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10.21 is the only studio album released by American metalcore group Skycamefalling, released on November 11, 2000 through Ferret Music. The album's title (pronounced "ten twenty one") is named after the date vocalist Christopher Tzompanakis had to end a relationship with a woman, October 21. A vinyl edition of the album was planned to be released sometime in April 2001, however it never surfaced. Track listing Personnel Christopher Tzompanakis - vocals Cameron Keym - guitar, piano, vocals John Clerkin - guitar Brian Parker - drums Jim Winters - production References External links Skycamefalling website during the release of 10.21 (Archive)
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1021 tab184.00


instrumental tab162.50


laura palmer tab254.00


porcelain heart promises tab202.70


the nothing tab262.90
to forever embrace the sun tab183.30
to forever embrace the sun ver2 tab172.00


with paper wings tab143.80