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Sir James Paul McCartney, MBE (born 18 June 1942) is an English singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and composer. With John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr, he gained worldwide fame with the rock band the Beatles, the most popular and influential group in the history of pop music. His songwriting partnership with Lennon is the most celebrated of the 20th century. After the band's break-up, he pursued a solo career and formed the band Wings with his first wife, Linda, and Denny Laine. McCartney has been recognised as one of the most successful composers and performers of all time. More than 2,200 artists have covered his Beatles song "Yesterday", more than any other copyrighted song in history. Wings' 1977 release "Mull of Kintyre" is one of the all-time best-selling singles in the UK. A two-time inductee into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (as a member of the Beatles in 1988, and as a solo artist in 1999), and a 21-time Grammy Award winner, McCartney has written, or...
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1882 crd572.50


3 legs crd623.40
3 legs tab582.30


a day in the life crd1063.20
about you crd673.30
accentuate the positive crd612.20
after the ball million miles crd632.90
aint that a shame crd664.00
all my loving btab592.20
all my loving crd573.40
all shook up btab862.30
all shook up crd672.10
all shook up tab722.00
all shook up ver2 tab962.60
all shook up ver3 tab593.90
angry crd643.10
another day btab582.10
another day crd573.70
another day tab604.00
another day ver2 btab662.80
another day ver2 crd663.90
another day ver3 crd773.60
another day ver4 crd703.90
anyway crd773.10
anyway intro tab693.50
arrow through me crd612.00
arrow through me ver2 crd633.40
at the mercy crd622.90
at the mercy tab722.80
at the mercy ver2 crd612.50
average person crd683.70
average person ver2 crd633.00


baby face crd592.00
baby im amazed tab672.30
babys request crd703.60
back on my feet crd583.30
back seat of my car crd692.10
backwards traveler crd662.20
ballroom dancing crd632.30
band on the run btab802.00
band on the run crd673.80
band on the run tab613.70
band on the run ver2 btab562.20
band on the run ver2 crd542.60
band on the run ver2 tab772.20
be bop a lula crd603.70
beautiful night crd642.80
beautiful night ver2 crd833.70
beware my love crd683.30
biker like an icon crd592.80
bip bop crd743.00
blackbird tab612.30
blackbird ver2 tab683.00
blackpool crd653.20
blue jean bop btab664.00
blue jean bop crd753.10
blue jean bop tab673.30
blue moon of kentucky crd792.90
bluebird crd613.50
bluebird live intro tab1022.40
bluebird ver2 crd682.70
bogey music crd603.60
bring it on home to me crd622.70
brown eyed handsome man crd692.20


c moon btab703.10
c moon crd622.90
cafe on the left bank crd693.20
cage crd623.40
calico skies crd664.00
calico skies tab1053.50
cant buy me love crd623.80
central park crd593.70
certain softness crd613.50
certain softness ver2 crd592.40
chaos and creation in the backyard album crd692.10
coming up bass tab702.60
coming up btab623.00
coming up live btab702.30
coming up tab673.30
coming up ver2 btab773.80
coquette crd793.70
coquette tab752.60
cosmically conscious crd524.00
country dreamer crd653.10
crackin up crd592.50
crossroads tab593.80


dance tonight crd693.20
dance tonight tab773.20
dance tonight ver2 crd614.00
dance tonight ver2 tab913.60
dance tonight ver3 crd732.50
dance tonight ver3 tab712.90
dance tonight ver4 crd682.20
dance tonight ver5 crd673.30
darkroom crd723.80
daytime nightime suffering crd612.00
daytime nightime suffering ver2 crd633.70
dear boy crd622.30
dear boy tab622.60
dear boy ver2 crd613.60
deliver your children crd552.00
did we meet somewhere before crd733.30
distractions crd552.80
distractions ver2 crd543.90
dont be careless love crd622.10
dont get around much anymore crd632.80
dress me up as a robber crd603.60
driving rain album crd592.20
driving rain crd582.90


