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Young Guns are an English alternative rock band from High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. The members, working with each other in various musical interests throughout the 2000s, formally formed the band in 2008, and rose to prominence after their debut EP, Mirrors, earned them spots opening live shows for Bon Jovi and Guns N' Roses. Their debut album, All Our Kings Are Dead, on 12 July 2010. Their second album, Bones, was released in February 2012. Their single "Bones" reached no. 1 on the Billboard Active Rock charts in the US in May 2013. Their third album, Ones and Zeros, was released on 9 June 2015. The band's fourth album, Echoes, was released on September 16, 2016. History Mirrors EP and All Our Kings Are Dead (2008–2010) While members of the band had been together dating back to 2003, during these years, they were more identified as just a number of musicians who shared a similar passion for music in the same London underground music scene, and did not form as a serious band until...
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a hymn for all ive lost crd733.70


beneath the waves crd653.60
bones acoustic crd692.40
bones btab742.40
bones drum tab662.60
bones tab632.30
bones ver2 btab792.40
bones ver2 tab812.30
bones ver3 tab723.80


crystal clear acoustic crd793.10
crystal clear tab663.90


daughter of the sea intro tab633.60
dearly departed crd683.10
dearly departed tab783.00
doa tab713.20


elements tab714.00


i was born i have lived i will surely die tab723.30


learn my lesson crd662.30


sons of apathy intro tab752.60
sons of apathy tab772.10
stitches btab943.20
stitches crd683.60
stitches tab703.40
stitches ver2 tab653.00


there will be rain tab672.00
towers tab872.20


weight of the world intro tab583.40
weight of the world solo tab592.20
winter kiss crd703.70
winter kiss tab683.90


you are not crd702.60
you are not tab823.80