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Treble Charger is a Canadian rock band formed in 1992 in Sault Ste. Marie, consisting of lead vocalist and guitarist Greig Nori, and co-lead vocalist and guitarist Bill Priddle and current drummer Richard D Mulligan. The band, initially consisting of four members, had disbanded in 2006 and reunited in 2012. They began with a melodic indie rock style, but evolved into more of a pop punk band after signing to a major label in 1997. The band has not been active since August 28, 2014. History Early years (1992–1996) Originally from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, the band consisted of Nori, Priddle, Rosie Martin and Morris Palter, and was named NC-17 (after the movie rating) until an American band with the same name threatened to sue. They adopted the name Treble Charger, but named their debut album NC17. NC17 was released independently at first by Smokin' Worm in 1994, but it was a hit on campus radio, MuchMusic, and CFNY when it was re-released by Sonic Unyon Records in 1997. In 1995, the...
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10th grade love tab423.30


american phyco btab453.50
american psycho acoustic crd433.30
american psycho btab422.00
american psycho crd413.00
american psycho drum tab443.50
american psycho tab352.20
american psycho ver2 tab432.40
another dollar crd453.90
another dollar drum tab372.00


brand new low btab462.30
brand new low crd452.50
brand new low drum tab372.70
brand new low tab482.30
brand new low ver2 btab372.60
bubble and star tab472.80
business btab442.50
business crd343.40
business drum tab432.30
business tab323.70


cant wake up btab382.90
cant wake up crd422.30
cant wake up drum tab413.20
cant wake up intro tab433.10
cant wake up tab472.80
cant wake up ver2 tab373.40
case in fact intro tab493.30
case in fact tab493.60
cheat away btab483.30
cheat away crd482.00
cheat away drum tab352.60
cheat away tab413.80
clerics hip tab393.20


dont believe it all btab452.90
dont believe it all crd422.50
dont believe it all drum tab442.80
dont believe it all solo tab403.80
dont believe it all tab402.60
dont believe it all ver2 crd404.00
dont believe it all ver3 crd362.00
drive crd392.80


even garble tab372.00
even grable btab373.30
even grable tab452.00
even grable ver2 tab463.50
ever she flows crd442.40


fade crd423.00
favorite worst enemy btab443.30
favorite worst enemy crd393.30
favorite worst enemy drum tab413.70
favourite worst enemy intro tab362.70
favourite worst enemy tab473.30
friend of mine crd343.70
friend of mine tab423.40
funny crd443.50
funny drum tab372.40
funny tab392.80
funny ver2 tab422.30


half down tab332.00
hint crd402.70
hint solo tab502.50
hole in your head crd383.70
hole in your head drum tab383.30
hole in your head tab423.60
how she died btab793.10
how she died crd402.30
how she died tab463.70
how she died ver2 crd372.30
hundred million btab463.40
hundred million crd372.90
hundred million drum tab463.20
hundred million tab403.20
hundred million ver2 btab433.80
hundred million ver2 tab412.20
hundred million ver3 btab334.00
hundred million ver3 tab423.40
hundred million ver4 tab402.00


i dont know btab364.00
i dont know crd442.00
i dont know drum tab394.00
i dont know tab442.70
ideal waste of time btab393.00
ideal waste of time crd473.90
ideal waste of time drum tab383.70
ideal waste of time tab413.10


just what they told me crd402.10
just what they told me ver2 crd504.00


kareen crd332.30


mercury smile btab402.90
mercury smile crd413.50
mercury smile tab333.50
morale btab453.40
morale tab444.00
mores the pity crd403.00


over my head crd472.80
over my head drum tab423.10
over my head tab513.10


pilot light tab373.90
popcorn chicken tab393.50


red btab392.20
red crd462.10
red tab442.90
red ver2 crd453.80


scatterbrain crd393.80
scatterbrain ver2 crd373.80
sick friend called tab433.60
soaker intro tab452.10
soaker tab392.90
stupid thing to say crd482.20
stupid thing to say tab392.00


the downward dance crd332.70
the downward dance drum tab382.60
the first time crd423.30
the first time drum tab492.70
tired of it anyway crd352.00
tired of it anyway tab383.40


wear me down btab413.30
wear me down crd402.20
wear me down drum tab433.50
what you want crd483.80
what you want drum tab383.30
what you want intro tab372.50
what you want tab412.30