eat at home crd763.50
eat at home tab1092.50
eat at home ver2 crd612.00
ebony and ivory crd692.10
ebony and ivory tab753.90
ebony and ivory ver2 crd643.80
eleanor rigby crd674.00
end of chaos and creation in the back yard btab642.80
end of chaos and creation in the back yard ver2 btab803.00
end of the end crd653.80
end of the end ver2 crd612.30
end of the end ver3 crd822.30
english tea btab692.60
english tea crd602.90
english tea ver2 crd653.80
ever present past btab702.30
ever present past crd612.30
ever present past drum tab672.70
ever present past ver2 btab653.00
ever present past ver2 crd652.80
every night crd653.70
every night tab612.20
every night ver2 tab732.30
evony and ivory btab612.80


feet in the clouds crd742.60
figure of eight crd762.30
figure of eight ver2 crd682.50
fine line crd592.10
flaming pie crd572.60
flaming pie tab833.90
flying to my home crd682.70
follow me btab623.70
follow me crd583.00
fool on the hill crd813.60
footprints crd663.20
footprints ver2 crd512.70
for no one crd772.90
for no one ver2 crd742.40
freedom crd624.00
freedom tab612.70
friends to go btab593.90
friends to go crd733.60
friends to go tab813.70
friends to go ver2 crd623.50
from a lover to a friend crd662.70


get it crd642.70
get it tab753.60
get yourself another fool crd632.50
getting closer crd722.60
girls school crd662.50
give ireland back to the irish crd582.30
golden earth girl crd582.70
golden earth girl ver2 crd782.20
good day sunshine crd792.50
good rockin tonight crd682.40
good times coming feel the sun crd612.80
good times coming feel the sun crd1042.20
goodbye crd702.70
goodnight tonight btab702.00
goodnight tonight crd662.10
goodnight tonight tab543.50
goodnight tonight ver2 btab552.10
gratitude crd703.20
great day tab653.70


hather crd642.60
heart of the country btab683.70
heart of the country crd653.40
heart of the country tab822.20
heart of the country ver2 crd683.60
heart of the country ver3 crd643.80
heaven on a sunday crd652.00
heaven on a sunday ver2 crd552.30
heaven on a sunday ver3 crd622.90
helen wheels btab632.10
helen wheels crd543.20
here today crd553.80
here today tab813.10
here today ver2 crd663.90
here today ver2 tab662.40
here today ver3 crd642.10
here today ver3 tab703.60
hi hi hi tab692.10
highway crd582.10
honey hush crd592.50
hope of deliverance btab633.20
hope of deliverance crd823.80
hope of deliverance solo tab792.90
hope of deliverance tab723.50
hope of deliverance ver2 crd603.20
hope of deliverance ver3 crd572.80
hope of deliverance ver4 crd623.90
hot as sun btab703.10
hot as sun tab702.40
house of wax crd573.30
how do you do crd742.30
how kind of you btab724.00
how kind of you crd833.20
how kind of you ver2 crd612.90


i am your singer crd592.40
i cant imagine crd573.10
i do crd723.70
i lost my little girl crd712.90
i owe it all to you crd633.00
i owe it all to you tab602.30
i wanna be your man crd654.00
i want to come home crd592.50
i want to come home ver2 crd633.80
i want to come home ver3 crd692.80
i want to come home ver4 crd582.50
i will crd653.00
if you wanna crd773.60
ill give you a ring crd672.80
im carrying crd623.00
im gonna sit right down and write myself a letter crd662.20
im in love again crd543.10
its for you tab653.10
its not true crd632.20
its not true ver2 crd723.30


jenny wren crd632.30
jenny wren tab593.30
jenny wren ver2 crd652.90
jenny wren ver2 tab642.00
jenny wren ver3 tab613.40
jenny wren ver4 tab782.70
jet crd733.00
jet tab702.70
jet ver2 tab702.60
jet ver3 tab643.50
juniors farm btab673.20
juniors farm tab653.00
junk crd813.00
junk tab763.00
junk ver2 tab502.10
junk ver3 tab532.40
junk video lesson624.00
just because crd672.70


