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Ünloco is an American metal band formed in Austin, Texas. History Ünloco was formed in 2000 by frontman Joey Duenas. That same year, the band released a six-track EP titled Useless through Captiva Records. The band was signed by Madonna's Maverick Records label and on March 20, 2001, Unloco released their debut album Healing produced by Johnny K. The album struggled to sell, and the band's future with their label was uncertain. Soon after, guitarist Brian Arthur left to join Goldfinger, and was replaced by Marc Serrano. Their second effort, Becoming i, was released on March 11, 2003, and was produced by Andrew Murdock – responsible for Powerman 5000, Godsmack, and Chimaira, among other artists. During said year, the band toured with such household names as Korn, opened for Music as a Weapon II, and appeared at Ozzfest 2003. Despite the push from their label, Becoming i failed to meet expectations, and the band split up that same year. Since then, guitarist Marc Serrano joined the...
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becoming 1 intro tab873.40
becoming 1 tab962.40
bruises btab1013.10
bruises tab892.90
bruises ver2 tab964.00
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clean tab1123.30
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crashing btab933.10
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downing in it btab863.80
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empty btab1102.10
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face down btab973.40
face down tab1053.70
failure btab992.90
failure tab1092.90
far side btab953.30
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fold tab903.40


hands and knees tab1003.60


know one tab893.90


making me hate you tab862.80


naive tab1113.10
neurotic tab992.30
nothing btab862.90
nothing tab893.70
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panic btab992.60
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reckoning tab972.60


texas tab1102.90
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useless tab902.80


watching me slip tab922.40
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whimper tab1063.10