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3 am solo tab2213.80
3 am tab1622.70


52 50 intro tab1382.30
52 50 tab1743.70
59th street bridge song feelin groovy tab1433.00
59th street bridge song feeling groovy tab1752.70


about an hour ago btab1453.30
about an hour ago crd1453.30
about an hour ago solo tab1523.40
about an hour ago solo ver2 tab1592.30
about an hour ago tab1623.50
about mr brown btab1533.80
about mr brown tab1393.90
about mr brown ver2 tab1572.70
almost easy crd1393.20
any time now crd1322.00
anyway btab1543.30
anyway intro tab1422.20
anyway intro ver2 tab1533.10
anyway tab1583.40
asshole tab1743.00


bill and i tab1523.30
black rock btab1443.40
black rock solo tab1422.10
black rock tab1772.50
black rock ver2 tab1543.60
black rock ver3 tab1523.10
black rock ver4 tab1462.90


city on down btab1452.30
city on down crd1322.30
city on down intro tab1303.50
city on down tab1282.40
coalminer tab1573.20
conquering fools btab1412.50
conquering fools intro tab1332.50
conquering fools tab1372.30
crazy game of poker btab1494.00
crazy game of poker crd1383.80
crazy game of poker tab1492.10
crazy game of poker ver2 tab1392.10
crazy game of poker ver3 tab1482.40
crazy game of poker ver4 tab1702.60


dakota crd1383.20
dakota solo tab1532.50
dakota tab1493.20
dareh meyod btab1323.00
dareh meyod intro tab1403.30
dareh meyod solo tab1303.50
dareh meyod tab1262.10
dareh meyod ver2 tab1562.60
delicate few crd1393.80
delicate few intro tab1292.20
destination intro tab1492.50
destination intro ver2 tab1503.20
dinner last night tab1284.00


earthward crd1443.20


favorite book of poetry intro tab1293.20
favorite book of poetry tab1374.00
fire on the mountain tab1373.40
fool in the rain tab1573.90


gas was low tab1353.30
general tab1443.20
get away btab1582.30
get away tab1353.00
gotta be wrong sometimes tab1342.60


heard the world crd1303.20
heard the world solo tab1342.60
heard the world tab1412.10
heaven crd1493.40
heaven tab1353.80
heaven ver2 crd1312.70
heres to you crd1563.80
heres to you tab1332.90
heres to you ver2 crd1452.10
hey girl acoustic tab1422.10
hey girl btab1542.70
hey girl crd1812.80
hey girl solo tab1542.00
hey girl ver2 crd1452.60
hey girl ver3 crd1363.70
hold on true tab1422.70
hold on true ver2 tab1413.60


i feel home crd1282.20
i feel home tab1432.40
i feel home ver2 crd1253.10
i feel home ver2 tab1273.00
if only she knew tab1303.30


james crd1533.70
james tab1522.50


king of the thing tab1362.30


ladanday btab1403.90
ladanday crd1592.10
ladanday tab1303.10
lay down btab1403.90
lay down tab1443.20
lay down ver2 tab1332.80
letter in my hand tab1352.30
living in the end crd1403.20
living in the end tab1382.00
love and memories btab1342.20
love and memories crd1374.00
love and memories tab1512.90
love and memories ver2 crd1492.10
love and memories ver2 tab1303.40
love and memories ver3 tab1452.40
love and memrories tab1163.30
love is worth the fall crd1412.90
love is worth the fall ver2 crd1213.00
love is worth the fall ver3 crd1143.60


missing pieces crd1343.60
missing pieces tab1262.40
mr moon crd1552.70
mr moon tab1632.70
my life crd1483.40
my life ver2 crd1613.70


nasim june tab1344.00
night shift btab1453.00
night shift crd1392.90


old man time intro btab1313.60
old man time tab1323.70
old man time ver2 tab1232.00
on my way crd1432.30
on top the cage tab1362.40
one day crd1542.90
one day tab1412.10
one shot tab1422.80
over and over crd1372.90


patiently intro tab1533.40
patiently tab1543.60


ran away to the top of the world today crd1202.40
redemption song crd1312.40
revisited crd1482.90
revisited tab1463.40
right on time crd1362.50
right on time tab1362.00
right on time ver2 tab1422.90
risen crd1473.20
risen tab1393.00
road outside columbus tab1242.50


sail away tab1463.60
shattered btab1652.30
shattered crd1673.30
shattered drum tab1552.00
shattered tab1612.80
shattered ver2 btab1433.40
shattered ver2 crd1402.90
shattered ver3 crd1363.70
she gone tab1403.30
she gone ver2 tab1253.60
short a try crd1253.90
so moved on tab1242.00
so moved on ver2 tab1283.70
someone in the road tab1234.00
something coming over tab1282.80
sometimes i drink btab1332.50
start it over intro tab1253.10
stranger crd1642.90


that was a crazy game of poker live at msg intro tab1292.00
that was a crazy game of poker live intro tab1392.90
the architect tab1472.60
the gas is low crd1322.00
this town btab1412.10
this town crd1373.30
this town tab1402.70
this town ver2 crd1493.20
this town ver2 tab1412.40
to zion goes i tab1583.40
to zion goes i ver2 tab1372.50
to zion goes i ver3 tab1392.60
tonight tab1493.70
toy store crd1693.90
toy store intro tab1464.00
toy store solo tab1513.10
toy store tab1613.80
toy store ver2 crd1302.90
tragedy in waiting tab1462.20


untitled tab1573.90


valerie rose crd1312.60
valerie rose tab1483.80


wanderer tab1604.00
war song crd1364.00
war song intro tab1302.20
war song intro ver2 tab1552.30
what are the odds tab1412.50
what is mine intro tab1482.10
what is mine tab1492.10
whatever happened crd1383.00
when can i go home crd1272.70
whose chariot btab1282.10
whose chariot tab1362.00
whose chariot ver2 btab1292.70
windy city man tab1434.00
woke up an uncle tab1412.70
wonderful day tab1313.70