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My Bloody Valentine may refer to: Music My Bloody Valentine (band), an alternative rock band formed in 1983 in Dublin, Ireland MBV, a 2013 album by the band "My Bloody Valentine", a song from the Good Charlotte album The Young and the Hopeless "My Bloody Valentine", a song from the Tata Young album Ready for Love Film and television My Bloody Valentine (film), a Canadian slasher film released in 1981 My Bloody Valentine 3D, a 2009 remake of the 1981 film, shot in 3D "My Bloody Valentine" (Supernatural), an episode of the television series Supernatural See also Blood (disambiguation) Valentine (disambiguation) MBV (disambiguation)
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cigarette in your bed crd293.90
cupid come crd412.90


drive it all over me crd383.10


feed me with your kiss crd332.60


lose my breath crd412.80
lovelee sweet darlene crd354.00


never say goodbye tab423.80
no more sorry btab463.80
nothing much to lose crd302.40


only shallow crd373.70
only shallow tab472.80
only shallow ver2 crd374.00
only shallow ver2 tab402.60


soft as snow but warm inside crd313.00
soft as snow but warm inside ver2 crd313.00
sometimes crd403.10
sometimes name crd443.80
sometimes tab333.40
sometimes ver2 crd353.20
sometimes ver2 tab343.60
sometimes ver3 crd453.90
sometimes ver3 tab322.70
sometimes ver4 crd392.30
soon crd343.20
soon tab393.70
strawberry wine crd452.90
sunny sundae smile btab382.80
sunny sundae smile crd332.90


to here knows when tab372.00
to here knows when ver2 tab343.80


when you sleep btab363.60
when you sleep crd404.00
when you sleep tab452.80
when you sleep ver2 crd862.10
when you sleep ver2 tab373.30
when you wake youre still in a dream crd332.00
when you wake youre still in a dream tab283.30


you made me realise tab382.80
you made me realise ver2 tab343.20
you ve got nothing crd462.40