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back porch btab483.30
back porch crd513.10
basketball dream tab522.90
boll weevil btab524.00
boll weevil tab433.80
bowl weevil crd423.30
bug city tab453.40


cleveland rocks btab403.60
cleveland rocks intro tab494.00
cleveland rocks tab483.60


deleter tab382.80
dune buggy tab432.60
dune buggy ver2 tab562.80


feather pluckin tab452.10
feather plucking tab442.40


gone again gone tab412.30


japan tab423.50
jupiter tab483.20


kick out the jams btab552.80
kick out the jams tab423.50
kittie tab403.80
kitty acoustic tab422.70
kitty btab423.50
kitty intro tab593.90


ladies and gentlemen part drum tab362.50
ladies and gentlemen part one crd493.80
ladybug solo tab524.00
lip btab382.90
love delicatasen tab443.70
love everybody btab412.30
love everybody tab414.00
lumb tab414.00
lump btab472.20
lump tab493.90
lump ver2 btab502.20
lump ver2 tab443.70


mach 5 crd442.10
mach 5 tab483.10
man tab392.60
meanwhile back in the city tab333.10
mixed up sob crd492.40
more bad times tab442.50
munky river btab503.20
munky river ver2 btab513.10


naked and famous btab382.50
naked and famous solo tab453.00
naked and famous ver2 btab402.10
naked and famous ver3 btab474.00


peaches btab492.00
peaches crd503.40
peaches tab483.20
peaches ver2 btab472.20
peaches ver2 crd413.30
peaches ver2 tab503.00
peaches ver3 tab582.30
peaches ver4 tab513.00
peaches ver5 tab392.90


sharpen up those fangs intro tab553.20
shreds of boa tab533.00
so lo so hi tab402.80
some postman is grooving crd453.80
some postman is grooving tab454.00
stranger tab462.70
stranger ver2 tab662.20
sunshine crd603.70
supermodel tab453.00
supermodel ver2 tab472.60


teenage girl tab372.20
tiger bomb tab502.70
tiki lounge god tab383.80
tiny explosions crd663.30
toob amplifier crd493.90


vestina tab402.20
video killed the radio star btab382.20
video killed the radio star crd403.50
video killed the radio star tab552.70
video killed the radio star ver2 btab492.90
video killed the radio star ver2 crd503.10
video killed the radio star ver2 tab532.60
video killed the radio star ver3 btab442.40
video killed the radio star ver3 tab472.90
volcano btab443.10
volcano tab472.70


were not going to make it btab443.40
were not going to make it tab412.50
were not gonna crd412.40
wither without you tab393.80