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Letters from Chutney is the debut album recorded by the Canadian rock band Rainbow Butt Monkeys, now known as Finger Eleven. It features a different sound than Finger Eleven's subsequent albums with funk and grunge influences. The album is currently out of print, however it is available on for special order. The album produced three singles, all of which had videos released. The name of the album comes from a dog that was missing an eye that the band found on the side of the road. They gave it the name Chutney. Track listing All songs by Rainbow Butt Monkeys. "As Far as I Can Spit" – 3:56 "Danananana" – 4:54 "Brat" – 3:57 "Circles" – 4:31 "Spiderprints" – 4:01 "Nibber" – 3:34 "Dropping" – 3:41 "St. Louis" – 3:15 "Scrumpy" – 3:22 "Cake" – 4:08 "Cookin' in the Kitchen" – 5:22 "Let's Pretend" – 5:16 Singles "Circles" (1995) "As Far as I Can Spit" (1996) "Danananana" (1996) Personnel Scott Anderson – vocals Sean Anderson – bass James Black –...
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as far as i can spit tab912.90


cake tab802.80
circles btab803.00
circles tab792.60
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danananana btab843.50
danananana tab792.40
dropping tab862.40


nibber tab792.20


scrumpy tab832.80
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spider prints tab772.30
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