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Live in Miami is the eleventh live album/DVD by contemporary Christian worship band Hillsong United, released on 14 February 2012 through their own label. The album was recorded at the American Airlines Arena on 6 August 2011 as part of their tour promoting their second studio album, Aftermath (2011). Their first live album since Across the Earth (2009), Live in Miami contains eight songs from Aftermath, two songs from first studio album All of the Above, and several songs from previous live albums. Unlike previous live recordings, the album does not contain new songs. The album peaked in the Top 50 on the ARIA Albums Chart. Background Having led worship in churches, stadiums and open fields around the world, United's Live in Miami is the first live album from the band since 2009 and features 22 tracks, all captured during the band’s sold-out worship night in Miami. In 2011, best-selling modern worship band Hillsong United brought a new and fresh approach to tours, visuals, songs...
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a reprise intro tab483.30
adonai btab562.30
adonai solo tab573.00
adonai tab573.70
all about you crd603.10
all day btab573.70
all day intro tab962.60
all day tab533.40
all day ver2 btab443.50
all day ver3 btab602.90
all for love crd563.20
all for love ver2 crd493.00
all for love ver3 crd413.60
all i need is you crd462.60
always crd623.20
an introduction btab643.10
an introduction tab483.40
awesome is the lord most high crd472.80


break free btab683.70
break free crd472.90
break free tab613.90
break free ver2 btab483.40
break free ver2 tab552.80
break free ver3 tab602.00
break free ver4 tab532.60
broken crd554.00


came to my rescue crd522.90
consuming fire crd562.50


deeper crd513.80
deeper intro tab752.60
desperate crd612.60
desperate people tab533.30
desperate people ver2 tab593.30
desperate ver2 crd582.30
devotion crd542.50
devotion ver2 crd573.80
draw me closer crd833.90


everlasting god crd592.80
evermore tab622.00
evermore ver2 tab503.00
everyday crd533.80
everyday ver2 crd432.40
everything to me crd504.00
everything to me intro tab543.10
everything to me ver2 crd452.00


fire fall down crd542.50
fire fall down intro tab643.60
forever crd652.80
free btab604.00
free crd613.80
freedom crd532.40
from god above crd522.80
from god above tab462.80
from god above ver2 crd573.00
from the inside out crd482.50
from the inside out tab523.50
from the inside out ver2 tab592.90


glory crd633.00
glory of your name crd522.80
god is great crd582.50
grace like rain crd473.90


hosanna btab523.70
hosanna crd512.90
hosanna tab662.20


im not ashamed crd493.60
irresistable solo tab533.30


jesus you are my best friend crd503.60
jesus you are my best friend ver2 crd522.30
just let me say crd453.90


king of majesty crd583.30
king of majesty ver2 crd583.40


lead me to the cross btab452.70
lead me to the cross crd712.60
lead me to the cross tab443.20
lead me to the cross ver2 crd433.90
lead me to the cross ver3 crd502.40
light the fire crd492.70
living for you crd513.10
look to you crd482.50
look to you ver2 crd532.40
look to you ver3 crd553.30


made me glad crd662.00
marvelous light crd513.90
mighty to save crd493.30
mighty to save intro tab633.80
most high crd622.00
my future decided tab483.30
my god tab603.40
my redeemer lives btab572.60


none but jesus crd513.50
none but jesus ver2 crd552.20
not be shaken tab492.10
now that your near crd514.00
now that your near tab522.60
now that youre near btab542.50


one desire crd482.50
one way crd532.70
one way tab532.60
one way ver2 crd543.00
open up the heavens crd442.20


party crd512.40
point of difference tab543.90


reason i live crd533.20
revolution crd573.70
revolution tab523.90
revolution we stand tab512.10
rising crd643.00


salvation is here btab503.10
salvation is here tab493.50
salvation is here ver2 btab573.30
salvation is here ver2 tab522.70
saving grace crd573.80
savior king crd462.30
saviour king tab524.00
second chance tab602.20
shine for you tab562.00
shout unto god crd522.50
shout unto god tab502.30
shout unto god ver2 tab443.20
sing of your love crd493.50
sing your love crd523.20
solution tab643.20
sovereign hands crd504.00


take all of me crd503.00
take all of me tab524.00
take it all btab583.40
take it all crd492.10
take it all tab662.10
take it all ver2 btab603.50
take it all ver2 tab613.80
take it all ver3 tab712.30
take our lives crd532.30
teach me to love crd503.70
tear down the walls tab612.50
tell the world btab562.70
tell the world crd493.90
tell the world tab753.60
tell the world ver2 crd474.00
tell the world ver2 tab643.30
tell the world ver3 crd592.90
the nails in your hands crd613.30
the stand crd544.00
the stand tab533.50
there is nothing like crd673.90
there is nothing like tab472.20
this is how we overcome btab552.70
this is my desire intro tab553.40
through it all crd523.40
through it all intro tab573.70
till i see you crd564.00
till i see you ver2 crd563.90
time has come crd552.30
time has come intro tab572.80
to the ends of the earth crd502.90
to the ends of the earth solo tab603.30


unify intro tab603.40


what the world will never take btab552.10
what the world will never take crd582.00
what the world will never take solo tab543.60
what the world will never take solo ver2 tab472.60
what the world will never take tab493.60
what the world will never take ver2 btab592.20
what the world will never take ver2 crd542.30
will the circle be unbroken crd472.00


you are my world tab623.50
you never let go crd482.50