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Satyricon is a Norwegian black metal band, formed in 1991 in Oslo. Satyr and Frost have been the band's core members since 1993. The band's first three albums typify the Norwegian black metal style. Since its fourth album in 1999, the band has strayed from this style and included elements of traditional heavy metal in their sound. Satyricon was the first Norwegian black metal band to join a multi-national record label (EMI). History The band were formed in 1990 as Eczema by the bassist Wargod and drummer Exhurtum. In 1991, they decided to start playing black metal, so the name was changed to Satyricon. Satyr (Sigurd Wongraven) then joined the band. After the first demo All Evil, Exhurtum was kicked out of the band because he "preferred hanging out with my girl at the time rather than kicking down gravestones together with the band", while Wargod left the music scene and became a UN soldier afterwards. Lemarchand was kicked out after the second demo. Remaining members Satyr and...
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black crow on a tombstone intro tab302.30
black crow on a tombstone tab342.00


commando tab303.40


dark castle in the deep forest tab433.60
dark medieval times tab263.60
delirium tab402.50
dominions of satyricon tab253.40
du som hater gud tab332.70
du som hater gud ver2 tab363.40


filthgrinder tab293.80
forhekset tab312.90
fuel for hatred tab262.70
fuel for hatred ver2 tab272.60
fuel for hatred ver3 tab333.60


havoc vulture tab443.40
hvite krists dod tab243.90


immortality passion tab303.20
in the mist by the hills tab322.30


king btab332.60
king tab353.90
king ver2 tab463.10


last man standing tab283.50


min hyllest til vinterland tab293.10
mother north tab743.70
mother north ver2 tab262.30


nemesis divina tab292.00
new enemy tab643.60
now diabolical intro tab382.70
now diabolical intro ver2 tab273.00


pentagram burns tab253.10
pentagram burns ver2 tab312.00
pentamgram burns tab342.10
possessed tab402.80
prime evil renaissance tab313.90


repined bastard nation tab402.40
rite of our cross intro tab243.70
rite of our cross tab312.00


skyggedans tab272.00


taakeslottet tab333.30
that darkness shall be eternal tab273.50
the conquering tab433.00
the dawn of a new age tab322.90
the dawn of the new age tab252.30
the king of the shadowthrone tab292.70
the scorn torrent tab404.00
the sign of the trident intro tab353.70
the wolfpack tab342.70
tied in bronze chains tab363.30
to the mountains tab362.30
transcendental requiem of slaves tab332.90


vikingland tab332.70
volcano tab302.30


walk the path of sorrow tab293.70
with ravenous hunger tab333.90
woods to eternity tab392.00