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Peter Kenneth "Pete" Murray (born 14 October 1969) is an Australian singer-songwriter whose first three full-length albums have all reached #1 on the Australian music charts. He has been nominated several times at the ARIAs and has had several songs reach the top forty in Australia. His first LP, Feeler, reached number 1 a few months after its mid-2003 release, and his follow-up record, See The Sun reached a similar level of success, with all of the singles receiving widespread airplay. His third studio album, Summer At Eureka, was released in May 2008. To date Pete Murray has sold over 1 million records. Some of the greatest influences on his career are Nick Drake, Neil Young and Bob Dylan. In November 2013, Pete Murray is touring Canada with Paul Langlois and Rob Baker of The Tragically Hip. Biography Early life and career beginnings Peter Kenneth Murray was born in Chinchilla, on 14 October 1969. His mother is Jan and he has a sister. When Murray was 16 the family moved to...
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always a winner crd552.80
always a winner tab593.70
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bail me out crd572.10
bail me out solo tab512.20
bail me out tab492.80
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better days crd542.90
better days solo tab442.20
better days tab503.20
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better days ver2 tab742.10
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bitter tab513.80
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class a btab473.60
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feeler crd753.20
feeler tab582.80
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fly with you crd473.40
fly with you tab522.90
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free crd582.50
free ver2 crd482.40
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georges helper btab532.80
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happy ground crd572.60


king tide crd543.80


let you go crd453.80
lines tab632.00
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lost soul tab592.40


miss cold crd472.40


never let the end begin crd522.70
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no more crd502.90


opportunity crd523.70
opportunity tab592.10
opportunity ver2 crd613.10
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please crd583.80


remedy crd514.00


saving grace crd592.30
saving grace tab502.60
saving grace ver2 crd583.10
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saving grace video lesson522.80
see the sun tab452.30
see the sun ver2 tab672.40
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seen better days crd472.70
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silver cloud crd572.10
smile solo tab542.50
smile tab452.50
so beautiful btab622.90
so beautiful crd562.40
so beautiful tab543.40
so beautiful ver2 crd613.20
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sugar crd543.00
summer at eureka crd582.20
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ten ft tall crd623.40
ten ft tall tab763.90
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this game crd553.00
tonic tab643.90
trust crd602.60
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unfinished crd513.10


you pick me up acoustic crd562.00
you pick me up crd503.40
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