii ver6 tab1032.80
the unforgiven iii btab1052.40
the unforgiven iii crd823.50
the unforgiven iii intro tab902.10
the unforgiven iii solo tab913.40
the unforgiven iii tab1082.30
the unforgiven iii ver2 btab983.50
the unforgiven iii ver2 tab1022.30
the unforgiven iii ver3 btab1002.40
the unforgiven iii ver3 tab1022.70
the unforgiven iii ver4 tab913.40
the unforgiven iii ver5 tab933.60
the unforgiven solo tab872.70
the unforgiven solo ver2 tab1072.40
the unforgiven solo ver3 tab1143.70
the unforgiven solo ver4 tab972.80
the unforgiven tab873.70
the unforgiven ver2 btab803.80
the unforgiven ver2 tab872.30
the unforgiven ver3 btab943.00
the unforgiven ver3 tab752.20
the unforgiven ver4 btab1003.40
the unforgiven ver4 tab862.90
the unforgiven ver5 tab793.70
the unforgiven video lesson942.10
the unnamed feeling btab784.00
the unnamed feeling crd882.90
the unnamed feeling tab893.60
the unnamed feeling ver2 tab894.00
the unnamed feeling ver3 tab993.50
the unnamed feeling ver4 tab772.90
the unnamed feeling ver5 tab832.10
the unnamed feeling ver6 tab903.50
the unnamed feeling ver7 tab743.80
the wait btab843.70
the wait tab883.50
the wait ver2 tab822.00
thorn within btab873.70
thorn within tab822.50
thorn within ver2 tab882.30
through the never btab963.90
through the never solo tab832.20
through the never tab883.90
through the never ver2 tab882.40
to live is to die btab903.80
to live is to die live btab793.50
to live is to die live tab842.20
to live is to die live ver2 btab853.30
to live is to die solo tab983.40
to live is to die tab1023.50
to live is to die ver2 btab823.80
to live is to die ver2 tab873.00
to live is to die ver3 tab853.80
to live is to die ver4 tab862.80
to live is to die ver5 tab802.10
today you love tab933.00
too late too late btab853.50
too late too late tab942.80
too late too late ver2 btab863.00
too late too late ver2 tab913.10
traffic school song crd793.20
trapped under ice btab883.60
trapped under ice drum tab792.10
trapped under ice solo tab783.20
trapped under ice tab784.00
trapped under ice ver2 tab972.60
trapped under ice ver3 tab843.70
trapped under ice ver4 tab833.50
tuesdays gone btab992.20
tuesdays gone crd773.80
tuesdays gone tab913.40
tuesdays gone ver2 tab932.40
tuesdays gone ver3 tab802.00
tuesdays gone ver4 tab732.10
turn the page btab852.40
turn the page crd773.90
turn the page tab903.90
turn the page ver2 crd963.10
turn the page ver2 tab972.30
turn the page ver3 crd943.60
turn the page ver3 tab803.00


until it sleeps acoustic tab782.00
until it sleeps btab853.70
until it sleeps live tab872.10
until it sleeps solo tab993.80
until it sleeps tab842.30
until it sleeps ver2 btab822.70
until it sleeps ver2 tab832.00
until it sleeps ver3 tab1873.90


valley of misery intro tab1063.80
valley of misery tab903.50


wasting my hate btab874.00
wasting my hate crd953.20
wasting my hate tab923.50
wasting my hate ver2 btab903.40
wasting my hate ver2 tab823.80
wasting my hate ver3 btab873.10
wasting my hate ver3 tab743.10
wasting my hate ver4 btab853.40
wasting my hate ver4 tab902.70
wasting my hate ver5 btab893.10
we did it again tab842.20
welcome home sanitarium btab793.80
welcome home sanitarium intro tab842.50
welcome home sanitarium intro ver2 tab992.50
welcome home sanitarium tab944.00
welcome home sanitarium ver2 btab822.00
welcome home sanitarium ver2 tab823.40
welcome home sanitarium ver3 btab983.00
welcome home sanitarium ver3 tab862.70
were a happy family tab723.90
when a blind man cries solo tab912.70
where the wild things are btab872.30
where the wild things are crd783.70
where the wild things are solo tab1013.00
where the wild things are tab842.70
where the wild things are ver2 btab813.50
where the wild things are ver3 btab934.00
wherever i may roam btab983.30
wherever i may roam crd852.90
wherever i may roam drum tab852.80
wherever i may roam live intro tab893.80
wherever i may roam tab1042.80
wherever i may roam ver2 btab864.00
wherever i may roam ver2 tab792.00
wherever i may roam ver3 tab852.10
wherever i may roam ver4 tab853.20
wherever i may roam ver5 tab852.80
wherever i may roam ver6 tab772.60
wherever i may roam ver7 tab823.10
whiplash btab852.90
whiplash drum tab823.70
whiplash solo tab1062.90
whiplash tab883.60
whiplash ver2 btab812.00
whiplash ver2 tab914.00
whiplash ver3 btab803.40
whiplash ver3 tab943.70
whiskey in the jar btab853.00
whiskey in the jar crd824.00
whiskey in the jar part 1 tab772.30
whiskey in the jar part 2 tab1073.00
whiskey in the jar tab812.90
whiskey in the jar ver2 btab872.90
whiskey in the jar ver2 crd722.30
whiskey in the jar ver2 tab913.10
whiskey in the jar ver3 btab773.90
whiskey in the jar ver3 crd793.70
whiskey in the jar ver3 tab882.30
whiskey in the jar ver4 tab842.90
whiskey in the jar ver5 tab843.80
whiskey in the jar ver6 tab913.30
whiskey in the jar ver7 tab902.60
whisky in the jar btab843.40