kansas city crd723.50
keep coming back to love crd643.50
keep under cover crd613.60
kicked around no more crd742.60
kicked around no more ver2 crd643.90


let em in btab803.30
let em in crd582.80
let em in intro tab602.00
let em in intro ver2 tab682.40
let me be crd612.20
let me roll it btab713.30
let me roll it crd582.60
let me roll it tab613.50
letting go crd673.80
listen to what the man said crd632.70
listen to what the man said ver2 crd762.30
little lamb dragonfly crd923.20
little willow crd573.00
little willow tab782.00
little willow ver2 crd693.50
live and let die btab692.90
live and let die crd532.30
live and let die tab653.50
live and let die ver2 btab643.80
live and let die ver2 crd663.60
live and let die ver3 crd803.40
live and let die ver4 crd743.10
lodon town crd552.10
lonely road crd663.00
lonesome town btab664.00
lonesome town tab732.40
long haired lady crd734.00
long leather coat crd682.00
looking for changes crd532.40
love in song tab622.50
lover that never were crd634.00
lovers that never were crd602.60
lovers that never were ver2 crd543.20
lovers that never were ver3 crd522.80
lucille crd582.00
lunchbox odd sox btab542.80


made up tab593.10
magic crd673.40
magneto and titanium man tab592.40
man we was lonely crd563.20
man we was lonely tab602.20
mary had a little lamb crd562.70
matchbox crd583.20
maybe im amazed btab503.10
maybe im amazed crd602.90
maybe im amazed solo tab513.50
maybe im amazed solo ver2 tab483.00
maybe im amazed solo ver3 tab633.30
maybe im amazed solo ver4 tab672.30
maybe im amazed solo ver5 tab663.10
maybe im amazed solo ver6 tab642.30
maybe im amazed tab533.80
maybe im amazed ver2 crd613.90
maybe im amazed ver3 crd562.70
midnight special crd483.60
mistress and maid crd592.80
mistress and maid ver2 crd763.60
momma miss america btab964.00
monkberry moon delight crd702.40
monkberry moon delight ver2 crd632.30
motor of love crd782.50
move over busker crd772.20
move over busker ver2 crd712.00
movie magg crd623.80
movie magg tab893.70
mr bellamy crd492.70
mrs vandebilt crd662.80
mrs vanderbilt btab673.50
mrs vanderbilt crd693.70
mull of kintyre btab653.10
mull of kintyre crd702.10
mull of kintyre tab813.00
mull of kintyre ver2 crd693.50
mull of kintyre ver2 tab712.30
mull of kintyre ver3 crd724.00
mull of kintyre ver3 tab783.30
mull of kintyre ver4 crd692.60
mull of kintyre ver5 crd702.00
my babys request tab843.10
my brave face crd613.00
my brave face ver2 crd702.70
my carnival crd672.70
my love btab602.10
my love crd682.20
my love tab672.30
my love ver2 crd613.00
my old friend crd653.30
my valentine crd592.10
my valentine solo tab783.00
my valentine tab692.70
my valentine ver2 crd753.20
my valentine ver3 crd693.50
my valentine ver4 crd683.50
my valentine ver5 crd632.50


name and addres crd613.40
nineteen hundred and eighty five btab593.30
no more lonely nights btab613.20
no more lonely nights crd723.50
no more lonely nights tab672.20
no more lonely nights ver2 crd653.10
no other baby crd633.10
no values crd803.10
nobody knows crd632.00
nod your head crd803.10
not such a bad boy crd963.70
not your head crd564.00


off the ground crd713.70
oh woman oh why tab832.80
old siam sir tab642.90
on the way crd873.80
once upon a long ago crd672.90
once upon a long ago ver2 crd572.30
one more kiss tab583.20
one of these days crd723.40
only love remains crd733.60
only mama knows crd712.00
only mama knows intro tab692.50
only mama knows intro ver2 tab593.00
only mama knows tab1022.30
oo you crd593.60
ou est le soleil crd903.90


paperback writer crd622.90
paul mccartney crd562.90
peace in the neighborhood crd582.70
penny lane live crd623.10
picassos last words drink me crd472.10
pipes of peace crd663.70
press crd502.00
press ver2 crd552.30
pretty little head crd602.10
pretty little head ver2 crd753.90
promise to you girl crd562.60
promise to you girl ver2 crd573.30
put it there crd652.90
put it there tab673.70


rainclouds crd463.70
ram on crd674.00
ram on tab673.10
really love you crd602.30
return to pepperland crd582.70
riding to vanity fair crd602.30
run devil run btab653.40
run devil run crd593.50
run devil run tab792.70
run devil run ver2 btab622.80


same love crd573.80
same love ver2 crd633.10
san francisco bay blues crd643.10
say say say crd794.00
say say say ver2 crd782.00
scrambled eggs crd642.40
secret friend crd653.20
see your sunshine crd542.30
seems like old times crd573.20
she said yeah btab672.00
she said yeah crd602.10
she said yeah tab762.90
shes a woman crd602.30
shes given up talking crd533.00
shes leaving home btab592.10
sing the changes btab583.90
sing the changes crd602.50
singalong junk tab592.20
singing the blues crd643.40
single pigeon crd623.50
smile away crd793.90
smile away ver2 crd803.20
so bad crd642.20
so bad tab573.30
so glad to see you here crd612.20
some people never know crd743.50
somebody who cares crd883.70
somebody who cares solo tab674.00
somedays crd622.70
somedays tab923.00
souvenir btab872.70
souvenir crd632.60
souvenir tab643.90
step inside love tab852.80
suicide crd713.10
suicide ver2 crd682.70
summers day song crd602.20
sunshine sometime crd632.00
sweet sweet memories crd533.50
sweetest little show crd644.00


take it away crd642.70
teddy boy crd512.10
teddy boy tab693.80
temporary secretary crd622.30
that day is done crd523.10
that was me crd603.30
that would be something crd682.10
the loveliest thing crd643.10
the lovely linda crd652.80
the man crd603.20
the other me crd752.20
the song we were singing crd563.00
the song we were singing tab553.90
the songs we were singing crd613.00
the songs we were singing tab682.40
the world tonight crd603.20
this never happened before btab582.40
this never happened before crd583.40
this never happened before ver2 crd543.50
this one crd702.70
through our love crd773.00
through our love ver2 crd602.40
till there was you tab644.00
together crd623.00
tomorrow crd633.40
too many people crd652.70
too many people tab812.10
too much rain crd592.10
tough on a tightrope crd542.70
try not to cry crd603.50
tug of peace crd732.00
tug of war crd712.20
twenty flight rock crd674.00
twenty flight rock tab582.70


uncle albert admiral halsey crd653.40
uncle albert admiral halsey tab552.00
uncle albert admiral halsey ver2 crd633.40
uncle albert admiral halsey ver3 crd603.40
uncle albert crd544.00


vanila sky crd592.00
vanilla sky tab572.70
venus and mars crd662.90
vintage clothes crd612.50


wanderlust crd462.90
warm and beautiful crd752.10
waterfalls crd672.40
waterfalls tab583.00
waterfalls ver2 crd682.80
waterspout crd542.20
we can work it out crd752.40
we got married crd692.90
were open tonight crd564.00
were open tonight tab743.00
what it is crd573.60
when the night tab613.80
when we was fab crd572.20
wild life crd512.40
winedark open sea crd763.30
winter rose love awake crd612.20
winter rose love awake crd592.10
with a little luck btab602.60
with a little luck crd592.60
wonderful christmas time crd733.20
wonderful christmas time tab692.60
wonderful christmas time ver2 crd642.90
wonderful christmas time ver3 crd683.10
write away crd713.70


yesterday crd602.00
yesterday ver2 crd582.40
yesterday ver3 crd553.50
you tell me crd573.40
you want her too crd632.60
young boy crd592.80
young boy tab622.70
your loving flame crd592.10
your loving flame solo tab593.40
yvonne crd733.50
yvonne ver2 crd492.40